Monday, July 13, 2015

Conspiracy on Conspiracy (in) K-Pop 3: Illuminati are everywhere! Part 2

Freemasons have returned, and they are stronger than ever. With the latest k-pop releases, they are trying even harder to gather minions and brainwash innocent teens to fight for NWO!

Let’s see which k-pop releases you should avoid if you don’t want to become a gay, satan-worshiping, Illuminati slave!

I chose four recent MVs and examined them. Here are the results:

1. Teen Top – 'ah-ah (아침부터 아침까)'

First of all, the song is terrible and made specifically to brainwash innocent souls. Its simple melody makes you confused and susceptible to subliminal messaging. What’s worse is the fact that after some time, you will start to hum it unconsciously! Beware!

So what’s the subliminal message hidden in this MV?

Checkered patterns together with shopping cart are a simple, yet effective, method of brainwashing people into becoming slaves to consumerism. And we all know that every big company is in the hands of Freemasons. All for the glory of Illuminati!

Black and white. Good and bad. Classic Illuminati symbolism. Not to mention tattoos, which are known to be used by high Illuminati priests to amplify their black magic powers for easier satan summoning.

A sweater with the word "barn” written on it – that’s subtle mockery of Jesus Christ, who was born in a barn. Not to mention Niel and his cross earrings, which are another way of mocking Christianity by turning its most holy symbol into simple jewelry/symbol of useless consumerism.

A subtle checkered pattern can be seen in his sunglasses reflection, amplifying the hypnotic strength of the song.

And last but not least: The whole group consists of young, feminine-looking boys. That promotes homosexuality and transgenderism.

As expected of Illuminati, their tactics are getting more and more sublime and hard to notice!

2. Girls' Generation - 'Party'

"Party" is another weak song, but this one at least is so bad even the most brainwashed ones wouldn't hum it.

But let's move to the MV content.

Hyoyeon wears jewelry typical for Hinduism (New Age originated from Hinduism). Such is to be expected from Satan's servant!

Consumerism: On every single occasion, SM includes various ads.

More advertisements: A clear sign SM wants to brainwash you into using services provided by other Illuminati companies.

Unnatural hair colors: A clear sign of rebelling against God! Only satan worshipers could be so impudent to correct God's creation.

Jewelry with subtle triangles/pyramids: That clearly shows that Seohyun is part of Freemasonry ... and Zaku has really bad taste, since second of his biases is a confirmed satan worshiper.

Why is there so much skin showing in this MV? To bring innocent souls to the side of Illuminati and deprave them!

Girls' Generation is back to steal your money and sanity.

3. Girl's Day - 'Ring My Bell'

This song is better but still not without flaws. There's so much going on that anyone could lose his mind and enter hypnotic trance, and the MV only reinforces this.

The whole MV set is designed to hypnotize people and make them more susceptible to Illuminati propaganda.

Girl's Day even called for Satan to appear in the MV! Not to mention, he's black! And we all know that black is the color of Satan. The most satanic music is after all Black Metal.

Hyeri sits on a chair full of mini pyramids! I bet she feels just like Cleopatra and wants to rule over thousands of brainless slaves.

Not only is the set black and white, even their clothes are. Not to mention how indecent they are. It's like they're wearing underwear! They;ll do anything to recruit new slaves for their Illuminati cult.

Mina is wearing top, which is pretty direct in stating her allegiance to Satan (and Illuminati). She even has a tattoo!

Sojin doesn't hide her love for Satan either. Look how shamelessly she shows horns!

While the song isn't obviously trying to brainwash people, the MV is almost as bad as "Red Light." Beware!

4. BIGBANG - '맨정신 (Sober)'

Now, it's time for BIGBANG, masters of bad songs and drug/sex/alcohol scandals and more drugs

G-Dragon is crazy, everyone knows that, but now he wants others to be crazy, as well. Notice the writing on the wall and his sweater (eyes of Lucifer!): Those are subtle methods of brainwashing people into behaving like crazy and discarding good Christian values.

Seungri shows you that only by joining the Illuminati can you be rich. But you will have to worship money (and Satan).

TOP wants you to believe in Satan, and he also sniffs the ass of a rocking horse, which is normal at Illuminati ceremonies to summon Satan.

Girl's Day had one, so BIGBANG also needed Satan in their MV.

G-Dragon is telling you that the only way to achieve your dreams is to become a member of the Illuminati.

Every k-pop song and MV is more or less connected to the Illuminati. Beware and stay away from k-pop!


  1. Sometimes it is possible to see things that aren't there, but the occult references in "Ring My Bell" are quite clear.

  2. That Teen Top song sounds like someone took Short Hair by AOA and thought "hmm yeah, it's shit, but not quite shit enough. Let's see if I can do better." Then they removed the hot girls in tight clothes and replaced them with ugly boys styled by blind people.
    Party is not a really memorable song but it's a sorry sight more listenable than most of the other tracks released this month.
    Much to my own, surprise I really like RMB. It does not, however, redeem the group from the musical atrocities they commited last year.
    No one cares about Big Bang

  3. G-Dragon = sky dragon= dragon = serpent = sky = space = sky dragon = reptilian shapeshifter from planet draco

  4. Everything on Girl's Days album is miles ahead of "Ring My Bellead

  5. are all k pop songs bad?
    wt about Ailee(에일리) _ Heaven MV
    pls let me know as soon as possible


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