Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[Ask Me Anything!] Shinbi Edition

Hello internet,

It appears that I will also be taking questions. So, ask me anything! I will answer all comments.

Yes, even your sex-fictions, you dirty anonymous commentors. 

I will check back often, so do not worry (if any of you were at all in the first place); I will answer each and every one of you, whatever time and whenever day.  I am not putting a limit on my question period.

Ah, it is times like these I miss the "anonymous" option for comments. *sigh* You guys were the best fans.


  1. why are your labels so boring? :(

  2. Can I be your geisha apprentice?

    1. Yes, you may. That means you have to take on a part of my name so people know you are my little sister. You shall now be "Shin-"...

      Oh, guess you got that covered.

  3. Would you rather fuck a dirty half-blood or white trash? Basically Anti Kpop-Fangirl vs. 아저씨.

    1. Are you asking: would I rather sleep with the boss or an older man?



    3. What!? I have answered each and every one with individual responses. So you can sit down, and shut up! kthnxbai. <3

  4. Replies
    1. What do I get in return of I say yes...?

    2. "... IF* I say..."

      Dammit, I swear I can type!


    3. 私の言う事が分かりますか?

    4. はい。しかし、あなたは私を許してしなければなりません。私は2年間練習していないので、私の日本人は悪いです。私は間違いを犯すでしょう。

    5. しかし、私はあなたを理解しています。私は思う。wwwww~

    6. eehhhhhhh so so so so

      How long have you been learning or are you a Hapa Queen?

    7. Oh I just kinda studied it here and there a bit in highschool by myself. Then went on a short exchange just before university. And then in university for a year, it was my sixth course. I should have taken it more seriously though. Then I would not have forgotten most of it.

      How good is your Japanese?

  5. what's the worst thing you've ever done?

    1. Either make this post, or let you see my picture. =(

      Or when I stupidly buried the body in an obvious place.

  6. why aren't you answering any questions

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I'm sorry, baby. I'm here right now. Ask my anything, and I'll answer however you like... ;)

  7. What's the difference between a rabid fan girl and a sasaeng?
    And why do people think Amber is straight?

    1. 1) One has rabies and should be put down. Or both could be actually.
      2) Do people think that? I don't think anyone believes that.

  8. Replies
    1. I'd prefer your apples.

      If you know what I mean.


      No, no, that does not work.

      Besides, I feel like a pedophile since you are so young. My little snooky-wookie-pumpkin-pie David <3

  9. baby when u gonna lemme tap dat?

    1. Darling, I am always ready when you are.

    2. "Yeah~" Ah, the beginning of every K-pop song in history.

      Is that how you are going to seduce me? By serenading me through K-pop? Then you will have to say a LOT of: OHs, AHs, EHs, OKs, GOs, TONIGHTs, BABY, UNNIE/언니, OPPA/오빠, NOONA/누나, BOY, GIRL, UH HUHs, OH NOes, WOWs, etc...

    3. No, it'll be more like this:

    4. I think it is more like this one:

    5. Ah, you found the K-pop anthem that I posted earlier. Great song. Deep lyrics, hey.

  10. Joel is preparing to pick a crop of plums. The orchard has 113 plum trees in it and about 144 plums on each tree. Joel estimates that his workers will pick all the plums in 9 hours.

    How many plums does Joel expect in all? ______

    How many plums will the workers pick each hour? ______

    1. Oh, math! I hope my Asian genes kick in right about now. I mean- "aboot", cause I am Canadian.

      1. (113 trees) X (144 plums) = 16, 272 plums altogether.
      Provided that none were damaged and discarded along the way. So if we assume that EVERY tree had that exact amount of plums, and all were perfect and ripe enough to be harvested, then Joel should yield about 16, 272 plums in total.

      2. (16, 272 plums) / (9 hours) = 1, 808 plums/hour.
      Damn. He better get A LOT of farm hands all up in there.

