Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh dear God... What is that?!

To all our male readers: be warned. You might not like what you are about to see.

Infact, I can guarantee you will not enjoy this.

Not because it is about a boy group. I already know you guys would not enjoy that.

But behold at 1:07

What in the fuck is that!? Holy balls.

EDIT: You're welcome.
WOW. Urghh. What did I just see!? Oh dear goodness. That was horrible.

Normally I try to be polite and not care about looks, but holy bejeebus. I just threw up a little bit. What was that!? Really, B1A4? That is the only girl your company could afford? You guys are surprisingly gaining fame pretty well, and THAT is what you guys are given to work with? Poor Sandeul in that one scene where she's on his lap and they are embracing.

Usually boy groups have some super hot chick star in their video to appeal to their male fans. But seriously, that... that was a boner kill. If I were a boy, I bet if I saw that, my penis would revert back into my body. I actually jumped back a little bit from my laptop when I first saw that.

Ughh. Notice how there is literally only one shot of her face (the aforementioned time), and the rest are side profiles or just body shots? It is as if the director himself was like, "Oh I made a terrible mistake".

But I will give her the benefit of the doubt. It was probably just terrible make up and unflattering shots/lighting. Because seriously, if she looked like that one scene ALL the time, she would have no work in the entertainment industry.

Blargh. That was... ughh.

Choice comments include:
"The boys of B1A4 are prettier than that girl."
"Is that an alien?"
"Holy fuckkkkk it's a duckkkk!!!"
"They really should have hired someone better."
"This is embarrassing for the boys to be associated with someone like that."

I agree, fans. I guess the director may have been trying to go for that angle of: Fangirl thoughts- "If they cast a pretty girl, I will feel jealous and rage about how she is a slut. But if the female lead is uglier than me, I can feel better about myself and give myself false hope that he could be with me instead!"

But, I know a lot of our readers are excruciatingly horny and that they would overlook the atrocious beast. So I can only imagine the conversation going like this:


  1. This article is oh so excellent.

  2. everyone is beauti.........full of crap!

  3. better late than never
    ...she should star in a horror movie some cash for the production coz she doesn't need too much prosthetic to have the scary effect >_<

  4. Any of the guys in the group (except Baro's chipmunk looking ass) in a wig would have made a hotter chick. Judging by how awkward they all are with her in the video I believe she is some deranged fan girl who has taken the production crew and the boys hostage. They only had two choices make her star in the video or have her lizard people take a cheese grater to their balls.

  5. Replies
    1. Lol, I saw that coming:

  6. Her mouth and nose are OKAY but..what the hell is up with her eyes?

  7. Not sure what the big deal is. This girl is about as HOT as any of us on this website could ever get. Yup, I said it.

    CuM AT ME

  8. Why, thank you, Zaku, for making the gif~ <3

    Err... I think...

  9. She looks exotic to me. Hmmm... Original recipe.. Delicious!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. the akward moment when i actually commented "someone else noticed that the girl looks like an alien?" in the video -m-

  12. you know, as soon as I saw her dick shriveled up and cowered in fear....

    She looks like a fucking devil!!!! She is EVIL!!!!

  13. in term of bussiness, and to attract more viewers. they should hire someone better.
    poor girl, to be next to B1A4. i dont think she is acceptable for the concept.

  14. Holy cow, is that even a human? O.o


  16. but she's diddling her cunny! (take a good look at her fingers and the wallpaper)

  17. Fuck man, this creature scared the living shit out of me when I watched the MV and I remember commenting on it. Has to be a different species.

  18. that girl you're all criticizing is a freaking high-paid model. While you're all face-shaming her, she's doing something productive in herlife


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