Sunday, October 23, 2011

Feminist are Stupid but Fans are Worse

I feel like since this is an Anti-Fan blog I should specify why I loathe some fans and not other. The fans I don’t hate are the fickle new fans that get into kpop just as quick as they grow out of it therefore they become irrelevant.

The first type of fans I cannot stand, are the ones who believe their “bias” should have more lines in a song or should have more screen time or credit and the second is the fans who use slogans or catch phrases.

Example time!

Take Shawols for instance. Minho is supposedly the person that gets the least amount of lines in most of the songs (I wouldn’t know I don’t go around counting lines). They complain that Minho only gets the “rapping” (bunny ears cause he can’t rap) parts and one or two “singing” (bunny ears cause he can’t sing) lines. Well Shawols tough luck the boy wasn’t hired as a lead or sub vocalist, he wasn’t hired as the main dancer but he was hired to rap and be the face of the group. So frankly that’s all he should do; it was in the job description when he decided to sign the damn contract.

Goo Hara being another perfectly good example of an Idol who can’t sing but was hired to be the “visuals” (bunny ears because I think she has funny teeth) in the group.

Example time two!

Short list of some of the could-have-been-long-list-of-comment-clogging-moronic-stuff-people-have-come-up-with-to-spam-about-their-idols.








They are the definition of Great Entertainers. (hmm?)

They are the definition of Girl Power. (Thought feminist were a dying breed)

They are the definition of Beauty. (One word - Hyoyeon)

Power of Nine


If the world betrays Super Junior, then ELF’s will betray the world.

Prom15e to 13elieve and 10ve the remaining 10 and prot3ct the missing 3 (Guess they'll have to be changing that one eh)

ELF and Super Junior is “one”


SO BEAST <3 (I really cannot believe they are trying to make beast into a verb)

Beast is B2st!


Infinite – Every day, every hour, every minute and every second we are inspirt.

So what do you hate about the extremist who call themselves fans ?


  1. SO BEAST <3 <-- isn't beast being used as an adjective here?

  2. In my favorite group. or "bias" I respect the fact that my favorite idol can sing for shit. So I'm happy she gets no lines and only dances. why can't more people be like that =/

  3. Strong gum to teeth ratio.

  4. Always keeping the fish baby.

  5. the article had nothing to do with feminists the title is stupid

    but the type of fans i dislike are the ones who have to insult other groups to make theirs look good. blackjacks do this CONSTANTLY
    example: "2ne1 doesn't need to rely on singing oppa oppa to be successful, they're the best group because they're so much better blah blah CL is the best rapper in the world everyone else sucks blah blah bom is the prettiest girl in kpop but everyone else who got plastic surgery is a shallow bitch" (i just made that up obvs but you get my gist)

    this is annoying because:
    1) whatever idol group you like is the same as all the others in the sense that they're PRODUCTS your group does not deserve credit for being "better." it's all just a bunch of companies running around thinking of shitty concepts until one or two catch on and they make millions. so yes, in comparison maybe your shitty kpop group looks better than my shitty kpop group but in the end they're both shitty kpop groups and no one wins (besides KARA who are filthy rich bc japan loves them)
    2) the way the insult it stated is just designed to get other fans riled up. i don't care if you don't like the groups i do, but you can't help but get a little miffed when a comment like that is obviously directed at your fav(yeah that's right I'M ON THE INTERNET AND I HAVE FEELINGS)
    3) it usually ends up being a matter of "my group has more quality because they focus less on visuals" which is utter BULLSHIT i'm sure the authors here understand how important visuals are and i don't just mean in a pervy way, looking at something nice is just as pleasing and listening to something nice

  6. I really don't have an issue with infinite stans tbh, they are weird and overly happy imho but cute. I am a say a though so idgaf.

    The issue I have are sones, blackjacks, elfs,vips, and b2uties... I want to tell their stans that their group aint special... just a fucking concept like everything else in kpop.

    Kissme's are their own type... they need to realize that korea dgaf about ukiss or their shitastic music and they need to learn to stfu and stop complaining everytime their oppas don't win... it's not like ukiss had a chance anyways. Just saying.

  7. if you believe women should have equal rights that makes you a feminist

  8. Dude, title sucks a$$.

  9. "SO BEAST <3"
    Beast is originally a noun and they're trying to make it an *adjective* (not a verb) because they're using "beast" to describe the group, a noun.

  10. fuck all fandoms. that's the simplest way to put it.


    ex. if you support girls generation you are either a feminist or a closet homosexual

  12. ^Which would you a retard.

  13. Those fucking fans who piss on about WE LOVE U NO MATTAH WHAT ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH TRUE FANS LIVE ON etc etc should get a slap. Then hopefully they'd shut up for a minute at least.

  14. also lol completely OT but I love it how all the bitches be crying when Heechul enlisted but all he does now is mail work around Seoul and still does radio shows and shit... acting like he's gonna be shot by the Chinese or some shit lolololol

  15. Well thanks for throwing feminist under a bus for no reason...

    The article is actually interesting minus the title.

