Friday, May 18, 2012

You get busted FAPPING to Tia (HAPA QUEEN) Fancams!!!! What do you say!!!??

So OBVIOUSLY I'm not going to do this. I would NEVER EVER fap to Tia's not right and probably against the law in many states and countries such as Finland and Mozambique. So before you even think of taking out that little fellar in your underwear.... Please just pull up your pants, pull up those brown stained boxers you are wearing (with yesterday's bubblegum), get a glass of kool-aid and read my words of wisdom.

Let's just "PRETEND" for a second...that you were in your home. You come across this video and notice the grinding, short skirt, milky white yams, combined that with the fap dance (see: Suzy in Goodbye Baby). The HAPA QUEEN (you may think) is dancing for you! You think she's shaking her sweet juicy butt lips for your pleasure....every single thrust of her joints and swoosh of her beaver is wafting deliciously into your nostrils and filling up your mind with delicious and succulent peach cobbler. When she gets on the floor and flings her soft, silky, and newly SUAVED hair on the want nothing more but to place your one eyed eel on her scalp to give her that SPECIAL head massage.


You remember that your OLDER than her MUCH Older and that it is EVER so wrong to think such things! This, my friend, is a predicament. This my friends...would make your mamma weep. To even think about laying her down on your bed, smelling her sweet scent (except when she's on her period), and laughing/talking to one another until you both coudn't take it and your bodies touch!!  RAHHHHH!!!!

But no!

It's wrong and you should feel bad about what you're are thinking. You really need some help and should maybe talk to your local psychotherapist. Just start off by telling him/her that you once.. fapped while watching Mean Girls (they may understand). You could also tell him that you once got a boner watching an episode of Icarly with your mom in the room (it's the one where victoria justice and her are boxing). Yeah, your mom noticed what a fucking pervert you were..probably slapped your boner down. You can then tell your psychotherapist  what you thought about when you were watching a Tia Fancam! Just let her in slowly....she'll forgive you!!! FAPPing is wrong and you should feel bad!!!!  

                                                Don't even think about it BOYZ!

                                         SERIOUSLY GTFO WITH THIS  BULLSHIT!

What's the point of this discussion? Oh I was going to ask. What do you say to someone who has busted you "attempting" to fap to Tia Fancams. Do you feel this is wrong? I do and you should too.


  1. I know it's nothing to do with this, but

    I mean, look at it

    1. lol she has her nose right up lime's buttcrack.

      hilarious. A .gif is needed.

    2. Nose? She's rimming her, for goodness' sake

      K-Pop's first broadcast rimming

      (I say broadcast, because they deleted the IU/Sulli scene)

    3. I want my nose up Limes ass....i am so jealous.....

  2. I dont give a fuck A fap to Tia's fancam all the time, she probably knows that is why she acts extra seductive for me
    btw what the heck is hapa queen

    1. The name Hapa is delivered from the Hawaiian term that describes a harmonious blend of Asian and American cultures.
      The name Hapa means half-Asian and half anything else.In Tia's case WHITE.

      I call her the HAPA QUEEN cause she's a beautiful queen.

    2. wow how interesting,for some reason I thought it was something like people masturbate too much to her so thats "hapa" is like fap to a new level is like fap and fap and fap and then fap and fap and fap and then fap fap fap fap fap fap fap and then fap and fap and fap and later fapfapfapfapfapfapfap oh yes and then fap fap fap fap fap fap fap and fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap I'm getting tier fap fap fap fap fap fap fap and then fap to Tia's pictures fancam and others, I guess I was wrong

  3. Replies
    1. but her body is not, they are of a goddess.

  4. If her body stops growing,
    then I'll stop fapping,
    but until that day spring,
    i'll never stop popping.

  5. All that group has going for them is Tia. Chocolate who?

  6. As you probably know, I love Chocolat, I love all the girls, particularly Juliane, but Tia....yes I fapped to that video, laws cant get me!!!!

  7. Mother of God. Well, she is 15 now not 14 if it makes you feel any better about your pedo brain. 5 more years and you won't have to risk jail time!

  8. no wonder she gets more camera time than the other members


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