Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hyomin has cancer.

The staff here has been monitoring what we thought was Hyomin's anorexia, but these recent selcas show something different. I thought "Hmmm... I've seen this kind of wasting away before..." but then it came to me, it was Steve Jobs! Either that or cocaine addicts, but Hyomin's personality has been far too stale for that to be the case. Thus, the only proper conclusion for her look and mood is the crushing burden of the awareness of her own mortality, which has also contributed to her going overboard with the whole leader thing to grasp for any more traces of fame that she can attach to the legacy she will soon leave behind. We don't usually get this chance to tell people this in advance, but rest in peace, Hyomin.


  1. I normally enjoy your humour, but this is too far for me.

  2. This is low. Fail better next time.

  3. Yeah, like I said in chat, this wasn't funny.

  4. Feel free to share what you think of Hyomin's secas. My opinion clearly set the lowest standard here, so you can be honest no matter what. I don't feel the need to put questions about your opinion in the articles like AKP does since a "post comment" button already implies speaking your mind.

    Everyone here should be able to realize that this is a place of honesty about the current happenings in kpop. So far, I think the only comments we had a real distaste for were talk of raping girls and racist verbal attacks, so there is a lot of freedom to share, and you can even remain anonymous.

    I also won't always bother to add comments explain the point of this blog over and over and over again, so try to remember this. I'm not really in the mood to get into a discussion, so I'll catch you guys later, probably in regard to some of the comebacks.

  5. Huh..well I suppose it's the most "logical" explanation that could be imagined :?

  6. The blog doesn't need an explanation. Authors should just post whatever the fuck they want (as long as AKF likes it). That's the way it should be.

  7. i miss the days when akf was witty, funny, and actually made sense.
    i feel like the authors nowadays are just doing whatever to keep this site updated.

    pick good authors next time.

  8. Horses can get cancer?

  9. After reading the title I thought to myself..

    Ahjussi must've written this.

    lol smh -_-

  10. Hmph. Eunjung made being the leader look easy... The job has pretty much ruined Hyomin. She looks horrible, she's trying too hard, and the she looks HORRIBLE! (I never saw the horse thing ^ until recently; she's gotten way too thin. Uck.)

    Better luck with Soyeon? Or can we just go back to Eunjung now and put everything back where it should be?

  11. wanna kill you o_o that's weird...

  12. @6:00


  13. So does this mean we get too take her out back and shoot her? (Put us all out of her misery.)

    I'm running low on glue anyway...

  14. This is one trashy article and not in a funny way.

  15. Is this hyomin without circle lens? shes me. ._.

  16. Traces of FRAME facepalm

    Author should change his name to failboat cuz the fail just keeps on coming

    Now to use it in a sentence

    Shawols are the fans of failboat group Shinee
    Affixionates are the fans of failboat group f(x)

  17. She's a perfectionist and takes her leadership position seriously unlike the others

    In fact she's the only one in the group who seems to give a fuck in general

  18. really low. if this is what you call cancer, you haven't seen it at all, because my mom just passed from cancer, and it's much worse than this and not something to be joked about

  19. Yeah, because anorexia is totally not serious at all... Anyway, I have 3 family members who died of cancer, so don't try and act like you're the only person who knows how reality can suck. It's one thing for all these moms to come in here whining about appropriateness, which is ridiculous to do on this site, but they at least didn't act like I'm some kid who doesn't know anything.

    You can let something like cancer have the power to ruin your mood by the mere mention of it, or you can accept reality and the fact you only have what you have now, and things beyond your control are just that, so don't let them spoil the goodness that is present. Sickness, oppression, hunger, murder, slavery, etc, etc. Too many horrible things in this world to try and shut out, so just let them be what they are, and know that the words to describe them are not them and need not be feared.

    Knowledge is good. It let's you understand where things stand, which frees you to live and feel and cherish all that you do in all of its preciousness and not be in shock when that which you don't also comes along in its due time. Speaking of which, I wouldn't make a regular practice of scolding others unless you have a proper model of ethics in speech by which their words can be measured. Simply lashing out with "ought-nots" based on personal feelings alone seems rather childish.

  20. ^
    Sometimes I really cannot tell if you are trolling or being serious... like now.

  21. @1007, she's trying too hard and I don't really see her leading the group as much as she's pushing herself forward

    I'm with the Anon above its time to make Eunjung leader again Hyomin obvs can't handle it half the time she looks like a freshly made up corpse :/

  22. I didn't think her face/chin could get any longer. Obviously I'm wrong.

    Leader or not, she's definitely the camwhore of the group.

