Thursday, July 9, 2015

Nine Muses: Hurt Locker

Nine Muses is back, fellas! And this summer just got hotter! I said it before and I'll say it again, but I'm a HUGE Namyu stan, so this was the only summer comeback I was actually anticipating. And boy they did not disappoint me. Nevermind the fact that the visuals are top notch, as per the usual with these gals, 'Hurt Locker' is an exceptionally catchy song. But even if the song sucked (*cough* *cough* Drama *cough* *cough*) there'll still be people watching it purely for fap purposes. So, safe to say, 9Muses absolutely SLAYED this comeback.


Now I was totally digging this song the very first time I heard it. Unlike, 'Drama' that just smacked you on the face with a rap break right off the fucking bat, this one started it out pretty neat. I can honestly say that Kyungri improved her vocals, like, a LOT. It shouldn't be too long before you start bobbing your head to the beat with this expression on your face:

Sure, the song is great, but it has its flaws. And it's only natural here at AKF that we tend to linger on the flaws more than we do on the positives, because we're assholes. The verses and the bridge are definitely the best parts of the song, it's just the transition between them that's a little off. But with time you can learn to accept it. I mean, yeah, it is a little awkward but at least it's not Girls' Generation, 'I Got A Boy' standard.

Kyungri's voice really was what gave the song that 'punch'. I'd say the same for Hyuna, since she has a pretty unique voice, but she's a little lacking in skill. I think if Hyuna works on her vocals a little more, she could really stand out. Of course that doesn't change the fact that she is absolutely gorgeous all the way to drool level.

Then of course there was the chorus which, to be honest, was a little dull. I'd even say it's the least interesting part of the song. Surprisingly, the rap break wasn't too bad. No doubt, Euaerin is one of the few idols out there that actually knows how to rap. And that's mainly because if you wanna be a rapper, you gotta be badass and she's mastered every level of badassery so far. In fact, her rap break in, 'Wild' is still one of my favorite rap breaks in Kpop, and I don't give two fucks what anyone else thinks. Period.

In summary:

- Catchy verses and bridge
- Chorus is rather dull
- Great background music
- Awkward transition between verse and bridge
- Exceptional song in general, 7/10. I'd still prefer, 'Wild' and, 'Ticket' over it (Real talk, those were great songs).

And that's pretty much it for the song itself, I think. Moving on...

Music Video

What are the three critical elements of (almost) every Kpop Music Video? The first and most obvious is the concept. Every music video has its own concept, pretty much anything from dark themes all the way to colorful rainbows and sunshine. The second is visuals, of course. In the world of Kpop, visuals are almost as important as song quality. The third is Dance. More often than not MVs have a fully choreographed dance. Because in Kpop, plots? Who needs those? Just get a bunch of attractive guys/girls, make 'em dance in a box and call it a day.

The concept here is pretty much... crates! It's either solo shots inside the crates or them dancing on the crates and between the crates. Because why not? These bitches can pull off pretty much anything.

As I said before, visuals were on point. I honestly think Hyuna tops the list in terms of visuals, but Kyungri and Erin come pretty close. And let me just say, Erin... She's probably the one that made all the boys shoot their, 'glue' (Yes, I just stole that joke from Asian Junkie. At least I'm honest about it).

Hard to say though, because they all looked gorgeous. Sojin is really pretty too, but I'm not digging the blonde hair on her. I'd say she looked a lot better in Drama. Hyuna's new hair color- which I'm still unable to identify- is really doing wonders for her. The most improved in terms of looks is Minha. I always thought the girl lacked something, but I couldn't put my finger on it. It might have been the red hair, because God is she rocking it.

Hyemi's gotten prettier too, but I'm not too sure about her outfit choices. Surely the stylist doesn't like her very much.

I didn't really like the dance outfits either, or the live performance outfits.

Speaking of the dance, it's a pretty darn good one. The choreographer sure deserves a raise. Here are some of my favorite parts.

I'm not sure what this is, BUT I LIKE IT.
Git it, Geumjo

Lags doe

Tap dem boobies doe
Definitely one of their best MVs so far.

So, let's wrap this up with a few gifs, for your viewing pleasure.

And remember folks, HAPPY FAPPING!


  1. "I'm a HUGE Namyu stan, so this was the only summer comeback I was actually anticipating."

    Same here, fellah, my reaction to this MV was basically this
    Also, if you buy the physical copy of the album you'll get to see Keumjo like this, can you imagine?

    1. I'd buy the physical album but I basically live under a rock and there's not a single Kpop merchandise store in this country.
      Also, the Arnold Schwarzenneger video gave me cancer, thank you very much.

  2. I agree with IATFB that this is the best release among girl groups summer comeback. Also I would let Hyuna peg me. I'd let Kyungri pee on me. And I would lick Hyemi's asshole.
    One thing I despise from this comeback though, is why they have to have sexy photo book. I'm not in the position to spend money on music album right now.

  3. The color could have been toned down a bit, otherwise this is fine.

  4. I'm not even straight and I want to fap to them, that's how good they are at what they're doing.

  5. "- Catchy verses and bridge
    - Chorus is rather dull "
    The truth. The chorus lacks oomph, but it blends well into the song. I like the verses and the rap the most.
    Their styling is always on point.

  6. Please tell me that was an ironic use of the term "slay." I don't want to quit Anti K-Pop-Fangirl, but I also can't willingly endorse any website that uses the term "slay" outside of mocking fangirls.

    1. SLAY super skrull, u'r WERKING it hunty yaaaaaasss

  7. Very meh, AOA's song is like significantly better


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