Saturday, May 26, 2012

[Ask Me Anything] The Cheat House Rules

Yeah, I'm The Cheat. What are you gonna do about it? That's what I thought. Now let me finish.

I cheat at life. Hence the name. I also go by CronoDroid and CombatBaby. Depending on how powerful I am, I'll choose a different name. 

This is me.
Since I am a new author, I have yet to make an AMA myself, so you can ask me all cheat related questions below.

Just to get it out of the way so nobody asks redundant questions:

I'm 22.

I'm Vietnamese Australian.

I live in California, United States.

I'm studying Political Science over here.

I play video games, listen to K-pop (and other stuff like rap, house, rock and R&B mostly), cook, go out, drink (excessively), take all manner of illegal drugs (allegedly), watch TV shows, watch movies, write, read books and comics, sing, dance, try to pick up hot women, learn about shit, engage in political debates, and spazz about Soshi.

I love SNSD (obviously), 2NE1, After School, Sistar, Secret, f(x), A Pink, 4minute (well, mostly Hyuna), Kara, Ali, C-Real Ailee, Brave Girls, IU, Baby Soul and Yoo Jia (who will be in Woolim's new girl group), She'z, Hello Venus, Lyn, Sunny Hill, BeBe Mignon, Girl's Day, Big Bang, F.T Island, B.A.P, LedApple, 1TYM, Beast, Clover, MBLAQ, SS501, Se7en, Seo In Guk, Drunken Tiger, Brian Joo, Block B, and Jay Park. 

I hate T-ara, Super Junior, and Gang Kiz.

If I didn't mention any groups, it means I'm okay with them or they're too irrelevant for me to care.



  1. How's come your delusions make it so that you think everyone in SNSD is hot? Do you also think Daesung is good looking?

    1. I don't think EVERYONE in Soshi are good looking. 8/9 are. Hyo is aight, I mean I wouldn't call her ugly. With the right styling, she actually looks pretty cute sometimes. Also, she looks much better when she dances. She puts on the right face, so to speak.

      I don't think Dae is good looking. Good body though.

      I have DEFINITELY seen worse. But I will say, within the K-pop continuum, Hyo and Dae are down the list fo' sho'.

    2. Honestly speaking, SNSD overall is one of the better looking girl groups out there. But they should quit injecting botox to their faces, many of them just look stiffer and more plastic by the days.Yuri is an epitome of their current situation: she used to have a big bright grin, now she has a granny-looking mouth.

  2. Replies
    1. It's not a problem with the girls per se but rather their incompetent management. Boram, Qri and Hwayoung really have no business being idols. I might be inclined to give Hwa a break if they do more rap oriented songs but with their current style, she's deadweight. The other two are completely useless.

      The management also give them stupid MVs. I am apt to criticize SM for their dancing in a box MVs but even that would be better than the nonsense that T-ara get. I mean, who the hell wants to watch a thirty minute MV about shit all? At least when TVXQ did it, they had not only a good song but a mildly interesting plot complete with cool action sequences.

      I know three of them have acting chops (somewhat) but K-pop is not the place for some asshole director with delusions of grandeur to be making up a boring ass drama nobody cares about. If I wanted to watch a drama, I'd watch a fucking drama. MVs are meant to showcase the members, the choreography and offer good looking close ups, not contain a mini-drama.

      Plus, the songs didn't even match the action. Lovey Dovey? Really?

      Ya Ya Ya was also a fairly racist MV.

      On the music side, their songs are catchy but even more mindless than your usual K-pop. Songs like BPBP, YYY and RLPL don't allow the girls to show off their vocal colors. That wouldn't bother me so much but honestly you might as well let Soyeon sing the whole thing and nobody would notice. Check out Sachiko's cover of Bo Peep Bo Peep and you'll see what I mean.

      Now, they're adding two more members for whatever fucking reason. I don't understand. They should be kicking out the deadweight and have Soyeon, Jiyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin, who are all you really need. I mean, all four are good looking, they have passable vocals, they're individually famous, you could have a really good group. Give them some sweet tracks and they'd have no problem competing with 2NE1 for the second place spot in K-pop.

      I think about SuJu in much the same way. Cut the useless members, stick with Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Kyuhyun and I'd probably really like them.

    2. Yes, T-ara needs to be trimmed down instead of bulking up. Hwayoung is already redundant, what r those two new kids supposed to be doing? attaining sexual gratification for the pedos?