  16. @lucy cat
    Yeah, I agree. AKTF is so bloody annoying.
    What is AKTF about anyway?

    Then, they said true cassie should support DB5K. But, they praise + support the 3 and boycott + bash the other 2. Next, they all said AKTF (shake head).
    Also, last time I checked, the definition of Cassiopeia (aka Cassie) is TVXQ fans, not JYJ fans.

  17. Im a shawol but minhos should just GTFO
    He isnt cute, he makes me sick when he tries to act sexy...then why is him there?
    Theres sexier members (jonghyun) and cuter ones (taemin) so theres no need to have minho since hes theres just for the visuals. Hes the dullest member too. WHOLE PACKAGE! Onew and key at least have some personality so why are you still there?

  18. Honestly to say, I HATE stuck up Shawols! I was a shawol once, but because this one fan came at me because I loved loved Jonghyun. (well at that time; this is also when I got into Kpop I didnt know any better). The other fan loved Jonghyun at the time too (still does). After realizing that I don't even know this dude and that calling your bias "hubby" or "wify" isnt cute at all, I stopped loving Jonghyun in that way. I told my friend about that and she just said "Ohhh you're just moving on" then she added some really irrelvant shit like "He was never your hubby or husband" Then Im all like Bitch, like I don't realized that now! He's not yours either and your probably never gunna meet and if you do, dating him is out the question. I didn't say anything to her after that and that just stopped making liking Shawols because they all act like their married to SHINee or Jonghyun when you don't even know the guy WTH! Well now, I feel bad for my friend because she calls Jonghyun her man and acts like no one else can like him which pisses me off all the time. At least I'm not a delsional noob anymore

    Srry for the long rant :P

  19. ^UGGGHH me and my grammatical errors *facepalm*

  20. BJs -
    i hate that they act like 2ne1 is some fresh original shit and that they're girl's power. bitch please, just because they go around shooting guns doesn't mean they're girl's power, in fact that's the opposite because they're acting like thugs. i hate that they look down on other groups and bash them to make 2NE1 look big. It's annoying when they bash others for being plastic when they forgot bom face isn't bio degradable.

    Sones -
    and BJs aren't the only bitches that bash others to make their biases look great. they keep denying that SNSD get surgery. ARE YOU F ING BLIND? and stop talking like SNSD is so damn talented. only 1,2 can actually sing and they're not on par with people like Davichi or BEG. and every freaking comeback it's like SNSD the best shit even though their song the boys is shitty, they still delusional enough to like it. and they even had campaigns to spam the vids to get more view point so more people to see it (sad thing is they're not the only one but since the boys they been trying hard with SNSD debut in US)


    stop bitching. it's about popularity and money.

    Cassies -
    I SUPPORT ALL 5! KEEP THE FAITH...oh wait~ Junsu just talked shit about my homin?! fuck no! homin is better than JYJ. What bitch you just said homin is better? fuck that i don't support homin anymore more! JYJ FTW!
    stop complain about DBSK, they're disbanded, you bitching isn't going to bring it back and your internal fighting is just ridiculous.

    and every other fandoms that act like their biases are some damn special thing that's unique and can sing like angels...NO your biases isn't that talented or that unique. they're as generic as pop music is generic. AND THEY'RE NOT GOING TO MARRY YOU! DREAM ON~ and i'm saying this as a part of the fandoms i mentioned up there.

    sorry for the long rant........kpop fans piss me off..they're the reason i almost leave the damn fandom..i can't put up with crazy people.

  21. ^ I agree with all the things u said. Esp the part about Bom LOL it's so true.

    I find it funniest when BJ calls SNSD plastic generation or whatever when none of SNSD girls look like they got as much shit done to their faces as Bom. Well, at least they still can freaking MOVE their face. Or maybe they just went to a better plastic surgeon

  22. LOL I'm shocked you didn't mention Cassies.
    Also the feminist title is really stupid.
    Worst fandoms are Sones and ELFS. They fucking fight over everything and always shit stir in everyone elses business. The rookie fandoms aren't even worth worrying about, they aren't that relevant yet. New fans get all giddy and stuff anyway then it dies down, thats a fact. We've all been there.

  23. then don't go into fandoms is easy as that, you can follow a group and not check what other people saying about them.

    and omg that picture of hara cracked me up i know earlier they said jessica looked like a horse but i think Hara takes the cake xD

  24. All I could think of when I was reading this post was how adorable I thought it was that you call the quotation marks 'bunny ears.'

  25. You do realize that STAND usually means Stand Till All Nine Disappear right and not Strong Till All Nine Dominate?

  26. haha...i really hate hara....ugly bitch!

  27. All the anon in here stupid lonely fangirl

  28. Poor research. The 'beast' in So BEAST is an adjective and not a verb. Also, the fans didn't come up with that. BEAST's African-American choreographer did.


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