Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reasonable Fans!?

WELP I have not written anything in a crazy long time. So bear with me while I try to get back into things. I will be pretty rusty, so be kind. =(

Heh, like there ever is any kindness around here.

Anyways, a few weeks back, it was announced that Lee Hyori and her boyfriend, Lee Sang Soon, would be together for the first time on stage on this SBS show she hosts, "You and I". 

Well, this is a first. I found reasonable commenters (dare I say, fans) somewhere on allkpop. Crazy, I know. They are a rare breed, and I somehow found them. I should get a Noble Peace Prize for this shit.

Commenters have been stating their concern over how Hyori treats her boyfriend, claiming it is unfair that she speaks publicly (consistently) about how ugly he is. And to be honest, if I were him, I would not be pleased either hearing my girlfriend constantly say, "So what if he's physically and aesthetically challenged? I still love it."

Some of the choice comments that I found were:
"I agree with some of the others. It's not fair how she treats him. He seems like a really nice guy, but the way she comments on his looks.... that's not the way you talk about someone your in a RELATIONSHIP with!! ♥"
I would agree with this post more if she did not add the heart at the end. Woman, adding emoticons and little hearts at the end of your sentence invalidates you as a reliable source for meaningful input. Sorry </3

"i just hope Hyori won't make any remarks of his looks again. the way she talks about him is starting to annoy me... no matter how ugly he is it's still not fair to repeat it over and over."

"Don't you just hope she won't be passing some nasty, stupid witty remarks on her boyfriend on that stage. And then creates yet another hot news of her being the beauty and the other one, whatever she commented him as. Her beauty slowly withers for every thoughtless things she did/said."
If you disregard the English errors on that last comment, I would have to agree. She is really only hurting her hot self by being so critical of the man she loves. Girl, you should probably stop trying to make yourself the real-life Belle from Beauty and the Beast and just be happy. You do not need to consistently assert how beautiful you are in comparison. That does not justify whatever silly reason you are trying to prove.

Notice how in articles, is always "Hyori's boyfriend" as his title? Never, "Oh look how pretty Lee Sang Soon's girlfriend is". I see who wears the pants in this relationship. Like me.

Source: Your face.


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