Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong still deluded about his acting ability

In a recent interview, KHJ described his plans for the upcoming year:
“I’ll release a new album in January, and after promoting it for two or three weeks, I’m thinking of going on an Asia Tour, perhaps a world tour. After that, I’m looking to act in a drama around June.”

Yes it's true. I've pulled a trick straight from Newsweek's cover of Bachmann. I'll be honest, from a photographic standpoint, it's relatively hard to make KHJ look .... Ugly. Questionable sexuality? Easier than finding a cute IU picture for a guy to fap to.

But let's not fool ourselves. His determination to continue acting is FAR MORE ridiculous than the above picture. The fug jack o lantern your sister makes every year, could have done a better acting job in "Boys over Flowers."
It's not like his singing career was a brilliant piece of work either, "Forever," "Kiss Kiss"? Before that, his awkward song, "Breakdown?" Is he going to try to replace Kang Ho Dong as MC tomorrow?


  1. Nobody should ever fap to IU.
    It just shouldn't be done.

  2. Kim Hyun Jung is still deluded about having any talents. Period.

  3. lol. too many the fangirls are all over his face.

  4. ... I don't know if I'll ever understand the hype about KHJ. He's a pretty face and a kinda weird personality but that's about it. He's not a great or memorable singer, terrible actor... there's not much else is there...

  5. Kim HYun Joong is awesome --> the FACT

  6. awks, as soon as i came in i thought that picture was damned HOT

  7. wow!!!! you fuck up haters just go die!!! Kim Hyun Joong is sooooo sexy, he is hardworking, he can dance, he can sing and he is just so wonderful.....
    he does have real talent because the is a freakin hallyu star...... he is love by a lot of countries in asia, in spain, and south america...
    you guys just go and fuck each other of you havent already!!!
    you hater are such BITCHES AND WHORES


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