Monday, July 20, 2015

Red is the new Blue Results

Red is a current popular choice for idols all over. I rounded up the seven who are currently rocking the style and had you guys vote for who wears it best. The results will shock you ...

Unsurprisingly, the males got the least amount of votes, Key from SHINee coming in last with only 13 tru fans. Jimin from BTS wasn't too far ahead with 37 tru fans, and G-Dragon stole all the straight girls' hearts with 106 votes. But who cares about them right? You want to know the winners, but before I can do that. I have to give to you the ...

Honourable "others"
With allowing the option for you to put in your own favourite, I really wasn't expecting much, but here goes.

My Mom
Shout out to whoever put "your mom" — I told my blond-haired mother, and she was ecstatic you knew her. I, on the other hand, worried about your eye sight. You may be colour blind.

Q-tip stained with period blood
Surprisingly, this one didn't get as many votes as it should have, because wow — that Q-tip should definitely rival first place. Very attractive and luscious hair — sorry Q-tip, but only one anonymous person believes this.

You (Me)
I bet you look exquisite, or as GOT7 would say, Just Right.

Now there were some people who failed to grasp the concept I was going for when I called it the "new red hair trend," but really it is my fault for not actually spelling it out. So these few idols have had red hair in the past and looked amazing

Krystal from F(x)

Junho from 2PM

Qri from T-ara

B.I from Team B iKon

Bom from 2NE1

D.O from EXO

Dongwoo from Infinite

Gyuri from Kara

There was also another for Junho, but under a different name. As well as Krystal, as someone voted "KRYSTAL!!!" As well as two people who failed to see that Minha was an actual option already present.
Anyway, with the Honourable Others out of the way, it's time for the legitimate results.

4th Place: Sunny
I was quite surprised Sunny didn't get more votes, actually. She ended with a measly 9% of votes.

3rd Place: Minha
Minha was only just ahead of Sunny with 12% of votes.

2nd Place: Yura
Yura had a stronger position with 20% of votes. Regardless of her roots she stole some hearts.

And now, it's time for first place. The shocker. The kicker. The one I only included because she's my bias, and I would've kicked myself if I didn't. The one I did not expect to get any votes at all but ended up with 53% of the votes. It's ...


Seoyoung from Hello Venus!!
Now my plan for number one was to include a massive list of their fancams with said red hair colour. But Seoyoung's group Hello Venus won't be releasing their song until the 22nd, so there isn't much out there right now of her stunning red hair. There is a little, though, so here is some Seoyoung with red hair appreciation:


Let's hope she keeps it. It's way better than the almost brunette but still kinda blond thing she had during the "Wiggle Wiggle" phase. The lighter blond for "Sticky Sticky" was good, but this red looks amazing on her.

P.S. While Hello Venus's song "I'm Art" isn't out yet, they preformed it at a club. Although the audio is distorted, the choreo is pretty clear.

I'm definitely interested, might have to keep up with the fancams ...


  1. IMHO Seoyoung looks like a mix of 4minute's SoHyun + Jewelry Kim Yewon.

    As for Yura...I dunno.
    I still cannot forget the incident where she was looking at Suzy:

  2. There was a vote linked in the previous post?
    I didn't notice that...

  3. Seoyoung's hair looks more brick brown than red.

  4. Only third place for Minha? Meh.

  5. The fuck? That's barely even red. Y'all are just obsessed with the booty.

  6. Wiggle Wiggle Dance Cover FANCAM contest plkz


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