  23. Hyomin's profile bears more resemblance to a snake than horse. She will have some great on-screen chemistry with Voldemort, that is assuming, given Voldemort's deep affection for Harry, he is still more or less interested in women.

  24. This blog is not the most politically correct blog tbh. Every 3rd entry probably has some content that could be considered offensive, and that's not even counting the chat room, where anything goes. I don't agree with ahjushi's humor in this entry at all either, and I consider his reasoning ridiculous most of the time, but were you guys really expecting some kind of standard in morals? This blog shouldn't be taken seriously in any shape or form, especially anything ahjushi says.

  25. Horse face or snake face still = fucking gross

  26. Yeah don't think I'll be coming to this blog anymoanymore. Has gotten very lame and try hard. Thanks largely to shitty articles written by ajussi

  27. That selca was posted after being awake the whole night working on the album, if I'm not mistaken. I'm pretty sure most of them look as drained without makeup... but yeah, Hyomin seems to be taking the worst of it (I don't believe she's actually on a diet, like most people think. It's the stress of the drama + leadership that is taking its toll on her)

    @10:07 Yeah, she seems really stressed trying to be a good leader. She's really pushing herself, I just want the leadership to go to someone else who can handle it better. Hopefully Soyeon.

  28. ^Naw, it should go back to Eunjung tbh. Soyeons really doesn't seem to give much of a fuck anymore :/ I'm really disappointed in her lately.

  29. I dont find thhis funny
    But its not like I like Gallows humor anyways

  30. If only we were so lucky to lose some k-pop idols to unforseen demises.... Just kidding! Well, kinda. Really don't mind seeing like a good 75% of current idols just find another career path, but then what would Koreans fap to and bash yet continue to love and embrace at the same time. For such "conservative" folk, Koreans really are so twisted.

  31. Why eunjung make become a leader so easy?
    1. T-ara not so popular during her era of leadership. They just a rookie rookie that time so i bet their schedule not so busy like nowadays.
    2. There is a long break between their albums release so they have enough time to rest and charge their energy.
    3. Eunjung only involved in Coffee House that time.

    and for Hyomin:
    1.Roly Poly promotion.
    2.Japan debut so she need to travel to Japan-Korea frequently.
    3.Film shooting & promotion.
    4.Historical drama shooting with a lot of fighting scene.
    5.A lot of CF shooting.
    6. and now preparing for Yayaya japanese version and another comeback.

    Not trying to defend Hyomin or what. Just being reasonable. For me she done a great job as a leader. At least, with her attention seeker habit, ALLKPOP always cover news about her and T-ara indirectly.
    Just lost interest in Eunjung after WGM...;P
    To the author,
    You said there is 3 peoples in ur family died bcoz of cancer right? I hope you will be the next..At that time maybe you will know this is not a something you can make a joke..

  32. ^Anon so angry. Why are you even reading this blog if u gonna get offended so easy?

  33. Not trying to defend Eunjung or whatever just being reasonable.October 18, 2011 at 12:45 PM

    and for Eunjung:
    1. Roly Poly promotion
    2. Japan debut so she has to travel to Japan-Korea frequently
    3. Film shooting & promotion
    4. Historical drama shooting with a lot of emotional scenes + plus taking on her second historical drama of the year
    5. A lot of CF shooting (main model for Spris and apparently Tony Moly)
    6. Now preparing for Yayaya Japanese version and another Korean comeback
    7. Filming WGM (which involves staring in a music video)

    Your point? Eunjungs doing the same (maybe more) she just doesn't have the title of leader. The leader position really means nothing, but at least Eunjung didn't look like death when she wore the crown.

  34. Poor hyomin, out of a group where most of them do not give a fuck, she tries her hardest :/

  35. ^and fails the hardest.

    Bitch needs to eat -- unfuckable rn imo.

  36. I love the "Hyomin is a great leader!" tards...

    Really? Please explain to me how? (If shoving yourself into the shot light counts then she's been leader since TTL, smh.)

    I like pre-leader Hyomin, when is she coming back?

  37. Hyomin is a horse.

  38. Fine: Horse leader Hyomin, is everyone happy ow lol?

  39. I hate this dude, but I lol'd at the article XD

    She does look like death. Still waiting on So to become leader doesn't look like Hyo can handle it?


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