Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tao is officially 'back' ...

... and is anyone going to point out how unnecessary this is.

Ex-Exo-M Member Tao has "officially" released his solo single-album. By "officially" I mean, it's out there. SM blocked the release of the music video for "Yesterday," but the music video for "T.A.O" got released to the Internet and is being taken down every 5 minutes — but there are people who will continuously upload the videos. As expected, fans are upset, and one even went so far to start as petition for SM to "cuts their childish acts, and lets tao free from their grasp."

... That's an actual thing, and it only requires 500 supporters. Because SM is definitely going to stop blocking Tao, who they created, because 500 people who aren't even in their country signed a petition ...

Anyway, one needs to ask themselves if this single album was actually necessary. Because in all honesty, every song on the album is worse than all the shitty summer comebacks in the k-pop world right now. I might even argue that "T.A.O" is on par with CL's "Doctor Pepper"

The other two tracks are "slow songs" (forgive my lack of music knowledge of genre or anything), and they are pretty much just as bad as you can expect from the "Lead Rapper" of Exo-M. I could understand if Tao was just forcing these out because he was going broke, or wanted to say "F.U" to SMent. But somewhere inside me, I feel these were meant to be serious songs that were created to propel him into the Chinese market as a solo artist. Of course, a lot of Exo fans will be eating these songs up - happy that Tao is actually pursuing a similar career to his Exo days, unlike other fellow ex-Exo-M members who went into acting or whatever Kris and Luhan are doing these days ...

/Group crying sessions maybe/

I really don't think I can get behind him if he's going to produce more crap like this. Of course if he continues, I'll be happy to know he's not dead every few months when he's forced to "comeback" (because let's be honest, if he doesn't do anything for more than 2 months then all his prior Exo-L fans aren't going to stick around. It's hard to keep track of Chinese artists, you know. Not as many people actually care, unlike in the K-pop world where you can literally find a blog or site dedicated to any group or person you want that will be updated 24/7). It'd be great if he got people to feature on his tracks, because I don't think he can "carry" himself through his solo songs on his own. And unlike Kris or Luhan, I don't think the majority of Exo-Ls were really desperately wanting this single-album. Luhan has a beautiful voice, and Kris was half decent when he was with Exo. 

Maybe if Kris and Tao paired up they could be successful. But for now, we only have Tao — the solution to drought.  (Seriously is this kid not capable of going to an event without crying?)


  1. Giving a member who was only there to dance a solo track could never turn out well.

  2. Everyone at SM Entertainment laughed when he released this

  3. You know, I keep being reminded of theHangengincident if ya know what I mean.
    I seriously feel like history will just keep repeating itself again and again.


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