Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MV Review: 「Lucifer」(Japanese Version) - SHINee

Yet another popular Korean song has been brutally translated into Japanese.

「Lucifer」(Japanese Version) - SHINee

@1:29, where they do the multiple hip thrusts, reminds me of another wonderful MV teaser that I do quite enjoy for its hilarity:

「Shining Star」 - Supernova

Japanese is such a beautiful sounding language. But for some reason, whenever a Korean song gets translated into Japanese, it sounds along the lines of how Hyewon sings (painful and makes people's ears bleed).

I guess they should maybe just produce new songs entirely when Korean idols promote in Japan like Supernova and Dae Guk Nam Ah. That way, they do not ruin the fond memories we have of a popular song by tearing it apart and hashing it together into a monstrosity.

For fake Lucifer, I give the MV, on a scale of 1 to terrible, a 4 (this scale works backwards, so that's actually adequately good). It wasn't really enticing or interesting though. It was actually horribly boring sadly. I had to pause every few seconds to take a break from it. But it was at least pretty looking. Except for Taemin's mini witch hat. That was stupid. But it's okay because he is adorable. And Key looks more effeminate (if that is possible). And I still did not enjoy their clothes. The song though, in Japanese, gets a rank of terrible on that scale. Just... Just no.

But, for the Supernova teaser: on a scale of 1 to amazing, it ranks at about awesome.


  1. GAYnee. They look really gay here especially Onew.

    Taemin..thank god is looking great. The rest are all just bleh.

  2. At a gay scale of 1 to 10 I would say 1000 =P

  3. Fuck.

    Thanks for reminding me about Kwangsu's disgusting mouth.

    That's the only thing that ever keeps me from enjoying a Supernova video. His horrible, horrible mouth.

  4. Seriously, K-pop needs more men like Supernova. None of those flower boys pretending not to be gays or whatever shit.

    Are they ever coming back to Korea?

    /still hoping for another kickass T-Nova collab

  5. I'm hoping for the CCM ladies to collab again. THEY BETTER!! I WANT TO SEE SOME PINK DRESSES !.. Preferably Davichi, Soyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung, Chanmi and Soomi.

    I know. There's a horse and a man in that list.

  6. rather lame these useless review posts can't come up with anything more original anymore? originality here is just like in kpop wait there is none

  7. maybe you should think about putting random swear words throughout your posts
    it adds a litlle spice....

  8. No matter what shit they come up with, Shinee will never be able to convince me that they're not a bunch of retarded gays. Ever. (Well, except maybe Jonghyun. Lucky bastard did get to fuck Shin Se Kung. But then again, she may very well be just a beard.)

  9. ^
    I bet SSK broke up with him cuz she saw him ridin' Key.

  10. SHINee are good performers (acording to kpop standars,for sho) but they always look so damn fake to me,I can never bring myself to like them.
    And when you don't like a group you better stay away from their fans.

  11. ^agreed.
    The song was shit, and Jonghyun's Japanese was even worse than taemin's (and his is already awful)He sounds like he's barking half the time. Why SM insists on giving him so many lines when his voice sounds shit in Japanese is beyond me. At least Onew got it right... "what should I do?" GTFO and save yourself boy.

    Btw, I just hate sm mv's. They are lame as hell, there is nothing in them to keep you interested. Add to that with the fact that the song sucks and their name is SHINee (wtf kind of name is that, no wonder people call them rustee)and shit just stinks all over.

  12. Shitnee is one of the most homosexual groups ever.
    Btw,their Japanese isn't as bad as in Replay but the MV is hella boring.
    SME is being really repetitive with their new releases.
    I hope SNSD doesn't bring us more shitty and boring dance-and-flashing-lights-with-some-weird-background MVs.

  13. I agree with the comments above.
    If we pay attention,90% of their MV's are the same. They only change the outfits and the background color.
    It looks good at first but it bores you later.
    I can forgive this if we were talking about a small company with no resources BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE SMENT YOU HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO MAKE A GOOD AND INTERESTING MV.

