Thursday, July 16, 2015

miss A - Only You

miss A made a comeback with "Only You" during late March, which is why I missed it because I was working insane hours during March. The first song I heard from miss A was "Hush," and I liked that song, but I had to wait nearly a year and a half for the group to make a comeback. I guess it took that long for Suzy to diet and exercise her way to a respectable weight.

I like the song. It's one of those easy songs to listen to, but it doesn't grab me like some of the older miss A songs do.

However, the main point about the article is the lyrics to the song. They are a complete lie.

Never, ever listen to feminist bullshit about how a woman is "different" from other women. The only difference women have from other women is appearance. Woman want either one of two things: a sugar daddy who can support them (such as Park Soo Jin) or a man who can fuck their brains out (insert any K-pop idol with chiseled abs here).

You think anyone like Suzy would only have her eyes for you? First, she either wants a man who can afford her expensive grocery bills every week or for someone who can fuck her so hard that the calories will burn off easily.

However, if Suzy wants a one-night stand with you, don't refuse it. How many people do you know who can brag about being nearly suffocated because you 69'd Suzy with her being on top?


  1. Is it true that Suzy ate all the Sixteen contestants that didn't make it into Twice?

  2. I still only care for Bad Girl Good Girl. What's next? Nothing.


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