  11. 1)are you the only female author around here?if yes,why?don't be offended,just curious because i don't know...but are you their mom?if there is a dad who is their dad?or did they kidnap you and force you to join their legion?do they practice slavery here?
    2)what is the important role of the fish in this site?
    3)is it okay to say that sullifag has a pedo vibe?
    4)don't you have a say about the background picture and design of this blog?
    5)why did sullifag became an author here?what kind of audition did he do?(i hope it's fun)
    6)if you will be a ceo of a kpop company and you are about to form a group,who would you pick among the existing idols?
    7)what's your stand on the harassment issues in kpop entertainment?if you are the ceo would you harass them too?
    8)i thought zaku was a girl when i first stumble on this blog,why did he become a boy now?

    1. Hi there, Saya Na!

      You certainly have some great questions. Let me try to answer them the best I can.

      1) No, I am not the only female author. I just am the only female administrator at this blog currently. There is one other female author. She just is not very active around here. But there are two of us. We had many female authors in the past. But they had to be let go due to various reasons, while some quit.
      Uh. I guess I am motherly, sure. I mean, if any of the other authors or readers want to talk or need a shoulder to cry on, sure I will be there.
      I don't think there's a dad around here, no. Unless there is. Oh gosh, if I am the mother, then who is the father!?
      Haha no, I wasn't kidnapped. Per se. >__>" I actually applied and was the Se7en'th author of this blog back when it first started.
      The only slave here is DavidFresh. He is kind of Anti Kpop-Fangirl's gay lover, if you will. And whatever 아저씨 says, I am not his sex slave. Per se.

      2) Well, you always gotta keep the fish. Just, you know, feed them and love them. They are kind of our equivalent of a Facebook "Like". If you feed the fish, you are also feeding a hungry child in a third world country. So please, be charitable and always keep the fish.

      3) Yes. Yes he does.

      4) Due to Anti Kpop-Fangirl's busy real life, I am interim leader of this blog. But, since I am too busy (*cough* lazy) to run certain aspects of it, I leave the backgrounds and banners to Zaku. All I really do is the hiring of new authors along with AKF. I trust Zaku. Even if it is a suggestive background...

      5) To apply to be an author, candidates e-mail either myself ( or Anti Kpop-Fangirl. Just a small introduction about themselves and 3 articles are needed for review.

      6) Oh, that's a hard one. Well, some of my favourite idols include: Kahi & Bekah (After School), Eddie Shin (AZIATIX), Hyomin & Eunjung (T-ara), G.NA, IU, TOP & Taeyang & G-Dragon (Big Bang. Scratch that - put all 5 in. I like them all. Just TOP the most...), Minzy & Park Bom (2NE1), Seulong & Jinwoon (2AM), Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls), Tablo (Epik High), Hyunmin (Dae Guk Nam Ah), DIA, Joo, Sunggyu (INFINITE), Jinyoung & Baro (B1A4), Eunhyuk & Yesung (Super Junior. I know, I know. Don't judge >__>"), JaeJoong (DBSK. Stop judging me. I know this is technically incorrect, too. Te hee), Taemin (SHINee. STOP JUDGING. I am so embarrassed), Thunder (MBLAQ), Outsider (need a badass rapper), and I am probably missing a lot. So any combination of them would be kinda nice I guess. Even for just some special performance or whatever.

      7) Sadly, that's just how entertainment works. Girls who try to make it big in the entertainment business sometimes run into sketchy business men who might abuse their power. I am not saying that it is right. It is just how it is, regrettably.
      Haha if I were CEO, I would be a female CEO. I don't think I would be sexually harassing any of my female trainees. And I am not a "pedo-noona", so I would not harass the males either. I certainly would not want to be like INFINITE's manager, now would I? (

      8) Uh well. Sometimes when people are born a certain gender, they realize that they do not feel like they were born the right sex. So sometimes people, like our beloved Zaku, get surgeries to change their physical appearance so it matches their mental/psychological thoughts about themselves. He is just special.
      That, or he was always a boy. =)

      Thanks for your questions!