  14. *spazzes alone over Cho Shin Sung*

  15. my brain hurts after watching that
    and my jaws hurt from laughing too hard

  16. @5:45 After watching their second teaser, SNSD's mv will be just that. The song and MV look and sound like a female a-cha imo tbh... random talking instead of singing just with more feminine sets and fancier clothes tbh. Pretty shitastic imo.

    As for shinee, I'm really starting to be convinced that SM just dgaf about them tbh.

  17. I thought it was SUJU that the dgaf about?? I mean, in general I think Shinee has better songs over all and better sets...In general SM favors SNSD cause they actually bring them in money...not bulk-order brought awards but whatever...

  18. The biggest part of SMENT's videos are cheap.
    And I mean "cheap" literally. There have been lists where the cost of the MVs is ranked and you can see that SME spends less money than YGE,JYPE and surprisingly,also less than some smaller companies.

    However,more money means better resouces but not always means originality/good releases. Fact.

  19. SM is sooo~ fucking cheap........................

    and i love how shinee is so awesome they created a new language, shinese :D

  20. Actually, they translated the song into Shineese. It's painfully obvious that they weren't singing in Japanese, so I'm assuming SM is creating their own language to beat all the other idol groups in Asia. This is the beginning of SM's future dominance over Asian music! Soon, SM will take over Shietnam, enslave the natives, and enforce this new SM culture.

  21. ^ LOL You are going to die because you discovered their evil plans.

  22. infinite will overtake shinee in japan mark my words

  23. teamin's little hat was amazing best part of the mv tbh

  24. I only started following Shinee recently, but I really "miss" their older concepts/songs.... They looked more like boys and the lines were actually distributed right.

  25. I don't understand the 1 to terrible scale? Would 4 be between 1 and terrible?

  26. ^ Yes, it is quite a complex scale. See, on this specific scale of 1 to terrible, 1 means it's pretty good or something wonderful and magical like that. Terrible means terrible. So when you rank at a 4, that means it's not bad per se, but it wasn't amazing or memorable. You'll get the hang of it soon enough.

  27. I was going to post some rude shit, but after watching the lolzy heart2heart kpop inspired "facebook official" I think this horrible shinee video and song are pretty okay.

  28. The song isn't that bad,
    Yes they sounded rather awkward and as if they were singing it in some alien language. And the mv,as usual,looks cheap.
    But hey! Shd stop on those gay accusation. If you don't know them don't judge them. Whole they ate trying hard to succeed in Japan,you netizen (or trollers )protected by your pc screen typing away those harmful and inflammatory remarks are just well,trolls.
    Oh btw,to whatever author or admin that read my comment,I have a tiny suggestion for this blog.
    I understand that the author had already clarify why are they usually bashing on the idols itself rather than fangirls
    But at least change the URL to antikpop or sth

  29. Wow I didn't know society was still so slow. Why is being gay such a bad thing again? stop being so homophobic. Do you know any other words besides calling something gay? maybe you're gay yourself if you're obsessed with them being gay or not. Also, I really dislike SHINee's japanese songs, their pronunciation is just awkward and the mvs look really cheap (well thats SME for you, they don't give a damn about their artists, they'll give them a rubbish song/stage and their stupid fans will still buy it)
    Haha I agree ^ PLEASE REVIEW HEART2HEART mv xD its trying to be "kpop" I'd love to hear you slag it off...

  30. SNSD will also release a crappy mv/song and their idiot male/sluts will love it regardless.

  31. good thing I left SHINee's fandom...did it at the right time

    as for the song...too autotuned

  32. ^ The song isnt even that autotuned

    SHINee is love, and you all know it
    And stop talking about sm, this mv was made by EMI.
    This pv is better than any suju mv recently, for example so I like it.
    Lucifer in japanese is awkward but LLo sounds awesome

  33. I understand tht you guys dislike the video (I hate their mv too) but SHINee themself aren't that bad.
    I mean, they were the only group that my friends liked.

  34. lol, so many shawols came in to defend this lame group


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