Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Girls Generation make you feel the hit.

SNSD, please leave the symbolism to Narsha & fam.

It's finally here. Teddy Riley's supposed masterpiece; his raison d'etre. And it's a piece of shit. Go figure, I didn't expect anything really great from the man who does all he can to at least pretend like he's relevant, with not an ounce of loyalty in his blood (why did he leave Rania again?). And don't be fooled by the roses and doves (still can't believe they put a random fucking dove in the video), the video is a failure as always. From cooking Taeyeon's hair like ramen to trying to reinvent Sunny as the blond Alice Cullen, as well as the usual slow-mo spin shot that SM loves to abuse, the music video is utterly worthless.

Imagine SM executives coming up with the concept.
"Okay guys, the video needs to be sharp and edgy, just like Teddy's perfection of a song."
"Got it!"
"And symbolism, we needs lots of symbolism. Keep the sheep guessing."
"What about falling roses?"
"Great! Roses are artsy!"
"Floating rocks?"
"Yes, that sounds mysterious. Sones will interpret it as some great mystery, like the idiots they are."

Seriously, why a fucking dove though?

And that godawful rapping. As sexy as Yuri looks flicking a bunch of sand into her own face, I can't stand this shit. I'd rather hear Nicole "rap". Although I can't complain too much, they'll probably sound better live this way. SM finally got  through their thick skulls that you're supposed to give the shitty singers (Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona, Yuri) rap lines. Come on SM, get yo shit together, these are the abc's of Kpop.

True story:

Oh sorry Yoona! I wasn't trying to- NO! No, that's not what I was trying to do at all. I was just checking if your legs and your ... you know, were still there. I was worried, you see. I hope you're alright and.... I- I see you haven't shaved down there in a while. Oh my God! I'm so so sor- WHY THE FUCK WEREN'T YOU WEARING PANTIES? WHY? IT'S NOT MY FAULT DAMN IT. IT'S YOURS. WEAR PANTIES NEXT TIME, WHORE.


  1. Seohyun was hot in the MV. Good enough to save the rest of this disaster for me.

  2. hahahah great post. And the vid was such other shit. Thought the dove was some jesus reference (normally it is).

  3. yeah this song was complete shit lol and im an snsd fan but damn this really sucked...all the delusionals jizzing about it are just nabs lol

  4. But to no surprise Hyogre and co. killed all "The Boys" on them charts.


  6. Can't believe that I anticipated for this album.. This song is pure shit. Where is Taeyeon to hate this song?

  7. Worst song ever... fuck

  8. I cannot take Jessica and her dove seriously at all...

  9. When you are a sane fan of a SME group you realise that that is all you will ever get from SME.But if you are the cray kind, you fap to the shit that SME spews and dont ever think to question them EVER!

  10. I was like WTH is up with the random azz dove, I'm glad people agree with me. But DANG! Sooyoung and Yuri was hot and sexy as hell, made the entire video worth it. If only Sooyoung could gain some weight, then I'd be satisfied. Couldn't give a single crap about Yoona and Seohyun <--- used to always have trouble telling them apart so they're pretty plain looking to me

  11. @AKF
    Seohyun is the only relevant bitch in snsd.

  12. Bad points:
    - Mediocre song
    - Sounds like a cheer (a really lame one)
    - Attempt at rapping/pseudo-rapping was really off
    - Album was a wreck (with the exception of VITAMIN)
    - Teddy Riley blows

    Good points:
    - Yoona improved but live performance will determine her refined vocal ability
    - Sooyoung and Tiffany got a nose job
    - Jessica got a chin reduction
    - Sunny looks decent for the first time
    - MV is eyecandy


  14. robot seohyun has a nice ass

  15. haha now snsd sounds like suju to me i dunno but i feel i'm hearing suju from them which means mediocre again at it's best and i also don't buy their supposedly rap=fast talking are they trying to be cool? no!

  16. sorry to the delusional snsd fans out there but secret had better song, a lot of ppl will attest to it.

  17. both SNSD's and SECRETS song sucks. Both MV's are just eyecandy.

  18. floating rocks? LOL

  19. SoMuchDisappointmentOctober 19, 2011 at 4:35 AM

    The verses are awesome.. and they have great buildup to the chorus.. but.. the chorus T-T Soooo Bad!
    "Bbring the boys out" <--- one of the stupidest lines I've ever heard... and sadly they keep saying it.
    Rap was horrid.. SNSD shouldn't rap.
    There's select parts of the song that sound great.. but the song doesn't flow at all, transitions were awful, and teddy riley should GTFO
    But anyways, SNSD lookin HOT in the mv. Taeyeon<3

  20. Agree with a few comments above. Seohyun is hot!!! Not just in this MV, she's been getting hotter and hotter lately.

    That aside, I actually didn't hate the dove when it first appeared when I watched this MV for the 1st time. And when it appeared at the end, I was like WTH. What's with the dove? I bet the MV would look 10 times better if they danced in that rose petal background instead of the other overused boring box.

