Saturday, May 5, 2012

Question of the Week 42

This week's question comes from Andrea:
What is your top 5 stupid choreography dances from a group? (or top 10 if you have more) 

Videos are encouraged.

Thank you for your suggestion for this week.

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  1. 3) Taetiseo Twinkle

    2) Bigbang Badboy

    1) 2NE1 Scream :

    As much as I love them, they continue to tank in japan by releasing american style music.

    just a complete failure

  2. SISTAR - Alone: I like the song but jesus what a horrible dance + MV.

  3. SISTAR - Alone : come on you,it's not even sexy :(

  4. Shinee Sherlock, I think it looked dumb
    Snsd Gee, hmm do i need to explain?
    TTS Twinkle
    T-ara Yayaya
    Snsd Mr Taxi.

    I think I don't like SM choregraphers.

  5. Twinkle. I haven't updated my blog in more than a week or so, but the #2 incoming search term so far is "fap fap taeyeon" - what the actual fuck - from a whole bunch of mouthbreathing fucktards that think sitting through the damn video at least 30 times qualifies as some sort of K-pop badge of honour.

    The music is passable, but the video makes me want to shove my laptop's distended battery up my bloated colon.

  6. Hyuna - Bubble Pop (except for fapping purposes)
    Hyuna - Change (yeaaaah I'm not really impressed with constant pelvis thrusting and butt shaking..)
    SHINee - Sherlock (it's the most disappointing SHINee choreography yet)
    TTS - Twinkle (Honestly the only one that's saving them is Seohyun. TT look like Sharpay wannabes.)
    Anything YG, really. (Choreography is not their thing. >_>)

    1. Preach!
      Completely agree with the yg thing.
      Only they solo chereograph is good. Like taeyang and seven.
      The only group dance that is okay
      Is "somebody to love"

  7. SHINee's Sherlock - especially the ELLO LOVE LET'S HAVE A JOLLY HOP ACROSS THE STAGE :D dance in the chorus

    Mister Simple as a whole

    B2st penguin dance [didn't look so bad on the MV but when it's done live, and in the fan-covers, it looks so embarrassing omaigahd]

    SNSD's Gee, and The Boys. Wtf kind of signature dances are those.

    Oh Yeah dance [MBLAQ. They've had much better choreo recently though. This is War and Run were nice to watch live]

    special mention to HOT's Candy

  8. 1.SISTAR - Alone
    2.Miss A - Breathe (It was cute and all,but the movements themselves were...awkward)
    3.SNSD - Gee
    4.TTS - Twinkle
    5.Rainbow - Not ur girl

  9. Miss A - Touch
    Awkward to the extreme

  10. 1) C-Real - Whatever their first song was
    2) C-Real - Whatever their second song was
    3) Chocolat - Whatever their first song was
    4) Dal Shabet - Bling Bling
    5) BAP - Whatever the new song is

    All so awkward.

    1. 1. No (x5) I think...
      2. Joma Joma
      3. Syndrome
      5. Power

  11. SNSD- Gee, Tell me your wish, the boys
    Beast- most of the songs
    BigBang- fantastic baby
    DBSK- O, balloon, purple line, rising sun...alot
    Shinee- Ring dong dong, sherlock
    Fx- la cha cha, hot summer
    Afterschool- Shampoo, Bang
    IU- all
    INfinite- all
    BaP- power
    Super Junior- mr simple, bonnamana, don don,
    Tara- bo peep, cry, crazy
    Hyuna- bubble pop

    ....just to name a few....LOL

  12. SHINEE - Sherlock coz They look like idiots
    SNSD - The boys coz they're trying tooooo hard to look like beyoce's back-up dancer
    Super Junior - All... except for "U"

  13. How can anyone say Gee? EVERY K-pop listener knows that choreo. It may not be particularly complex, but it is distinctive. Having well known moves boosts a song's impact considerably, in Korea at least.

    Now a STUPID choreo is ZE:A's Watch Out. Shudder. Ticket is also kinda funny, I wouldn't say stupid, but strange.

  14. As much as i love bb...
    They chereography are really shitty bcuz....of TOP...
    Taeyang and seven is the only hope for yg.
    Daesung and gd is good and parodying girls group dance
    While seungri.... I really dont understand why some vips actually think he is a great dancer
    He chereograph most of bb dances...
    And it is shitty
    He has a sweet soft voice tho

  15. MISS A BREATHE ~ stupid damn ashtma movement but try to still cute=disguisting

    MISS A TOUCH ~ stupid move, make me want to puke at first sight


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