Sunday, October 16, 2011

Inkigayo teasers: SNSD and Secret

Next week is the start of the next round of girl group saturation. Well, I'm welcoming it since I really haven't really been paying attention to the music shows since Kara left for Japan. Though I have noticed Davichi has been winning and that BEG won today. It's always good to know that Korea still appreciates talent once in a while. Maybe they should make a habit of it and these fucking idol groups will stop debuting every week.

Anyway, back to the teasers. I facepalmed at SNSD's teaser. SM's smoking crack again and it's evident at what the girls are wearing. I laughed at Jessica. It's as if the Kpop gods want Jessica to be the next laughingstock of SNSD. As for the song teaser, the rapping made me cringe. I had always liked SNSD because there was no rapper in the group. While SNSD's songs are fucking generic and their non-title tracks are half-assed, I had always appreciated that SNSD's producers didn't torture me with 20 seconds of rap in each song. There's always a chance that there isn't any rapping in the song, but who knows. Teddy Riley may think the shit is funny and include raps here and there. But anyway, the first two teasers had me excited, but the latest teaser and the Inkigayo teaser have me cringing. This may be yet another SNSD MV to watch on mute.

On the other hand, Secret's teaser actually makes me look forward to the song. Sunhwa's wearing her good mask in the MV and Zinger doesn't look like a fat mouse in the teaser so hey, it might be good. Oh, it's also a good thing they're not doing the retro shit anymore.

Oh, I guess Orange Caramel started the girl group saturation, but Shanghai Romance is hilariously bad.


  1. shanghai romance is eccentric at best, it should be renamed to "pedo broads manhandle under aged boy", now that will be a hit.

  2. i liked orange caramel's past stuff tbh but shanghai romance is blah
    everyone loves it because heelchul~oppa wrote the lyrics but the lyrics are the complete typical "i like you~ what do i do oppa oppa ill be ill be down down down down"

    but Secret's comeback looks good. the only sad part is that it was produced by the same guy who did Magic, Madonna, Shy Boy and he wrote Starlight Moonlight. really they need to work with someone else.

  3. Orange Caramel itself is hilariously bad since they exposed their fake nature with the Magic Girl + C-ute song + Sofia Coppola Dior commercial plagiarism debacle.

  4. I'm with you about SNSD tbh. The song sounds like shit from the teasers and the mv and song is the opposite of what sm described. I never understood their hype tbh... but with their influence, they should be doing something much cooler... I mean how how sexy and chic would they be doing a song and mv like the saturdays 'all fired up' but Korean style. Because tbh, I fail to see how this is a more mature victorian like fairytale that sm said it was... it's kind of cheap imo. Not trying to be a hater or anything.

  5. Oh, was that supposed to be rapping? Kinda sounded like a Korean version of "Hollaback Girl".

    Next week is going to be so annoying.

  6. Pfuh, I thought I was the only one who was upset when I heard Tiffany's rap in it. If Tifanny's rap IS in it. I will cut it out of the song.

  7. Zinger is effing ugly no matter how they style her. But I guess sexy concept works better for her than cutesy. Couldn't stand her face and all the cute acts in Starlight Moonlight

  8. @6:57 - so true about the victorian thing. I sighed after Taeyeon's photo teaser was released. I mean, WTH, that looked like some fan photoshoped pic. The whole background and everything else just doesn't work with the dress. and it was so damn random.
    But Jessica saved her ass since Sica's pic is so much worse. To be honest, all those teaser photos look pretty ugly. And this is coming from someone who like SNSD (I wouldn't call myself a SONE though.
    I also fail to see the relationship between though photos and the MV.
    As for the song, it's generic like all other songs of SNSD. But I don't have a problem with it as long as it's catchy since I dont like Kpop for its music anyway.
    Good thing is most of them look gorgeous in the MV - minus my Seobaby (again, WTF did they do to her hair, makeup and possibly outfit? she looks like she's in her 40s). And Taeyeon's Victorian princess kinda look, again, doesn't go well with the rest.

  9. I have just watched secret's comeback mv, once again an failed act from another irrelevant kpop group, not to mention that they have some of the chubbiest legs I've seen in kpop. If UEE is known for her honey thighs, they can proudly dub themselves the meaty thighs. Yes, I will give this to them.


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