    Song is not that amazing. But it's not all that bad to me. But can't deny that some rap parts are cringe-worthy. Tiffany's gangsta/hip hop/or w/e it is outfit near the end is awkward

  21. I swear to god they say in the english version "We get it in!!"

  22. Loved the powerful singing in the verses but felt that the chorus wasn't strong enough.

  23. HYOGRE FTW!!!


  24. I guess I kind of like fany's tough girl/soldier/working girl outfit with the dark clothes and hat. ok, I lied. I really like it. she can order me around anytime... as long as she uses that chunky deep rapping voice

  25. This song was shit and the mv was cheap as hell. Even their dresses looked like fucking costumes. I'm not seeing anything they described their mv would be in the mv tbh. But of course korea is still eating that shit up because it is sn to the fucking sdmand they are part of sm entertrollment.

  26. wow, so bad im going to kill myself

    poor tae having to sing this shit

  27. Thank you for pointing out that stupid dove. Especially weird was the beginning when they all wander in a circle in rose petal limbo. It's not artsy, it's just precocious and lame.

    The video is pure eyecandy but the song itself sucks. It'd be embarrassing to be caught listening to it, even if people didn't know who it was, because musically it's just bad.

  28. omaigawd~ thank you~ the dove was a wtf moment too. impressive effect that make the MV look a little more interesting but wtf man? why was it there?

    and wtf was with the english ver? WE GET IT IN? lmao i'm sure..........sad thing is fany co wrote that song too and she let that went past her head? XD

  29. The MV was made up of Yoona Taeyeon & Seohyun. Lol I expected more from them.

  30. Only redeeming factor for me was Yuri, Sooyoung and Seohyun (even though she still looks like robot UEE) the rest was crap.

  31. Just shows how biased ppl are. The song really did suck. If it wasn't SNSD, you'd all be joining the hate bandwagon. Proves how its just their image keeping them going, they won't last very long when they get old. Beginning of that mv was WTF? their other songs were better, they release anything and ppl will eat their shit.

  32. I watch this video on mute for obvious reasons.

  33. i agree seohyun is really hot

    also the song isn't great but i don't think it's as bad as people are making it seem. it was just too much anticipation, no matter what came out i feel like we would all be complaining about.
    if a different group had released this song i think i would have been slightly impressed

  34. Dove - 23 seconds of camera focus
    Hyoyeon - 15 seconds of camera focus

    Tee hee

  35. I used to be a fan of SNSD but am now at the stage where I don't understand why I liked them so much. I guess you can be affected by their appearance and popularity until you see that they aren't that great.
    Their japanese album had a few good songs but their new korean one is mediocre and the Boys single is their worst ever.
    The worst thing is that Sones and SM lovers everywhere will be gloating about the certain success of the Boys in the charts and the album sales because they don't want to admit that SNSD will sell well only because of their popularity no matter how bad the songs (even though most of them are forcing themselves to like the Boys after hearing it 100 times).

  36. First time i saw The Boys i couldn't recognize Sooyoung.

  37. ^Me also. She is looking hot as hell with long hair, now all she needs to do is gain some serious weight on her legs.

  38. Freaking LOLed at this comment on the videos youtube page
    "this proofs that yoona can actually sing. to my surprise, SHES REALLY GOOD. i like her voice the most <3

    Must be on the same crack that GD's on

  39. Teddy Riley said that Tiffany helped composing the song.. What parts did she make? The godawful parts of the song, the rap parts of course.

    At least it solves a mystery of why the fuck that shit was put in. Gotta be one hell of a BJ to put that shit into the song, Teddy.

  40. ^
    she put the "we get it in" part into the english ver too...does she know what "get it in" mean...XD

  41. you see these floating rocks?

  42. They shouldve waited for 2NE1 to debut there first because if The Boys is representative of kpop then people wont give it a second look.

  43. I actually like this song more than Hoot and Genie. Sunnys the fugliest of them all here though, idk what crap is going on, people saying she looks ..sexy/attractive? Seohyun's voice > Taeyeon all the fucking way. Taeyeon has no personality in her voice at all. Jessica definitely got something done on her face, probably a lot since I can't even put my finger on it. It's just creepy now. And lol @ Yoona rapping. No matter how much badassery SM tries to insert into her, it just comes off as embarassing. I like Hyoyeon's 5 second dance spotlight, that was nice.

  44. ^ The only true singers in gg are Seohyun and

    I dont know why sones think its colorless Taeyeon and nasal Jessica

  45. The MV will never save this trainwreck, even the album songs are now getting stale for me. Good job Teddy Riley.

    And I totally agree with anon 6:13.

    Goodbye SNSD, hello AKB.

  46. I don't understand why your bashing SNSD. If you think that you're cute and pretty enough, go and make a song and be famous... And FYI, I think all of you are jealous because they are prettier and talented than you are. and if you really hate kpop, than keep it to yourself. Don't make a blog saying hey, I hate kpop because kpop suck... daa.. get a life bitch!

    1. lol stupid comments made by a delusional sone. it's not our job to be a singer/dancer, so why the fuck do we need to make a song? we're the ones buying the shitty stuff, shouldn't we get a say on whatever they release?

      and the jealous comment, seriously, the lamest comeback reply i've ever had to come across in my life. please, GET A LIFE fucktard


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