Sunday, October 16, 2011

I don't subscribe to any Fandoms.

Why? Cause I'd be to scared for my life.


Here's my evidence in order for a gang war to exist you needs three things; territory to fight over, a freakin’ awesome group name and fancy colours/clothing to distinguish you from your opponent.


Hell’s Angels VS Fandoms

1: TERRITORY: Hell’s Angels have taken over numerous pieces of territory in the states such as Fontana, California and New York City, they also display their colours north of the boarded and across the ocean. Fandoms, the crazy little children that they are believe that they OWN their idols because they belong to them and will one day secretly marry their idol at which time they will become their territory/property (In this case I wish reality upon all the future idol brides/grooms).

2: GROUP NAME: Hell’s Angels, this name is supposed to strike fear into their opposition and it can also conveniently be short formed to HA or 81. Fandoms on the other hand have their fancy group names such as Blackjacks, Everlasting Friends, Very Important People which, oh look conveniently have their own short forms; BJs, ELFs, V.I.Ps (if I did not name your fandom I do not apologize).

3: COLOURS/CLOTHING: Hell’s Angels wear a lovely red and white leather jacket with a beautifully stitched skull and wing formation on the back. Whereas fandoms prefer a simple glow stick or balloon which has a colour usually associated with pearl (like pearl chocolate, pearl red, pearl sapphire blue, pearlescent blue, pearl yellow, pearl burgundy, peal midnight blue, pearl green, pearl peach etc…) others prefer a modest bandana.

There you have it shit be going down in the kpop world.

Note to parents - keep your daughters/sons locked in the basement because one day they may be coming home a la Hell’s Angels VS Banditos style (I refuse to explain this reference – google that stuff).

(About: modified post I sent in for the application process cause I was to lazy to make a new article at this point in time. Also anyone remember the hair pulling thing that happened a couple years ago in a concert line bewteen a bunch of fangirls? If you remember the fandoms let me know please!)


  1. Nice....the glow stick, balloon thing made me laugh.:)

  2. the color jk was good but...
    does your pc lag after you put the first O after T?

    Fix it bish.

  3. you spelt subscribe wrong. tsk tsk

  4. And the other's should be others. Double tsk tsk.

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  6. good article.
    I have ALWAYS see the fandom wars as a gang war. So much similarity its eerie. Its probably why I didnt go to the kpop festival in New Jersey some time ago....from what I heard second hand they were shooting and shit...the last part was a lie but my case still stands on the fandoms.

  7. I have a love/hate relationship with fandoms.I sometimes want to ditch kpop because we have retards always trying to ruin things but sometimes i just cant help but love this whole fandom thing.The gang-like mentality is fun,there is nothing better (when im immersed in cray cray behaviour)than threatening someone's life :)


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