    3. "They should be kicking out the deadweight and have Soyeon, Jiyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin, who are all you really need. I mean, all four are good looking, they have passable vocals,"

      Ji Yeon? Passable vocals? Oh please. Girl hasn't sang ANY of her OSTs on live music shows unlike So Yeon - and when she sang So Yeon's OST from Death Bell 2, she ruined it terrible. If anything, Boram would make a better singer than Ji Yeon - at least she was able to pass out with a solo album prior to debut - and it sounds better than anything what Ji Yeon has done.

      She should just quit singing and go all-out for acting.

    4. Well, she was okay on Dream High 2. I mean in terms of studio vocals, she is middle of the pack when it comes to other Visuals. She's better than Yoona and Sohee anyway.

      The point is, at she would be the visual in 4-ara.

    5. If it were 4-ara, people would probably be able to point out more easily how terrible of a singer Cyclops really is - if memory serves right, not many people saw through that in T-ara's earlier days.

      Hyomin or Eun Jung are both popular in their own right (EJ's popularity rivals Cyclops', if not even greater) and would fit the visual just perfectly, especially if 4-ara were to be a 'mature'-image type group - something Ji Yeon is hardly suitable for (or maybe tries too hard at up to the point it looks laughable).

  3. Do you plan on doing a review of Gang Kiz's MV?

    1. I think Zaku has a draft. If he wants to sit through that trash, he is more than welcome. I watched like two minutes of it and I was ready to jump off a very tall building.

  4. Then why do you bother to hate on Gang Kiz? I don't think this group will ever be relevant......

    1. Because their debut was awful. The worst debut I've ever seen. They couldn't dance in sync, they bumped into each other, their vocals were weak, they look old, the only hot member looks like Leeteuk, they don't have a unified theme, they don't even have a GIMMICK, they wanted to "exceed T-ara" but have nothing going for them and they suck.

      Considering CCM are a fairly rich company, there is no excuse for Gang Kiz. There are companies with a much smaller budget that managed to crush Gang Kiz in every way. Their MV looked low budget and shoddily shot and directed. I mean, look at TS and what they managed to do with B.A.P and Secret, despite being a low tier company. What about She'z, or EXID, or C-Real, Hello Venus, A Pink or Spica? They at least found people that could sing worth a damn. Why couldn't CCM?

      And their looks? Alright, there are some groups that can't sing very well (T-ara, Kara, After School), but they have some hotties. Gang Kiz? You must be shitting me. At least give us some fucking eye candy.

      This group actually would make me angry if I cared enough. They wasted my time, K-pop listeners' time, their investors' time, the members' time and a shitload of money on this failure.

      Like...why? Did they think with a deluge of new debuts every month, Gang Kiz really had the talent or the music to stand out and earn the company some cheddar? Their current position on the Gaon chart is 167. "We Became Gang" indeed.

    2. Even if a fairly rich company, CCM probably spends most of its money on maintaining that sorry-ass Mnet Channel of theirs while the rest is divided to staff and employee salaries, KKS's gazillion bank accounts and the shareholders.

      T-ara and whatever artists are there probably get the leftover scraps. I swear, CCM needs its right of managing idols stripped away.

    3. I think everyone will unanimously agree that GangKiz is a complete waste of space. I would be scratching my head if this group manages to debut with any other agencies. But given that KKS is seriously fucked up in the head, I would say that I am not surprised. Any sane persons will rather spend on the likes of 5dolls, Speed etc instead of this failed group. Any sane persons will debut the 17 and 14 yrs old girls in a new group instead of shovelling them down the throat of T-ara fans. These pretty much tell you that KKS is fucking insane..............

    4. KKS isn't even a fucking human being. Hell, even my boss mocks and jokes about him at times.

  5. How can I gain as much life experience as you, O Wise One?

  6. Now how come you got the authorship job when you outright hate 7-ara? :(
    You laub these much idols. Can we be moar dan chingu? Can we be wanjeon baek peosaenteu cheongmal chingu 4evur?

  7. If your Vietnamese Australian then what kinda accent do you have? A fob one? an aussie one? or an American one?

    1. Australian. You wouldn't be able to tell my ethnicity if you heard my talk, most likely.

    2. Record your raps and post it here! I've always wanted to hear Steve Irwin talk about shrimp on the barbie in the 'hood, mate.

