Thursday, October 20, 2011

MV Reviews:「Don't Touch My Girl」 - Boyfriend;「Superboy」 - N.SONIC

This is a list of bad boy band music videos I have seen. So brace yourself for terribleness.

「Don't Touch My Girl」 - Boyfriend
How many people brush their teeth with their significant other in the kitchen? Isn't that what bathrooms are for? And who goes on picnics alone once you are broken up with? I just dont get it. I can't even-

I like the part when Youngmin takes a picture at 2:17 and turns around to show the sel-ca to his girlfriend and is like "oh, wait, I don't have one". It's cute that you think you have an imaginary girlfriend. But the first step to recovery is acceptance that you will be forever alone. Oh well. Just remember you will always have at least 5 other Boyfriends. Except one is your twin brother, so that's kind of like incest.

Also, you know if you are going to tell other people, "Don't touch my girl", it certainly does not help that your entire band is dating her as well. Just seems counterproductive.

On a scale of 1 to terrible, the music video (with their old SHINee pants) and song combined rank at about 8. So that's pretty bad. None of you need to watch the whole thing. I didn't.

「Super Boy」 - N.SONIC
This song and MV was pretty forgettable (sadly) which is a bad thing especially when you are debuting. Again, I did a lot of skipping to get through it. It was a very typical "I'm trying to be badass to hide my effeminate nature" boy band music video.

But at 3:07, were they trying to be in sync? I watched that part about 3 times (no, not because they were all shirtless and soaking wet) (... okay... maybe a little bit because they were shirtless and soaking wet...) and it upsets my OCD greatly. Did the director not think to ask them to re-do it because NONE of them were together for that part? I don't know. Maybe he was distracted himself from watching young men dance before him half-naked.

Oh well. At least that was a little more masculine than Boyfriend.


  1. i don't listen to much boy group stuff, but i thought Boyfriend's song was kind of okay. it sucks that any quality they ever achieve will be discounted because of their lame ass name.

    as for N.Sonic's video, any quality the song had was discounted by the fact that they resorted to the gimmick of being shirtless to get attention.

  2. Omg one of the N.Sonic boys has a uni-pack! This makes an exam filled day oh so much better.

  3. I feel like Boyfriend is trying to go for that 'infinite appeal' and doing a mediocre job of it. I mean even infinite's music ain't for everyone, let's be real.

    NSonic is fug and their song is boring as hell. I feel like they'd do well at gay clubs to their benefit though.

  4. lol boy groups.


  5. they are good.just so you know...i respect that eveyone has an opinion..but yours is just full of shit..if you can sing and have thousand of screaming loud fans..thn please start abnormal bitch!

  6. well, I dont like N.SONIC

    I dont like masculine It looks creepy eeww....,

  7. I have actually have had it with your stupidity !!! It is literally beyond compare !!!! I agree that people have their own opinions on SHIT but you really shouldnt go and bash on ther talents or looks !!!
    What ??? Are you the fucking prettiest female/ handsomest male?? What? Do you has any fucking talents besides fucking dissing people???
    Or do you really just think they are incapable of human feelings and it's all goods that you diss them???
    If you do have any talents comparable to theirs, how would you feel if people started trampling on it and dissing you?
    Or have you already experienced that becaus you are a pathetic, low and disgusting son of a bitch!!!!!

    Just go die!!!! No one want to hear it!!
    And to those who do, you are just equally low!!!! I seriously pity you guys!


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