    2. okay thanks!!!(~_~) by the way at number 5,i really thought sulli fag pulled off some acrobatic skills and other stuff because of his character here,,i'm a little surprise he did not..

      Well,congratulations to your million views guys, and I Look forward into reading your future entries here Shin-B!!

    3. Suckmydee used to be in control of the background and design of the blog. I chose the current banner and background (<3 Han Ye Seul and Kim Tae Hee) and Zaku made the banner an animated gif.

  12. Are you a Princess?

    Also, are you coming down to Cali over the Summer? It's nice down here!

    1. My royal advisor has suggested that I do not answer that. Please show yourself out with my guards. Thank you for your co-operation, peasant.

      Haha maybe someday I will visit you!

  13. ペニスが好きですか
    If so I have two.

  14. Choose:

    Your face for pre-surgery Sunny FUG or lifetime AIDS?

    1. Wtf guys. These are terrible... Ughh.

      I guess the pre-surgery face... Cause I mean, that is what masks are for. Or I could just get surgery. I guess...

  15. do you think this blog has more male readers than female?

    1. Yes. Most definitely.

      For example:
      Refer to comments on:
      Most of them are about fapping.

  16. 1) What's the difference between a fairy and an elf?
    2) What's the difference between a robot, android and cyborg?
    3) Which one is cutest? Koala, panda, whale or Justin Bieber?
    3) Does the Tasmanian tiger still exist?

    1. 1) Like... like a mystical elf, or like a Super Junior ELF? Cause the latter is delusional and crazy. But both live in a fantastical, mystical land. Just one is inside their heads. But I think fairies have wings and tend to be female and tiny. While elfs are small and have the pointy ears and tunics and make shoes / Santa's presents.

      2) A robot is a mechanical entity which may or may not be installed with artificial intelligence. An android is a mechanical entity meant to 'resemble' humans (or at least their qualities / abilities). Or a smartphone from Samsung, Xperia, etc. A cyborg combines artificial (mechanical) and biological (organic) components together.

      3) PANDA. PANDA PANDA PANDAAA!! But koalas are cute, too.

      4 [or 3 again apparently]) No. They are extinct. Like my hopes and dreams.

  17. Can you send me 20 hi-res pictures of yourself? Strictly for science.

    1. ^ def for the fapping blog

    2. Oh, of course. Check your personal e-mail. The subject line should be: "lolno".

  18. Replies
    1. Only the sexy, erotic fanfictions our readers write.

  19. Why the change from Shin-B to Shinbi?

    1. I picked that username in the spur of the moment cause I was super excited to get writing as soon as I was hired. I did not want to use my other, usual usernames cause they are pretty long to type in (they are more for my MMORPGs anyways). And it looked kinda cool. But then the real Shin-B did a comeback recently, and I thought "oh balls. What if she / her fans find this site and think it is her? I could get her into a lot of crap (or more famous!)". So, I had to change my name, but not SO much that I would not be "recognized" as the same author.

      The origin of the name is: it is a (albeit terrible) Anglicization of 신비, which means "mystery". Cause I wanted to be elusive.

      Yeah, I am that cool.

      But thanks for noticing! Maybe someday I will change names completely to something I wanted more.


  20. what ever happend to black belt something something or was her name bx4? idk btw can we start a long distance relationship i live on the east coast and you live on the west coast i think that's far enough?

    how old are you in real life? 42 or 48?

    1. haz my babies?
    2. why not?
    3. ok fine didn't want you to have them anyways
    4. don't have to get violent just wanted to know what your favourite fruit was?
    5. are you asian?
    6. are you a ninja like black belt girl person?
    7. i miss the anon feature can you bring it back?
    8. what do you look like?

    1. BlackBeltBayBee resigned.

      You want a long distance relationship with her or me?

      I am 20. Where did you get 40+ from?