    3. I would put on a faux American accent for those most likely.

  8. do you like vietnamese pop?
    In particular, do you like that song by the viet group that somehow managed to make Ring Ding Dong even gayer?

    1. Not really and no. I'm sure there are some songs out there that I don't mind, that Reehji sometimes posts.

  9. Have you ever thrown another shrimp on the barbie?

    Did a dingo really steal your baby?

    Why are you lot so crap at cricket?

    Neighbours or Home and Away?

    1. We don't really BBQ shrimp that much, so no.


      We're not, but since Warney and McGrath retired, we have been suffering a bit yeah.

      Neither, I try to avoid watching mind numbing shit TV.

  10. Would you marry me?
    What's your favourite song by MBLAQ?
    Would u rather be a jedi or a saiyan?
    Thoughts on SM's two hour commercial I AM?

    1. Depends on if you're a hot Asian chick who's well educated, smart, easy going and a good mother.


      Saiyans are seemingly more powerful, but they spend ages powering up and fighting some increasingly strong dumb shit who wants the Dragon Balls, plus they spend too much time being blond haired and green eyed, so I'd rather be a Jedi. I'd have a purple lightsaber and go around chopping heads. After all, we're keepers of the peace, not soldiers.

      I'd watch it, if only for the Soshi.

    2. not Asian just southamerican lol
      i'd be a jedi as well, beacuse light saber
      do you think is a good strategy to make that movie?, i mean, only die hard fans are buying that "we are family" crap

    3. Probably trying to mitigate ELF/Sone hate, try to win ELFs over to SNSD's side so they buy their music and merchandise. SNSD is the money maker after all. Also, any exposure is good exposure, especially since SNSD took the spotlight maybe they want to get people paying attention to BoA, TVXQ and crew again. I'll try and get myself a subbed version though, just cuz.

      SM, you make me cry.

  11. If God doesn't exist, then why naega jeil jal naga?

    2NE1: 1
    Atheists: 0

    1. Well if God DID exist, he'd probably go around saying "naega jeil jal naga", which would be highly contradictory and may cause the universe to implode, so the fact that 2NE1 say "naega jeil jal naga" leads me to believe there is no God.

      2NE1: 1
      Atheists: 1
      Christians, Jews and Muslims: 0

  12. Do you know the age range of authors here in AKFG?

    I think ajusshi's the only one older than me >_< *sigh*

    1. These are the ones I know:

      David - 17 turning 18
      AKFG - 21 turning 22
      Shin-B - 20
      SuckMyDee - 19
      Ajusshi - 26 or 27 I think

  13. Do you read soshifics?
    Favourite soshipairing. With boygroup?

    1. Sometimes, they're usually poorly written though. I prefer the pure smut ones, trash those nonsensical plots.

      My favorite pairings are TaeNy (because it's real), YoonYul (cuz they're hawt), YulTi (cuz it's cute) and Jungcest (Jessica and Krystal...too naughty).

      For male groups, I like SoshiBang because they're my two favorite groups. Sadly SoshiBang is almost non-existent nowadays, it was way better back in 2007 and 2008. It would be a dream to see SNSD cover or collaborate with Big Bang, especially Taeyang. 9PM (SNSD + 2PM) is good too, because their special stages are usually pretty cool. Sadly Jay left, I'd ship JaySica (as many do). Also, Taec has probably slept with Tiffany, Jessica and Yoona at one point or another (dat dawg). Rubbing it in Jay's face, namsaying?

      With female groups, definitely SoKa (SNSD + Kara) because they're HAWT and their Come to Play special was cool. 2NE9 is cool too, you know SNSD loves 2NE1's music. I could literally die if SNSD ever covered 2NE1.

    2. yep soshibang is daebak.
      yeah i bet you . when taetiseo ended their promotion. bigbang special edition will come out. its like yg and sm arent making them seeing eachother. roflmao!
      i love the jisica pairing
      at first i was like
      dafuq gd with my sica?
      but then i saw news of wgm and they were rumored to be together so why the heck not
      and gd was a sm trainee and all


      yep rite
      soshi loves 2ne1 music... but BJ and Sones . just love to fight ...
      stupid fans...

  14. Whos´s the best looking k-pop idol (by korean standarts)?

    Who do you think is the ugliest/prettiest SNSD member?

    Did you shoot the deputy?

    Are we alone in the universe?

