Friday, May 4, 2012

Skipping A Friend's Party For YouTube


  1. I was supposed to pick up my little brother from soccer practice but I forgot because I was streaming the new Infinite concert and now he's dead.

    Thanks Infinite!

  2. s!b it was all an elaborate ruse to cover up for the fact she was really spending the night getting fingered by her best friend's boyfriend.

    ... probably.

  3. IDK If I had a choice between going to my friend's wack ass party or caressing my lady parts to MyungSoo I would choose the latter.

  4. wOw...... ......

    Your 18th BDAY
    Parents: "Where's all your friend?"
    Friend: "They couldn't make it bc of kpop concert."
    Parents thoughts *my kids a fucking loser*
    Parents: "How about your BF?"
    Friend: happily..."She's home watching Infinite concert"
    Parent thought *my kid is fucking crazy*
    Parent: "Alright have fun with ur 18th bday party"
    Friend: "But no one's here?" "Where are you going?"
    Parent: "To watch Infinite's concert."
    Friend thoughts *fuck infinite fuck kpop!

    End of 18th Bday party

  5. I wouldn't do it,but I can understand her.It's Infinite.And Myungsoo's there.
    Though she could really download it in HD later,but...yeah.And the live streaming was 5 songs or so,it just isn't worth it~
    I could see where their friendship will end lol :D

  6. there is another one, guys

  7. Why would you skip your friend's 18th birthday to watch fucking Infinite?


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