Friday, July 10, 2015

Best of the Worst: July 10, 2015

I'm a little late on this week's post. But hey, I never promised reliability, did I?

Kpop media's been extra obsessed with female idols and their hair this week, and I don't get it. In a time where Girl's Day flashed their goodies to the world, we get this:

You shitting me?

    This week on "Martha Sohyun Living," Sohyun teaches viewers
    how to make homemade soju sprayers. It's a good thing.
  • M3LAQ's G.O also changed his hair. He'd be cute if he shaved off that facial hair immediately and never talked about it again. 

Slip her the tongue!


  1. Domestic queen Sohyun teaching her fans how to clean the kitchen. Now that is TV worth watching.

  2. @Tiffany's eyebrows article; I think the girl doing most with her eyebrows may be Taeyeon, since I remember some other member commenting on her always doing them so strong.

  3. At least Sohyun's fans know to clean properly now.

  4. At least Sohyun's fans know to clean properly now.

  5. Sohyun is a Virgoan right? Should be clear why she's neat.
    Also, maybe the management felt that G.O. would not have any charisma or get attention without any facial hair.

    However, if he has no luck in love, it is to be sure that it could be his facial hair, so I agree with Fany.
    Even as a kid, the sight of even the slightest stubble makes me sick (anyone saw the Gatsby ad years back?)

  6. Sohyun makes the rest of 4min look like lazy hoes.

    1. She can teach them, but she'll have to charrrge.


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