Monday, October 10, 2011

Question of the Week 15

I do not know why I felt this was worth mentioning, but for some reason, this caught my attention:

Milk Tea - 「Ramen King」

I was told this was "an amazing, absolutely beautiful" group who was "super underrated". I wanted to like them, I really did. But I didn't see anything spectacular about them. Sorry.

Also, does anyone else think that girl's mouth is super big? (that's not the question of the week though).

To me, this video was kind of trippin' balls if you ask me. So this week's question is:
What music videos (being that this site is about Korean music, let's limit it to Korean songs please. We all already know that stupid "PON PON PON" is the most insane and screwed up music video ever created) have you seen that look like they've been high or trippin' balls?

Post links to the videos if you like and comment why you think they're effed up.

PS. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!! <3 What am I thankful for you might (but probably won't) ask? Well, I am thankful for this site as without it, I would be far more productive in my real life. So, thank you, Anti Kpop-Fangirl, for eating my time and helping me procrastinate.

If anyone has suggestions for later Question of the Weeks, please send them to Thanks!


  1. Ha! I came here to see what people had suggested... Come on guys!

  2. Well there's always the teaser for SNSD's Japanese Album, but that one was obviously made while REALLY fucking high.

  3. Me no like this question.... requires too much work...

    I want to list the ugliest bitches/dicks in kpop and stuff like that ;)

    Better luck next week :(

  4. There are loads tbh but I'll just say a few I found weird...

    San E- Tasty San (Funny as Hell but random as fuck tbh)

    Girl Story- Asian Child (Pedo Bunny anyone?

    dbsk- balloons (no words needed)

    JYJ- Ayy Girl (...)

    Son Dambi- Queen (I love her, love the song but it makes no damn sense and it even has the marijuana trip background going on)

  5. F the rules.

    Nothing beats this:

    no one

  6. i always took pon pon pon as satirical

  7. To list a recent one:
    Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense

    Have you seen the lyricist's commentary?!

    Miryo's and Narsha's parts were fair, but they were so obviously high when making JeA's and GaIn's parts. Tree branches have to do with religion!? Well, tree branches can represent whatever the hell they want because trees are fucking everywhere. As for GaIn's part, OBVIOUSLY that jacket is supposed to be her dead lover's that OBVIOUSLY dreamed about revolution and OBVIOUSLY her wearing it is why she's being held captive. Wait a minute. It's not obvious at all. In fact, there is NOTHING in the video to even suggest any of that.

    Take out those two parts of the MV and it's actually pretty good.

  8. "Tree branches have to do with religion!?"
    bro jesus died on the cross with a crown of thorns on his head. the thing Jea was on was like the crown.
    that's like the most basic of christian symbolism (and Korea has a fair amount of christians now so it's pretty obvious)

  9. OK, I concede that that is most likely the crown of thorns. Something was just lost in translation. When they said tree, I thought tree of knowledge of good and evil, tree of life, or any number of trees in other religions. The crown of thorn's origin from "tree branches" is disputed, but anyway, I suppose it looks like a crown.


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