Monday, October 17, 2011

Question of the Week 16

This week's question comes from ChiChi:
What are the top 2 things you hate about fangirls/boys?
My top two things are when:
1) They say they are from Korea or some other country when you know they are American or something.
2) When they act like smart asses!

Thank you for your suggestion for this week.

Personally, I do not know what I specifically dislike about them. I suppose the big thing that comes to mind are the idiotic Sones. I cannot handle "Power of 9" bullshit. Other than that, I can tolerate them. Oh wait. Their inability to use grammar and spell properly also upsets me greatly. Oh, and when they cannot understand sarcasm. Oh, and also when they are so sensitive about a single criticism that they feel the need to type in capital letters to yell at someone about their oh so important opinion.

I suppose my list was relatively long. Nevermind.

Oh, one last one. I am also terribly creeped out when fangirls (maybe even some fanboys) write very inappropriate fanfiction (at the ripe age of 12) about their idols being debaucherous, whilst praying to their hidden shrine in their closet of said idol(s). Especially when they have some sort of voodoo doll of them, petting it slowly, whispering, "someday...".

Not that I know anyone who does that.

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  1. 1. the fanfictions (i don't think they should exist in the first place)
    2.them taking every opportunity to use korean words when speaking english.

  2. 1. Sones and anything dealing with the number 9. Whether it's "the power of 9" "9 angles" "9 forever" "The power of 9 angles" it's all just so annoying...SNSD wasn't even the first group with 9 people and sones act like they own the number....they are fine when they are spazzing about "Yoong~~" and "Taengoo" but when they get into that whole "cult of 9" mode it's annoying....and creepy.

    2. I hate when fans pretend that the crap their biases release is just sooo good, when we all know that it's crap. Like ELF and A-cha...or what I think will be sones and whatever this garbage is that SNSD is coming out with soon. Seriously, it's OK to not like everything they come out with.

    3. Arrogance from fanclubs...OK we know, your group is big and a digital "monster" and will win with whatever they put out, but that doesn't mean you need to put other groups down.

  3. 1) Jacking off over All-Kills.
    2) Usage of Korean words all the damn time.
    3) Using 'kawaii' to describe a girl group. Kawaii is Japanese...

  4. but they are so kawaii desu ne!

  5. Many fans don't bother to learn 한글(hangul) at all and then just sprinkle in Korean words everywhere when they spazz.

    "Oh this new drama will be daebak!"
    "OMG unnie/oppa you are so jjang!"
    "____ oppa, saranghae. Please marry me."

    Why are the romanized Korean names so inconsistent? Is it aesthetics?
    Like: Sooyoung could be Suyeong, or Suyung
    Yuri could be Yoori, Yooree or Yuree.
    Seohyun could be Suhyun or Seohyeon
    Jooyeon could be Juyun or Jooyun
    Yoona's is to differentiate from Yuna

  6. The Korean romanization system system is relatively new compared to Japan's system, whihc has been in place for a while and pretty consistent. I don't think Korean's is even final yet. It wasn't so long ago that they were still changing letters around. The big city of Busan still says Pusan on some maps.

  7. Bless this question tbh.

    1. Fans who believe everything the company and their idols tell them... even though the cirumstances are shady and there is evidence that proves otherwise.

    2. Fans who believe that their group is flaw free and refuse to believe that their bias has an image and is just a concept.

    Ugh... I cannot begin to describe how much this pisses me off tbh. Just because some company says "we feed our idols well, they are just losing an abnormal amount of weight because they have a cold" and your idol says "I love (insert ceo here) he treats us well and we don't have slave contracts" doesn't mean it's true... are they going to give themselves bad publicity and make themselves look bad? Sometimes being a true fan imo is seeing the reality of a situation and not being blinded byand spoonfed whatever shit you've been given.

    The second one happens too damn much. People who keep making excuses for oppa and unnie when they really could be an ass is annoying. Or how much they love their bias because they are nice on tv (and even if they never are when the camera's not focusing on them and they don't realize they're being filmed it's OBVIOUSLY because they were just tired all 50 times it happened on every show they appeared on and the pd's who spoke out are just jealous)or oppa's not gay, they just like touching boys more than girls... my oppa's flawless. And their music is different than other kpop cutesy celebs even though if the ceo handed them cute shit tomorrow they'd be forced to sing it. NO NO NO, it's all lies (maybe not all but 90% including the percentages of your biases faces tbh.)

  8. 1. fans who can't take a joke. the groups i make fun of the most are usually the ones i like the most, but god help you if you say anything semi-mean on youtube. god help you if you comment on youtube in general.
    a good example is when Hyorin fell on stage and most people were like LOL but there were the ones who went all "OMG HOW COULD U BE SO MEAN ON GIF THIS U BITCHES SHE WAS SERIOUSLY HURT" i mean, come on, it was funny

    2. fanboys who complain whenever an artist tries something new that isn't sexy or pretty. there's plenty of stuff for you to fap to, it's okay if your fav makes one video that has a deeper meaning than just eye candy once in a while.