    Will there ever be a zombie apocalypse?

    1. By KOREAN STANDARDS? I guess most would say Yoona. Suzy and IU would be up there though. But I think Taeyeon is underrated. She doesn't have the pure LOOKS of your visuals but she has that je ne sais quois that draws people's attention. Taeng is my fav anyway, but I think popular consensus says Yoona is the hottest.

      Personally, Taeng, Victoria and Yuri are pretty much my top three.

      In SNSD, no question Hyoyeon is the least attractive and Taeyeon is the most.

      Yes, and I shot the sheriff too. I hate cops.

      Statistically speaking, it is very likely there is other life out there. Whether or not it is sentient or intelligent in a human sense is anyone's guess. But I'm almost positive given what we know about the universe, it would be highly, HIGHLY improbable that there is no life out there.

      According to Cracked, yes.

    2. I'll see your 5 Scientific Reasons A Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen and raise you 7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly)

  15. Oh, yay...a pretentious snob who acts like he/she/whatever is better than everyone else because he has something of a decent grasp on the English language and struts around like a cock.

    Go do everyone a favor and get lost, just by reading your overly bloated and ridiculously obnoxious intro blog I can tell you suck at life.

    1. I don't ACT like I'm better than everyone else. I AM better than everyone else.

      Also, I'm not a pretentious snob. I like the simple things in life. I'm unashamedly obsessed about SNSD and K-pop in general and thumb my nose at the haters.

      Finally, I'm extremely proficient at life.

      So fuck off my son.

  16. . If you were given permission to drop a ton of bombs filled with mustard gas into an arena filled with ELFs, would you do it?
    . Who do you think is the best and worst singer in SNSD?
    . Who is your least favorite Super Junior member?
    . Which Kpop agency would you say is the most lousiest/incompetent/despicable/shitty?
    . If you were given the chance to assassinate KKS and assault CCM's building, which special forces unit would you prefer to do the job?
    . Do you believe the alleged rumor Lee Soo Man has slept with SM's idols?
    . Does Sohee look like a dog, rat or an alien disguised as a human?
    . How long do you think SNSD will last as a group? Do you think they'll follow Shinhwa's path?
    . Does it hurt to know that 5 SNSD members were killed gruesomely in my zombie/action/military fan-fic?

    1. Without hestitation.

      Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, no two ways about it.

      It has to be a toss up between Shiteuk and Fat Dong. Because they're not only talentless, they're arrogant, racist, sexist and giant douchebags. And they're not even good looking!

      CCM obviously. But Open World Entertainment is up there, because their CEO allegedly raped some trainees. I have no doubt though that KKS has had his way with many a CCM trainee. This is the most poorly managed idol house in Korea, the only reason they're still in business is because they're being carried by Mnet and T-ara are doing well. Otherwise, the things that comes out of KKS' mouth is utter bullshit, and his management style is atrocious.

      I was in the Royal Australian Air Force for a time and I know how to use a variety of firearms, so I'd do the job myself. But if I had to have back up, Aussie SASR all the way. Those boys are killing machines. All they do is shoot people in the head. But I won't need much to take out that sumbitch, gimme a ballistic vest, a Steyr AUG with a dozen magazines, a knife and I'll gut that pig and throw him off their building.

      I don't know. He probably slept with some of the old school idols, like SES, MILK and CSJH, but I don't know about my precious Soshi!

      She looks like a highly effective JYP and Heechul led marketing campaign to make her out to be way more attractive than she actually is. Also a rat.

      I think based on their rate of unprecedented success, they could theoretically last another five years easily. People will lap that shit up, plus they're very successful in Japan. The only issue is, as always, internal conflict. They also have one of the most strenuous schedules in all of K-pop, if not the most. The talent could decide to ditch the rest and just make music like TTS for a while. Yoona is set with her CF and modeling career, so even if she never lands another acting gig and gets ditched by the rest of SNSD, she can make it. Yuri's acting debut was quite successful from the looks of it so I can definitely see more of that in her future (plus she is studying acting). She could get ditched by the singers or ditch SNSD herself to concentrate solely on acting. So I don't know. Obviously I want them to last for at least another five years, and they have said they'll always keep the SNSD name, even if they part ways, so I'm hopeful. *sheds a tear*

      Yes. Because it's bullshit. If there was a zombie outbreak or North Korean invasion, I'd go over there myself and protect them.

