Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Strong Heart bullshit

Seo In Young talking to a ghost.
Hyunjoong seeing a UFO.
Suzy refusing my sexual advances.

All complete bullshit, but fans blissfully, and ignorantly, eat that shit up.
And I guess I should end this with an obligatory Suzy gif.


  1. I have seen both a ghost and a UFO.

    That doesn't mean I think the ghost was a spirit of a formally-living person, or that the UFO was an alien spacecraft, but if you see shit you can't deny that you saw it.

  2. They call you Gheivid for a reason son.

  3. I loled at Suzy's. And if In Young saw a ghost okay, but if she talked to one? LOL, I highly doubt that.
    And Hyunjoong's was just...Hyunjoong's. LOL

  4. suzy is such a blatant superslut. she doesnt even attempt to hide it anymore

  5. fangirls tend to suck cock nowadays anyway..

    good job david..

    oh, and i also meant shawols being able to suck larger cocks and balls and getting anally raped for liking the fact that shinee is the new face of etude house.. geez.. they be REAL COCK SUCKERS.

  6. my god does suzy do anything BUT be a slut?


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