  9. 1.- Fans or antis who act like if their opinion about SUBJECTIVE things is superior to the others, and if you disagree with them they label you with "delusional fan" or "douchebag hater".

    2.- Fuckin biased people that always critize other idols for something (a song, outfits, concept etc.) but when their precious oppars or unnies do the same (or similar) they freakin love it just because it's from their biases.

    This also goes for people who bash idols because of something they said/did, but when their biases are under fire they'll do everything in order to justify them ( "oppar/unnie didn't meant it!!11!!" anyone? ).

  10. i don't understand the logic here:
    an anti fan of group X says the only reason why the group is popular is because of their fans

  11. 1) Hypocritical
    2) Easily get's off topic.

  12. I'm parroting what has been said and repeated by other commenters, but I'm going to call it elitism instead. I feel it's just soooo stupid how some people treat lesser known artists because they're not retardedly famous.

  13. ^
    Cuz if you don't have a gazillion fans and hold many records, if you don't get all-kills (even with half-assed songs/dances) and your MVs doesn't get 10.000.000+ views in 5 hours,
    then you are a talentless nugu whose music sucks because you are not popular = people don't like you anf if people don't like you = you suck.

    Mah oppars and unniers are like supeh popular = people like them = they are FUCKIN GREAT!!!
    And dare you to disagree,supid hater. I know you are just jealouz and butthurt because my biases outsell yours. u__U


    That's the mentality of the elitistic fans.

  14. @AKF fck i just called kara kawaii yesterday. i even intended to use hiragana but lazed at the last minute hahahaha

  15. The cult-like fansites where objective opinions aren't tolerated. i.e. Soshified

  16. 1.Fans who keep preaching that you have to like EVERY member of a group to call yourself a fan of them. It gets increasingly annoying and ridiculous as the size of the group in question grows.

    2. Bad Fanfiction- Fangirls shouldn't be writing homoerotic smut unless they have knowledge/experience on the subject at hand. Which they don't.

  17. 1. When fans say they want to go to Korea or some Asian country to meet there bias.
    - That's a waste of time and money just to fly over some country to meet your idol that doesn't even know you, might be a douche or they might not even be there at the time like wtf

    2. When fans only like Asian things because of the sexy guys and pretty girls
    -Theres more to Asian culture than just manga, anime, Jpop/ Jrock/ Kpop, I mean years from now that stuff could go out of style and theres more to like than just Asia this and Asia because chances are that you won't even get to date/ marry one -__-

    3. When Non Asians use Korean words and its not even written in Hangul
    -I cant take ppl like that seriously when they use those words....if you wanna use those words learn some freakin hangul, When you use them anyway it makes you look like a wanna be

  18. 1. When fans get mad that you love there bias
    -its like: Bitch he's not yours either, he doesnt even know you or love you...that hubby garbage isn't cute when you say it to a guy that you never even met; you need to get in line because there are 1,0000000000 times more girls that love him as much as you do

    2. When fans say they love this groups music *cough* F(x) *cough* but you know its just pure mediocore, shitty, same techno sounding thing in every song


  19. 2 things I hate:

    1) delusional ELF twats
    2) delusional SONE twats

    the end

  20. 1) people who bash other idols for being fugly
    -hello have you checked yourself in the mirror lately?

    2) fangirls who think ANYTHING and EVERYTHING their idols do as "jjang" and "daebak"

  21. 1. Fan who say or claim they've been to Korea or Japan or live there or were born there
    -Please, like you know an ounce of all things Korean

    2. Shawols
    -I was one once, that has to be the most childish fandom ever, they get mad if you like their bias, they make too many sexual jokes, there not cute

  22. delusional stans.

    damn i remember a delusion wonderful who dare to say that sohee voice is BETTER than gavy nj. GAVY FUCKING NJ. i am not rlly an overzealous fangirl but damn when i read that...

    oh when someone say ryeowook is better than december's DK. now now, ryeowook CAN sing and one of the better singers in suju but really... DK? DK?

    yeah, all in all i hate delusional fans who are deaf.

  23. I don't know if I can narrow down 1 specific thing I hate about fangirls/fanboys, but there is one thing that I can think of right now that freaked me out. While TVXQ (when there were 5) were having their disputes with the company and each other and whatnot, there were placards of "믿어요" (I Believe) held by Cassies everywhere in music shows, even when TVXQ were not performing on the show. Whenever I was watching some show, and I randomly saw this "믿어요" sign, I just got goosebumps for some reason. How these Cassies could endure hours of listening to groups they probably don't like just so they could hold up this sign and show their support. Makes me realize the strong hold groups have over their idols. I just hope that they will all eventually grow up and know when to leave their idols behind...

  24. Fans thinking sales determine the quality of the music.

  25. ^I cant stand that either, but hey its Kpop!

  26. the unnie/oppa is so sweet, people.
    the moment their idol says something rude or mean they always use the it's in the script line.
    ok so since everything is scripted your unnie/oppa may not be all that sweet huh?

  27. btw do you have any favorite singers ? any nationality will do, because I am really curious to what type of music you listen to


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