    2. Let's put an end to the fanboyism here. Every idol, male or female has to go through the "casting couch" thing. This is a global phenomenon and no amount of fanboyism will change that.

    3. No, it would be a little presumptuous to say that ALL idols have gone through it. I suspect that it would be mostly the untalented ones.

  17. Which state did you live in while you were in Australia?

    1. Victoria, who coincidentally is in my top three bias list.

  18. ?siht ekil gnitirw em ekil u od ?gniog ti swoh .tan ih

  19. Do you think Korea should have more heavy metal bands for a non-kpop fangirl question? Just curios because Japanese and Chinese have various metal but Korea, Thailand, Philippines,Indonesia, etc.. seem to lack it majorly.

    Also do you listen to any metal?

  20. I think if the market is there and there are some people in Korea who want to do metal, there would be no harm in having a few groups. I'd still listen to K-pop though.

    I have listened to a lot of metal, Metallica (obviously), Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Disturbed, and the various kinds of Nu Metal. Out of the above, RATM and Tool would be my favorites though.

  21. You say you play video games~

    What's your favourite one(s)?


    1. What do you think of homosexuality?
    2. What's your religion?
    3. What's your opinion on suicide?
    4. Any idea of how to make this world a better place?

    1. My favorite games are Fallout 1 and 2, the Deus Ex series, Dota (and its related spin offs), the Total War series (especially Medieval 2), Jagged Alliance 2 and X-COM: Enemy Unknown (the first one).

      1. Homosexuality should be protected under the law, I think it is BEYOND unfair to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. Marriage exists as an institution, and I think homosexual couples should be allowed to marry and be given the same rights as straight couples without question.

      Additionally, I sigh whenever someone says "homosexuality is a choice." It's not a goddamn choice, I didn't ask to be born a certain way and neither did they. I didn't wake up on day and say "PUSSY IT IS!" It implies that heterosexuality is a choice too, which is clearly false. I can't help that I like the poontang, I just can't.

      2. I'm agnostic, but only agnostic in the sense that while I have no idea whether or not a God exists, it doesn't really affect my day to day life so for all intents and purposes, God might as well not exist.

      I don't mind that people are religious, they can do what they want as long as they're not raping and killing people...but they are, so that's something that needs to stop. I DO have a problem with organized religion. I detest it. It preys upon the weak and the desperate, it exploits a group of people too misguided to realize they're donating money to build ever more lavish churches and line the pockets of child molesting priests. Organized religion should be attacked at every available opportunity, it is a scourge upon this world.

      In spite of that, I have read both the Christian Bible, the Koran, the I Ching, and numerous other texts in a variety of fields like Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism. There are many a useful lesson to be learned through these ancient stories. You just gotta not be an idiot while interpreting them. Take what works, throw the rest out. I'm not about to cite God asking Abraham to kill Isaac, but I will cite Jesus preaching about all his good shit. People need to be sensible.

      3. Suicide is painless. I think committing suicide to escape your obligations is cowardly to the extreme. However, I also think that later in life when your bodily functions start failing, suicide is a perfectly valid action. If I'm ever old or crippled, I would have no hesitation in taking my life. I don't want to live like that, and I don't want my family to have to take care of me when it would be easier to kick the bucket when and how I want.

      4. It's a matter of educating folks on an individual level. Humans, as individuals, are usually pretty nice, rational people. You can talk to them, discuss things with them and reason with them. When they get together in a mob, however, is when the loudest voices are the ones being heard. It's all a matter of teaching people to educate themselves and choose the option that is the best for them and everyone else. I don't want to force decisions on anyone, but clearly there are choices in everyday life that are more beneficial than others. Give people the knowledge to weigh the pros and cons of everyday decisions, then governmental/national decisions, and we might have a better place. Also, I think more people should vote. Honestly, most people are average, nice dudes. Again, when they're railroaded into awful policy decisions by corrupt governments and idiotic media demagogues, then you start to have a problem. This is a matter of making sure people are informed so they don't do that shit.

  22. Replies
    1. K-Pop!

      In non-K-Pop, I like Wu-Tang Clan, Biggie, Pac, Marshall Mathers, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, deadmau5 (before he got bad), Avicii, Armin Van Buuren, Kaskade, Mariah, TLC, Aerosmith, Journey, Queen, and of course, THE SMASHING PUMPKINS (again, before they got bad).


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