Thursday, May 3, 2012

Japanese are pissed at Jiyeon

For how she eats ramen. Jesus Christ. It's not like the director and the rest of the staff bukkake'd on the pot lid before she put the ramen noodles on it.

As I see it, it's just something really fucking stupid that got blown out of proportion, but that always happens between Japan and Korea. Next Japan will hate on IU for only receiving a bukkake from nine Japanese men when normal Japanese girls receive a bukkake from ten Japanese men. They fight over little shit and it's old.


  1. I would have expected them to hate Soyeon's fully Koreanized recipe.

  2. I'm with you. This whole bullshit nitpicking is soooo fucking annoying. And we all know it's not the majority of people in both countries, but a small minority of annoying little neckbeards with nothing else to do with their lives. Honestly I bash Jiyeon but I still like her even with her durp eyes. Yeah, I'd soooooo pee in her butthole.

  3. Jiyeon was horribly rude and should be throughly punished with a good dicking/bukkake so she'll learn her lesson.

    1. I showed the CF to my Grandmother and she committed SUPPUKU


    2. So that means you wanna stick your phallus into her rectum? And I have never come across the term "bukkake" before reading this post, thank you for the knowledge.

  4. She forgot the secret sauce!!!!

    The littlest shit between these countries get blown out to huge proportions.

    That said, hwa and qri was awesome in the cf :D

  5. Dat hair

    I have this thing for girls who tie back their hair in buns/knots at the back. Especially high buns. It somehow seems that T-ARA rocks the soft brown dye best; platinum blondes as espoused by other groups just look tacky.

    The fact that Jiyeon is eating instant noodles is also +1 for sex appeal. She is more than welcome to slurp noisily on mine any day.

  6. Here for the Shin Ramyun noodles. I am addicted to it like crack. I would seriously fuck a bitch up if they messed with my stash. Fuck that 1040 mg of sodium. Something that delicious has to come with a price.


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