      1) Uh. No.
      2) You already knew I would say no? o__o"
      3) ;__;
      4) I always flip tables when I'm stressed! Stop stressing me out! And my favourite fruit? I like a lot. Dragonfruit, starfruit, mangosteen, strawberries, etc.
      5) Yes I am.
      6) Ha, I wish I were a ninja. I only know tae kwon do, judo, and kungfu (I specialize in using a sword).
      7) The real boss is Anti Kpop-Fangirl. And he says no. Sorry.
      8) Like an Asian girl.

      Thanks for your questions!

    2. with you of course! tee hee BBBB is too young you know?

    3. Haha well I would have to get to know you first. Oh, and I live in the middle of Canada. So technically, I am on neither coast.

  21. Replies
    1. What's a formspring?

      And yes, I have Twitter and Tumblr. Would you like them?

    2. a formspring is where you can have anon's or registered members ask you various questions you can direct them to subjects or it can mostly random questions! and you can choose not to answer them as well!

      and yes may i haz the twitter and rumblr!

    3. Oh cool. Maybe someday I will get one of these so called Formsprings.

      Twitter: shiratozishika

  22. What type of guy do you look for?
    do you like badboys or niceguys(be honest)?
    ur a vip rite
    in bigbang
    who would u fuck the least?
    who do you think would give u the best sexy time in bb?

    are u really THAT HOT?
    why did u consider to become a antikpopfangirl author when the author antikpopfangirl hate ur bias?
    do you supportdaesung?

    WHATS UR TOP 5 kpop hits

    1. Haha oh goodness. I am not good at answering that question. Just one who I am compatible with I guess is the biggest thing. Hopefully he likes similar things (cooking, playing video games, etc.) and is funny. I guess there's a lot more to this than that, but I think if a guy wants to chat and we get along, I am willing to give him a chance. I don't believe in completely shutting out or friendzoning guys.

      I have never dated a bad boy, so I don't know if I will like them. But I do like nice guys. Especially gentlemanly boys. Kindness and being appreciative and supportive I think is important.

      I would say I am a VIP, sure.

      The least? Seungri I think.

      Oh TOP! TOP-oppa~ <3 He could have me any day.

      Haha I don't think so. It's just a silly rumour.

      I really enjoyed the original authors' articles. So, I decided I wanted to be a part of it and applied when Anti Kpop-Fangirl was hiring. Best decision I ever made that summer. This blog has become way bigger than I (and I think everyone else) anticipated. So I am really proud of how this all turned out.

      I suppose I would support him. I believe Daesung was a bad victim of unfortunate circumstance. I don't think he deserves any hate. If anything, he should be pitied.

      Oh man I wish I had my laptop with me so I could check my iTunes for what my top 5 K-pop hits are. I will just name a few that I was obsessed with:
      After School - Because of You
      Big Bang - Haru Haru & Last Farewell
      Epik High - Love Love Love & One
      Shinhwa - Venus & Perfect Man
      Kangta & - Doll
      Outsider - 외톨이
      Phantom - 얼굴 뚫어지겠다
      GDTOP - 집에 가지마
      Super Junior - 너라고
      San-E feat Joo - Wanting You
      Code V - Addiction
      Park Bom (2NE1) - Please Don't Go

      But to be fair, I love a lot of Big Bang, 2NE1, After School, Se7en, SS501, Epik High, G.NA, *list goes on*

      Thanks for your questions!

      What are your top 5?

    2. Bom didn't sing Please Don't Go!

    3. Genie.
      Tellme by snsd
      Anything taeyeon (the ost queen)
      Gdtoptaeyang hallelujah
      Bigbang fantastic baby still in my head. :/...

    4. @ CombatBaby: Omg I totally mistyped that. Silly me. I meant "Please Don't Cry". Sorry!

    5. Oh, and how can I forget! San-E's "불행했음 좋겠다" and Tablo's "Bad".

    6. Are you... are you being sarcastic?

      If not, then thank you!

  23. 1.) Does it get annoying reading about all these guys talking about fapping?
    2.) Rate these 5 girl groups from least to favorite:
    Wonder Girls
    Brown Eyed Girls
    After School
    3.) Is writing for this website fun? ^^

    1. 1) Haha no, not really. I pretty much only have guy friends, so my tolerance to this sort of talk is pretty high.

