Saturday, October 1, 2011

MV Review: 「Chu Chu」and「Action」- SpinEl X

Well since Anti Kpop-Fangirl has been doing MV reviews lately, I decided I wanted to be cool and do one too.

This is the ultimate TL;DR, so I won't be offended if none of you read this. It's just for some reason, I wanted to post something to avoid doing homework, and I wanted it to be an MV review. Don't judge me. ='(

I kind of like SpinEl as I think they are adorable for being so young and cute and having those silly things called dreams. I can really appreciate the child-like naivete they have in their eyes before reality comes and crushes them and shows them their chances of becoming idols is almost nil.

And for some reason I will never understand, I liked 「Chu Chu」. It was bubbly, cute, and bright. And they're only 15. I don't know which one is Spin or El, and I'm pretty sure that's not even close to their real names (but if it honestly is, then umm... okay) but I prefer the one with the green acoustic guitar.

SpinEl - 「Chu Chu」

But their MV was trippin' balls. I've only seen it once, but after I did, I knew that that was probably what being high was like after swallowing 5 different drugs and smoking some more.

So when they came out with a new song, I was excited hoping they'd come out with another fresh, spring-like song that could be used for, like, a kid's show or something I would never watch.

But then they changed their selling point of being "Korea's first acoustic guitar playing girl duo" already by switching to electric guitars and using a rapper (lol, GP Basic's Trinity). And to make them sound even cooler, they put an X in their name. Because everything sounds better with an X. Ask any Japanese anime creator starting a new season or spin-off.

And for an even stranger reason, they decided to make THREE versions. All of which were equally terrible. In no way do any of you have to watch all of them. I got up to the first 30 seconds of each and then had to stop.

SpinEl X - 「Action」

Rock version

Sports Version

School Version

Does Trinity's red hair and raccoon eyeliner remind anyone of Gaara? No? Just me who's the nerd? Alright. That's cool. I just gave you all second hand embarrassment, no big deal. It's not like I even watch that show anymore anyways.

She also kind of looks like a younger version of 2NE1's Minzy in a twisted way. I'm sorry. That was rude of me to say to Minzy. I apologize.

I also love their drummer. I mean, I have
never seen anyone stick out so much before amongst a group of people. He's great. I bet they found him off the street because no one wanted to be the drummer for this group. The proposition, in my head, probably went something like, "Hey, do you want to make money by pretending like you can play drums while hanging out with under-aged girls all day?" "Durr... okay"

But if you guys had to watch any of these 5 videos. Just watch this one.
My favourite is at 2:10. I just re-watch that part over and over again.

I seriously need a gif of that.

Wait. Crap. I didn't really review anything. Uhh... uh... It wasn't really a good song, but at least it wasn't bad. I'd give the song, on a scale of 1 to terrible, a 7. And the MV...s get (collectively), a 5.


  1. The drummer is fucking sexy.

  2. This article is irrelevant since

    SCANDAL >> All female pop-rock groups ever.

  3. Oh I quite enjoy SCANDAL as well. A friend of mine is actually friends with those girls. Lucky boy...

  4. Homework, lol how old are you?

  5. but i thought u already have one? 0.o do you want a gif of the whole performance? insatiable bitch. haha

  6. LMAO! so funny!

  7. They got Trinity of GP Basic because their company was in low budget and could not afford someone like E.Via.

  8. LOL @ Part 2:10 - Trinity what a big fail and all she does was run back to do the drummer and tries to look like she's playing the guitar xD

    Also have a look at 2:46 - Cameraman fail!

    WTH was this?

  9. I hear you need some gifs:

  10. @ anonymous 11:42pm:
    Old enough that I don't need an adult when I'm on this site ;____;

    @ anonymous 11:56pm:
    HAHA NO ONE would want the whole video. I had the shortened version of the gif which was adequate, but didn't show enough fail.

    @ MinniMin:
    They couldn't afford anyone good because they blew their budget on THREE MVs.

    @ anonymous 6:53am:
    Ah hah! I love you! I was looking for that one specifically! Thanks <3

  11. Seems like wasted talent.

  12. I think these girls could be pretty hot in a couple years. Cat ears needs to lose some baby fat in the face and bring in the chin a little. A better nose wouldn't hurt either. Blondie has a pretty bad face shape, but a new set of eyes would help. She has a nice nose at least. If they both got boobs, that would seal the deal.

  13. Acoustic was ok, not bad. But electric stuff is better but sounds like JRock. Not a bad group overall.

    Also, I thought they were fug but when I saw them dressed up in the sports outfit I wanted to get ass raped so bad by all three of them. My buttchecks were aching for that shit.

    lol at fall, bish can't be tough after shit like that

  14. to be honest I fine this group super cute no pedo here they are just cute and Innocent no like those other girls group in they 20's pretending to be cute and innocent when in reality they are cock hungry nymphomaniacs

  15. I appreciate your Naruto reference and I also agree. No shame.



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