Thursday, May 17, 2012

Taecyeon disses Jay Park after release of mixtape

I don't know what's making Sidus lose more money
Your shitty album or Han Ye Seul leaving
Listening to your album makes my ears bleed
I wanna cry like a baby when its teething
I couldn't use your CD case as a diaper since it's full of shit
You made all of those songs and not one of them is a hit
You think you're the Amuro Ray when it comes to hiphop
In the hiphop world I'm the original Newtype
Don't even dream of becoming Char
Whatever you would pilot wouldn't be as deadly as Daesung's car
You act as if you get all kinds of poon
The only girl you've fucked is Taemin while on shrooms
You should have listened to Steven Tyler
When he said that dude looks like a lady
I don't know how the fuck it happened
But Taemin is pregnant with your baby
Unlike you I've fucked real women
I taught Suzy how to dream high with my dick
She always told me she wishes she had that remote from Click
So she could keep rewinding to when I popped her cherry
Said she wanted a man like me to take her virginity
Over you, she'd choose any fat kid in the vicinity
To ride her rough and make her feel merry
I've also fucked Kim Tae Hee on the set of 99 Days With A Star
If you were in the drama, it'd be 99 Days With A Retard
It would be about your affair with Dok2
Every scene without him you'd be mopey
I heard you like to call his dick Luffy
Because his dick stretches out your asshole
He doesn't even need to give you a roofie
Everyone knows you're dummer than Doofy
You always finger your ass and tell others smell my finger
That shit just makes me wanna gag
Like every time in a Secret music video I see Zinger


  1. SCREW YOU JYP, ZINGER IS AWESOME!!!! Diss Zinger again and I'MMA CUT YOU!!!

  2. Wall of text...low attention span, hi from Soompi!

    1. didn't read it either hahaha!
      too many words, so little space :(
      no time to digest...

  3. Quite good.

    And >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jay Park's mixtape.


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