      2) Least --> Favourite: Kara, Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls, After School, 2NE1

      3) Yup! Definitely! And we are always looking for new applicants.

  24. 1. Would you run over an army of crazy Kpop fans with a tank if given the chance?
    2. Which fandom do you think is the most rabit/crazy/despicable/laughable?
    3. Do you think CCM's CEO Kim Kwang Su needs brain surgery?
    4. How would you react if the CIA framed CCM for supporting North Korea?
    5. What is the worst Kpop song you've ever listened to?
    6. Which Kpop agency CEO do you think is the most downright ridiculous?
    7. If Sohee was sent to Somalia, would the world become a better place?

    1. 1) Even though they are crazy, if they haven't "wronged" anyone per se, then killing them would be useless. If they were my enemies though, then gladly.

      2) Oh man. Sones. Those are the worst.

      3) I don't follow T-ara nearly as closely as the other authors. So I don't entirely understand all the hate towards him because I don't know all the details of how badly he uses T-ara.

      4) Uh. That would be a little intense. And kind of crazy, don't you think?

      5) Oh my. There are just too many. I can't even think of a single one. They just kind of overlap. And I probably repress any memories of hearing them. What do you think is the worst?

      6) Well, everyone here seems to hate CCM's. And I think Woolim should have helped Tablo more during his whole issue. I don't know enough about CEOs to judge though. All I know is that I like JYP and YG.

      7) Well um. I don't see how they directly correlate. But if I am interpreting you correctly (in that you think the world would be better if she were sent off somewhere where she wouldn't be advertised to the masses and overrated), then if anything, she might actually become more famous because she'd probably do philanthropic work there and become even more loved. Backwards logic, sadly. Sending her away might make her more powerful =(

      Thanks for your questions!

  25. Do i have to be a bigbang fan to date you?
    if that so
    than i will do what i have to do for me and you~

    1. Haha well, you do not HAVE to be a Big Bang fan. But I mean, compatibility is kind of nice. But maybe you can woo me in other ways. =)

  26. Replies
    1. I don't listen to either, so I have no real opinion. Would you recommend one or the other? If so, which songs?

  27. APink just coz they've been around longer.
    Wishlist, I Dont Know, Boo, My My and Hush.

  28. Do you consider yourself pretty?
    Do you mind me being a fan of you?
    If you got the chance to kick an idol that you hate, who would it be?

    1. 1) Haha are you asking because some of the readers have this silly concept that I am apparently hot and want to see if I am humble about it? This in itself is a trick question. If I say "yes", then I become a conceited monster. If I say "no", then I am seeking attention. I don't know!

      2) Aww that's very sweet of you. I would love having you as a fan. =)

      3) Oh. There are just too many! Hyuna, Hyoyeon, Hwayoung, the list goes on!

      Thanks for your questions!

  29. Replies
    1. Hmm... I don't really follow many things, so I can't imagine what my "one true pairing" is. But I guess that only one I loosely liked was Jo Kwon and Ga-In, heh. Yourself?

      Oh, I also don't really watch dramas, but I got to see a few episodes of "Summer Scent". I kinda wanted Jeong-Jae and Hye-Weon to stay together. I mean, come on! It's been years together and suddenly she wants Min-Woo cause she's "following her heart". Stupid girl. Some commitment.

    2. You and every other male reader seems to like that combination here.

  30. What are your opinions on the Yunjae pairing? As you can tell I'm Yunho biased ahaha.Like I mean do you think it's real? Or at least one of them is in the closet? Or fake like all the other pairings?

    1. YunJae. I am going to assume that is Yunho and Jaejoong of (former) DBSK (yes, I shall still refer to them as such).

      Well, if I were biased to anyone, I would be Jaejoong biased (I see we could technically get along then through this pairing).

      And it is totally fake. I am sorry. Please do not cry over this. I am allergic to tears.


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