Monday, October 10, 2011

ICONIQ and Secret

Because neither one really deserved their own article...

You know you're getting fucked over by your own label (Avex - fucking over everyone not named Amuro Namie, Koda Kumi, and Hamasaki Ayumi) when you say you want to go back to Korea. My first guess as to why she isn't allowed out of Avex's dungeon is because she's ethnically Korean. Japanese netizens always say she's anti-Japan and shit (okay, they say that for EVERY Korean celeb) and always throw around stuff she said in interviews when she was with the girl group Sugar. Well, if a nation full of people with fucked-up teeth that drew hentai all day hated me just because I was born in Japan and happened to be Korean, I probably wouldn't have the highest respect for Japanese people either.

Or maybe she's not giving enough head to Max Matsuura. Who knows.

Secret's teaser photos for the only two members relevant to me came out. It's not retro. Hyosung is fucking hot. I can't wait.


  1. this doesn't surprise me the Japanese are bad shit crazy I will never put my dick in their piranha teeth even so my dick has being in some fuck up places.but in the same time what do you think my left ball has more talent than this girl she was useless in sugar the only thing she can do in japan is AV movies she should be smart like that girl from the akb48 group she is so happy now sucking dick like a hungry wolf and gets pay no like before she was doing that for free.ayumi do me a favor and get the fuck out of this planet

  2. would fuck hyosung relentlessly.

  3. there are other ethnic koreans in the japanese entertainment business though......

    shit crystal kay is korean and black and still has a career.

    i dont know what the first part of the article was supposed to be getting at beside that she's an asshole and should probably retire from the business.

  4. hyosong...gtfo with that dog face. ekkk

  5. fucking photoshop at secret.
    But yaaaaaaaaaaay! no stupid retro concept

  6. actually iconiq was hated in korea too because her music was too "japanese" sounding. that's why she went to japan in the first place....lmao

  7. wow..this writer............this site always make fun of everyone so i'm not that bothered but that whole post sound so racist toward japanese.. crystal kay and verbal are part korean but they're more accepted in a japan. crystal actually said that she tried to debut in korea but they were racist to her so she came back to japan.

    i don't think both country are perfect though. actually they can be both racist to anyone that's part japanese or korean but imo don't generalize the whole country of 100+ million as hentai drawing or as those left winged 4ch NEETs.

  8. hyosung is so hot
    hopefully this song will actually be good and show their potential (i know that word is thrown around in the kpop fandom but Secret really never promotes the best songs on their album)
    it's been over a year since Secret came back with a strong image i'm so excited
    too bad they'll never will anything with SNSD's comeback the same week

  9. The is the wrong translation of Iconiq's words. She replied to a Korean fan saying it would be nice to visit Korea again. It's about a VACATION, not a musical comeback. Some idiot at allkpop decided to take it out of context to glorify his favorite music scene.

    Iconiq is making more money and treated way better in Japan than she ever was the country of her ancestors.


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