Sunday, May 13, 2012

Anti-Shinhwa Fan is Butthurt because Girlfriend Doesn't Love Him the Way She Loves Her Oppas

Brace yourselves, readers. This one is going to be hilarious.

Uh, no - not the article. Just what it is about. Sorry. 

Back on May 1st (oh yeah, I am so up to date), legendary idol boy group Shinhwa guest starred on KBS 2TV's 'Hello'.

And, no joke, an angry boyfriend to a fangirl was present in the audience (with the psychotic girlfriend, of course. I can only assume she forced/dragged him to come by with-holding a wild night of debauchery. He did not want to spend a night alone with Starcraft I guess.)

Anyways, in short, this guy's girlfriend is a hardcore fan of Minwoo. And apparently, she is so obsessive that it drives him crazy enough to become an anti of the entire group. She is so despicable that she even quizzes him randomly, stating that each correct answer warrants a kiss. That is horrible. I can only imagine what he has to do to get her in bed. Jump through fire hoops while taming a rabid lion and finding a cure of diseases, I can only assume.

This boyfriend broke down (not actually), revealing that his girlfriend never leaves her house now that Shinhwa has made their comeback. He even had the audacity to say (keep in mind he is amongst a sea of rabid fangirls AND infront of Shinhwa), "Other groups break up so easily, so why is it that Shinhwa keeps making comebacks?". Ballsy move, my friend. Ballsy move.

The MC, either trying to instigate a break down/break up/freak out/fight or make peace, suggested that this boy shake hands with all the members. Of course, being the angry troll he is, he shook everyone's but Minwoo's and drew on his face. Classy. Just like a real man would. Or like a bullied highschool boy with a yearbook.

Minwoo, either fed up by this boyfriend's public rage or just trying to be a dick, then decides to go sit next to this obsessive girlfriend (which is clearly a good idea. I mean, she only stalks you. What could possibly go wrong with her handkerchief of chloroform, right?).

Oh but then it gets worse. Fans have been, well, fangirl-ing, leaving comments like "LOLOL THIS IS WHY I WON'T GET A BOYFRIEND. THIS WAY, I CAN STILL FANGIRL OVER MY TRUE LOVE <insert male idol> WITHOUT GETTING HIM JEALOUS KEKEKE~".

Err. Well. I don't think it is so much of a "I will not get a boyfriend", but more of a "I can not get a boyfriend cause no one will tolerate my craziness".

I can only assume that this boyfriend was jumped outside the studio by stupid ass fangirls beating him up with their fanatic signs on sticks. And that this girlfriend whipped him for embarrassing her infront of her god, Minwoo. Poor guy. 

Stay delusional, girls. It will make reality less painful for you when you finally hit puberty.

Source: I have not actually seen either of these videos (I do not watch brain garbage), but those are the two videos I read from an article that said they were relevant.


  1. Most fan girls are too ugly to get a bf anyway. All they need is a cucumber and a pic of their oppars.

  2. If you watched the video, you'll see that he was not an actual anti.

    No anti-Shinhwa will confess that he has been a fan of Shinhwa's HyeSung since middle school and at the end said that he admired Eric (after destroying his photo of course LOLs).

    I think he really doesn't like MinWoo but not enough to be call an anti. It's all just scripted.

    And i recommend watching he show. It's hilarious.

  3. Lol he should just break up with his girlfriend.

    1. Apparently he said she could suck a golf ball through a hosepipe. No man should leave a woman like that.

  4. Aww that show was soo good, and Shinhwa take it really cool. But the girlfriend is a bit crazy, and now that Minwoo sits next to her is going to be worse hahaha
    Love Shinhwa.

  5. holy jeebus Shinhwa aren't bad-looking.

    But yeah. I would fuck an idol but famous people just aren't relationship material.
    Need something more real.


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