Friday, July 17, 2015

Are 9MUSES Jewish?

Oreo Monster here with more Instagram news. It was just another normal day. I was casually strolling down my Instagram feed, when suddenly...

Look familiar, anyone?

Ohhhh snap! It's the Israeli Pentagram. Which could only mean one thing — 9MUSES is, indeed, Jewish. Don't believe me? Look at the Israel national flag.

IT'S. THE. SAME. Subsequently, we all know Israel is under control of the Illuminati, which means 9MUSES is Illuminati, and so is all of Kpop!

Case closed.


  1. Lol an excuse to post that selca xD

    P.S we need more FIESTAR REALNESS HERE Xd

  2. You 13th gen authors are so good at digging up all these conspiracies.

  3. if Nine Muses is Illuminati how come they can't make any money.

  4. OMG!

  5. That's a pentagram with six corners. Awesome.

  6. No. They are terrorists. Every time I watch them, millions of my future children commit suicide bombing on my pants.

    1. let me tell you something as israeli girl who felt a real war im sure that you never saw a bumb in your eyes and people that you love dead please stop thinking that we kill anyone because is not truth i know what really happen in israel and not from news ,i know who it fells to lose someone that you love in a war so stop saying this shit that we are a terrorists ,we are human like all of you !!!!!!!!! understand that , you have a chance to say those thing after you saw in your eyes that this happen .i dont know what your news told you or not but we live in danger any day ,last week a jewish woman dead in front of her childrn eyes from a terrorist not a israeli one !!!!! so if you want to say this shit come to israel and see how its for real


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