Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[MV Review] Hello Venus - I'm Ill

Sadly, there's no twerking this comeback. Thankfully, everything else makes up for it.

Hello Venus returned late last year with a member shuffle and jumped on the Brave Brothers bandwagon hoping to gain some more popularity. Unfortunately, Sticky Sticky didn't make my pants sticky and Wiggle Wiggle had promise, but the wailing notes by the short member almost single-handedly ruined the song.

I like "I'm Ill" much better than Sticky Sticky and Wiggle Wiggle. This song has a faster beat to it, which instantly makes it easier to listen to over the slow-but-trying-to-be-sultry Sticky Sticky and the over-reliance-on-the-bass Wiggle Wiggle. After the horrid twenty second introduction, the chorus instantly hooks you. What I really like about the song is that the verses also contain a fast beat. Nothing irks me more than a song with a good chorus but shit verses on slower-than-grandma's-walking-pace beats.

I know people probably don't like the extra noise during the chorus and bridges, but I'll definitely take the extra noise just to keep the faster verses. This leaves the whole three-minute song (ignoring the awful introduction) to have a nice, even, fast pace throughout the whole song. That definitely keeps my attention more than alternating a fast chorus with slow-as-molasses verses.

Fun fact: The title literally translates to "I'm Art," or in a more artistic sense, "I'm a Piece of Art." (Thanks, AKF!)

Member Yooyoung's body is piece of art and I would ravage her asshole, leaving her prolapsed asshole filled with my cum as my magnum opus for this world.


  1. Alice looks insanely good in that Thai hooker makeup + outfit.

    1. Those videos are genius, man! I prefere Nara though.

  2. I dont know why they chose the name I'm ill for the english tittle I'm art goes better with them, I mean just look at them HOT!!! anyways I still miss YooAra so much T-T but the new girls are good and they sure know how to sell it. I approve this comeback two thumbs up

  3. Cringey lyrics and alice looks like luna. And the useless member actually ha some use ryt now

  4. Well that was the worst song I ever heard

  5. There are no words to describe the intro and chorus, would rather listen to wiggle wiggle's high notes on repeat

  6. this is the official mv

    surprisingly good album from hello venus, visually pleasing as usual

  7. Not as good as Stellar's comeback.

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