Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ailee releases new song - not a comeback

Ailee has released this seemingly out of nowhere. It's a project song between her and Brave Brothers. Although sadly, it's been stated that no MV will be made for the song, this short version of the choreography was uploaded to her company's YouTube. From what I gather, "Johnny" is a special song that will only be performed at concerts and such, so it's not a proper comeback, more just a special treat. And the song will probably feature on her full length album that is hopefully due in October — at least I hope it does.

If I had money, I'd happily fly to Korea and buy tickets to her concert for this performance alone — it's not just Ailee that's flawlessly beautiful; her back-up dancers are also really hot. Especially the girl with the blue plaid shirt tied around her waist. I really do like this side of Ailee, and I hope her upcoming album showcases more of this sound. The full version of the song is as great as the short cut that's heard in the choreo, and although it's a bit repetitive, it's a really smooth song so it's not boring. 

I'm eagerly awaiting any fancams that hopefully come up of this because reasons.


  1. It definitely has a Brave Brothers feel to it, very bland.

  2. Okay it seems like Brave Brothers has been doing his 10 year anniversary forever. Like last year he worked with both T-ara and 4minute for the same project. Isn't it now his 11th anniversary?

  3. I like the song. It's nothing to write home to mother about, but I'd listen to it occasionally.


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