Sunday, October 23, 2011

Teaser for AS's Diva

I love it when the group makes it easy on me. I just have to post the video because it's so bad on its own. Makes my job so much easier.

I see a lot of Playboyz (seriously, Pledis should have come up with a better fan club name. It always reminds me of the magazine) complaining that Raina stole Jungah's lines. Just be happy that the main vocalist stole the lines. If you're a T-ara fan, you're used to Hwayoung stealing lines from the main vocalist (Soyeon) and the lead vocalist (Hyomin). So just keep in mind that it could be worse.

I do feel bad for some of the older members here. Kahi is 45 and has to pretend to be a 15 year old girl in this MV. They gave Jooyeon a shitty makeup stylist, making her look older. It's bad enough she's already 30. Jungah looks like a grandma.

So I'm wondering how the AS fans here feel. I don't pay attention to AS at all, but from what I'm gathering it seems like a lot of people are disappointed, unless it's just the Bekah and Jungah stans being the vocal minority.


  1. It's alright, sounds.....very Japanesy but I have to say BEKAH'S RAP IS RUINED!!! What kind of garbage did they change it to? Should've just scrapped it if it sounds like a cats screeching. Only Bekah could pull it off.
    I miss the old After School, the one I fell in love with. Pledis, you piece of sh*ts forcing Bekah out, when she was one of the few that had talent, now after school is becoming like plastic generation. Disgusting. I want old After School back not this crap.

  2. Kahi's rapping used to be fairly good, or maybe it was when she wasn't in After School. Now her rapping sounds like crap......Pledis/After School ruined her.

    JungAh should leave and joinBekah and form a group lol, it'd be better than this crap. After School isn't all that popular anymore, they suck now that they're adding in a whole bunch of random members. Must suck not to be Kahi, Nana, UEE (dunno why she's still in the group) or Rania in After School, otherwise you pretty much get jack.

  3. I wonder which AS member will Japanese fans like the most.

  4. Don't have an issue with Raina getting half Jung Ah's line, she does a better job than Jung Ah did.
    Overall it's odd in way to many ways to be appealing, it's just kinda off-putting...
    But I'd still take this over an un-edited copy of a song from 2009 *cough*t-ara*cough*

  5. I can't even.

    What the balls is this?

    As a former Playgirlz (as in pre-attention whore and pre-E-young), it saddens me that A) They chose Diva (which wasn't really a very good song in the first place) and, B) That they (once again) screwed over Jungah (for singing lines), Jooyeon (well she was always screwed over since they started adding members in the first place), and even Kahi as they look relatively strange in this.

    I miss Bekah. She sure left at a good time. She must be laughing looking at how now no one can rap (as Kahi somehow declined immensely [or maybe it's because Korean songs sound wrong in Japanese]).

    Oh, After School. PLEDIS really screwed you over, didn't they?

  6. @5:10 Agree. After School sucks now. Bekah was the only one who could rap and was hot, too bad Pledis thought she was too fat so they pushed her out.

    @Shin-B 100% agree with your points as well. I'm actually glad Bekah has left now because After School is going to the crapper. Pledis Sucks! Shouldn't stuck with the whole After School Pussycat Dolls thing, they were hot then.

  7. I don't follow After School, so I couldn't care less who has how many lines or what song their singing. I just know one thing. They're hot. Maybe watching too much SBS Heroes has conditioned me to like 30 year old women more, but yes even Jungah is hot.

  8. The sound is great, but dammit, go back to the way the original Diva MV was. If they used the original Diva MV style, this MV wouldve been better.

  9. apparently Diva is a popular song with japanese fans, but really they kind of ruined it
    the only good thing was the black lace things they had on their legs which were really cool even though the rest of the outfit was bad (i hate when members in big groups all wear the exact same outfit)

  10. After School sucks now. No1currs about them anymore. Lucky Bekah left this piece of crap group. AS was better back in the day, they were just holding her back.

  11. WOW my fucking ears

  12. kahi is pretty. I like UEE the best. Yes, Uee. :)

  13. How did they manage to find TWO outfits that look horrible on EVERY girl?

    That is skill (and maybe intense hatred?).

  14. Fuck Pledis, they keep on destroying Jooyeon :l

    Nana, Raina, Kahi, UEE and Jungah are all fab.
    Lizzy got a horrible hairstyle.
    Jooyeon looks old and tired.
    I don't even know what is E-Young doing in AS.

    The song is till bad but a lot better than the korean ver.

  15. @4:15 I so agree. How does every girl manage to look so ugly? I HATE YOU PLEDIS

  16. Jooyeon should graduate. They're freaking treating her like crap. Maybe Jung Ah too. I feel pain watching them getting butchered by Pledis. And why is Eyoung in AS (like the above anon said)?

  17. As a former Playgirlz (as in pre-attention whore and pre-E-young), it saddens me that A) They chose Diva (which wasn't really a very good song in the first place)

    oh no, snake. You didnt ask for this....
    Fuck yo kahi, sucks at singing, 1/2 decent at rapping and screen hugging

  18. "Jungah looks like a grandma." Lol, she's been looking like a grandma for a long time now, ever since "Because of You".


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