Thursday, May 17, 2012

Let's All Blame Diablo3 for Turning U-Kiss into Beggar-dols

Diablo3 recently came out, and everyone is in a frenzy to get a copy of their own to get online and start kicking ass. We're crazy for it, Koreans are crazy for it, and KPop idols are no less crazy for it.

U-Kiss, in typical "We can't catch a fucking break" U-Kiss fashion, got the shaft for it though.

Recently on twitter, many of the U-Kiss members wrote that they wanted to get copies of Diablo 3. On May 14, Soohyun wrote, “”Once I get to Korea I am going to buy a computer. For Diablo.” Then he wrote, “Is it hard to get a limited version?” 
He continued, “I am at New York… Diablo 3 Limited Edition TT.” When another member received a copy from a fan he tweeted his envy. Eventually on May 17 Soohyun received a copy and tweeted, “Finally! Thank You!” 
The same went for the member AJ who continued to write about Diablo 3 until he actually received it from a fan.
You'd think that's pretty normal, especially regarding the typical KPop fan community. Idol expresses an interest in something (explicitly or implicitly), community goes "awwwwwwww" and buys it for that idol. But nooooo, since U-Kiss are virtually nugus, such behavior is apparently inexcusable.
Netizens wrote, “It seems like they are directly asking fans to buy them copies,” “At first I didn’t mind much, but it doesn’t look good as they keep asking for Diablo 3,” and “I don’t think it is right that idols are using their popularity this way.” 
You can smell the hypocrisy already.

First of all, nothing Soohyun says even hints at either wanting someone to buy Diablo3 for him or otherwise being incapable of buying it for himself. The guy even says he'll buy a new computer just for playing the damn thing.

Secondly, this whole "problem" people are complaining about is just the natural outcome of a system that breeds such behavior. When you start waiting on people on hand and foot, when you're starting to go out of your way to buy things for them that they didn't even know they wanted, the community would (and did) naturally come to regard this as something normal/good to do. Extravagant care packages full of cool shit for idols are seen as something a "true fan" would do for their oppas and unnies. If the idols began to catch on that such a system were in place, wouldn't you think that they would start taking advantage of the stupider fans with access to more money than the idols themselves?

My biggest problem is the double standard that these fans are holding. If SNSD or Super Junior or Big Bang  started tweeting about how much they wanted to play Diablo3, there would be no hesitation.

But since U-Kiss is a tiny insignificant slice of the KPop pie, people start shitting all over them for having the gall to "exploit the system." You and these other fangirls might have a point about calling U-Kiss out on taking advantage of their fans, but don't ignore the shit your own oppas and unnies are pulling either.


  1. u-kiss deserves it bunch of fugs that they are.


  3. "exploit the system."

    and what a crazy backwards system it is. I agree on that whole if SNSD, BB, or SUJU did this it'd be more of a "aww unnie/oppa always so playful. Don't worry your loyal [insert fan name] will get it for you"

  4. well, as i know, they didnt ask us to buy it for them, they only asked "WHERE" to buy it. Not blame then. Stupid netizens and anti U-KISS, we know our idol better than anyone

    1. Antis are full with negative thoughts. Ignore them :)

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