Friday, May 18, 2012

"Japanese on their knees for 2ne1" Way to blow things out of proportion

Ok anyways I went online to find some crappy articles like usual to shit on and WALAH here it is.
"Japanese Comedian Bows in Respect to 2NE1" or "Japanese Comedian Get Down on their knees for 2NE1"

On May 14th, 2NE1 were invited to a popular Japanese TV show called Shabekuri 007. It consists of 3 comedy duos, Cream Stew(Shinya Ueda, Teppei Arita),Neptune(Taizo Harada, Ken Horiuchi, Jun Nagura) and Tutorial (Tokui Yoshimi, Fukuda Mitsunori).

What bothers me the most is why the Korean media are even bothering with this type of news? This is not newsworthy at all. Maybe having an article of 2ne1 appearing on Shabekuri 007 is an amazing accomplishment but showing the members bowing?  The way I see it, it's just a subtle way of telling their viewers "Hey look the Japanese are bowing to us Koreans!".  Bowing all the way does show a kind of respect but in this case, it was clinging more towards comedy. Thanks again Korean media for blowing shit out of proportion. If this was really big news I would have seen it on Tokyohive or aramatheydidnt but so far only korean sites did they have this piece of turd.

 *Another thing that irks me is how 2ne1 has a translator. Even Kara didn't need one on their second or first appearance of that show. Sometimes people have no clue why Kara is popular and why 2ne1 isn't. It's simple really. One group is full of cuties another is full of uggo's. Not only that but Kara are famous to other groups of people instead of only k-pop fans, 2ne1 on the otherhand.. only k-pop fans like them. Their variety skill are by far superior to that of SNSD and 2ne1 in which I've said before, a skill idols seriously needs to excel at. No way am I going to follow a chic group who thinks they're better than everyone with shitty music.

To sum it up for idols to be popular:
Korea: Catchy Music if not, be good looking
Japanese: Variety TV Shows/funny, people know their singing is mediocre so why force them.

Not only was this article laughable the comments were too, like dis:

gia18 said:
they Bowed down because seriously~ they are showing respect for the girls... with pure talent..not by sexiness like other idols who promote would do..

*giggles* insert text from article here: During this episode, Minzy and CL showed off sexy wave dances while Sandara Park showed off her quirky personality by saying that she was 2NE1's promotion manager while pretending to pass around her business card to everyone.

*WARNING: Watching 2ne1 on shabekuri for Park Bom's face will give you shock! BEWARE! her face did not move at all while she was talking.

2ne1 shabekuri


  1. Lol @ Korean media. They're dumbfucks.

  2. One-upmanship between Korea and Japan?

    My word, when did this begin?

  3. as a 2ne1 fan I will say this.

    Japanese find them ugly (this I know). They should really just give up there.

    However, I think if they came to the US they would do well here (but get rid of Dara). Americans fap over ugly women all the time....our media is filled with uggos. 2ne1 would do well here.

    1. It would be even worse in US because girl/boy groups died 10-20 years ago. It's pretty much a laughing stock and a running joke in America now. Even mainstream makes fun of boy/girl bands nowadays. That's not all that leads to their failure also. What America prefers in the music industry are talent over looks, and even then, those are the two things 2ne1 do not have. No matter how you look at it, having a producer to write all your songs/lyrics and then have a choreographer come up with all your dance moves is not what I call talent. Being uggy with no variety skill talent doesn't help them either. K-pop groups will most likely never make it in the US. Asian Americans are having a tough time breaking into mainstream so what makes you think some irrelevant girl group from Korea would do well?

    2. What America prefers in the music industry are talent over looks...

      i don't even

    3. We have so much genres of music that I feel you're just clumping all of them into one.
      There's much more to it than just Mainstream American Pop. For ex. Rock bands are pretty much mainstream yet they get praises all over because they make their own music and they're good at it which in turn, gives them some recognition. You think all mainstream media prefer looks but that's only Asian countries, America is much more diverse in that particular area. We have mainstream RnB,rock,pop,hiphop and many more.
      American Mainstream isn't all about looks, that remark usually goes towards Mainstream American Pop, which other people call sellouts or just shit on them for having no musical talent. If you've actually even seen some of our most famous artists(Michael Jackson,Amy Winehouse,Steven Tyler, Marilyn Manson)then you would know America does prefer talent over looks.

    4. theres a reason why many people critical of kpop akin the making of a group as being manufactured.

  4. Someone should pump some good'ol mustard gas into a building filled with Blackjacks.

    Bom's shocked/surprised/upset face.

    It's a shame because she was my favorite, since lately i've been getting tired of CL's singing (shouting), dara's cool, minzy meh.
    I'm still hoping bom's makeup is making her look 100% more plastic than in reality.

    But yeah, they really do need to leave Japan. It's been an utter failure and the remake songs are shit. I'm a 2NE1 fan but I can't stand the album since it autotuned the shit out of their voices (SNSD best IMO).

    Anyway, I think YGs banking on this new multi racial group to be his cash cow in Korea while he depends on 2NE1 for success in USA. And then Bigbang can finally disband along with others (wondergirls, suju)

  6. We all know 2ne1 flops in japan

    1. "Sooyoung Is A Fat Whore"

      ...seriously? That shit wasn't funny with Suzy, it's less funny with Sooyoung. Fuck off.

      As for 2NE1 - got sick and tired of Blackjacks mighty fast. CL is VASTLY over-rated (Minzy sings/dances/raps better than she ever will), Dara needs to act/look her age or GTFO, and Bom/Minzy need to step up their games.

  7. EWWW KARA and yeah, 2ne1 aren't gonna far with their "We're strong women and its our music that matters" concept, cuz thats not gonna work for them in Japan.

  8. gia18 doesn't understand the meaning of underdog. For 2ne1, it comes with looks.

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  10. I saw this. I thought it was pretty funny (the whole show not just the bowing) but the bowing was used just for a joke, a 'body gag,' they shouldn't swell peoples (blackjacks) heads.

    Speaking of Blackjacks and their swelled heads, comments like the one you posted piss me off. Why can't they just be happy and grateful that the ladies are being given attention by some of the Japanese and are given the opportunity to be on the show. Blackjacks get so high and mighty "our girls are the shit" "thats right #1 baddest female" "they deserve this because they are just that awesome" Come down from from freakin' optical illusion high horse and notice that 2ne1 are just another group in a sea of idol groups and they are not and have never been the IT group, whether in korea or japan.


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