Friday, July 31, 2015

In Soviet Russia, T-ara's Teaser Watches You!

Credit goes to @enlargeyourkpop for the image.

T-ara's first teaser for "So Crazy" came out a little bit ago and after admiring Boram's 'Dad' socks I felt liking making a new desktop of Soyeon. That's when I noticed it:

That damn smiley face. It soon became evident that it's everywhere as shown in the first image. What does it mean? The likely explanation is some sort of Illuminati plot. But to what ends? How come everyone's smiley face is :) except for Jiyeon's which is :|?

I'm losing my mind over this in a mixture of befuddled jizz.

The Eye of Soyeon is always on you.


  1. I'm not surprised T-ara are involved in this illuminati business. They are all well known bullying, cultural appropriating, misogynist, lip-syncing, web-cam stripping, slutty, oppa-stealing Chinese spies.

  2. [insert killjoy comment that explains what it actually is here]

  3. I really wish the actual MV is as fapworthy as the teaser. But history has taught us that it will be another seizure inducing one.

  4. Not surprised. Soyeon's Instagram is full of cute stuff and smiles.

  5. Well Qri had a US army pt shirt on. I'll feel her support for all the terrorist I kill in the future.

  6. HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. Is the hottest T-ARA has ever been or what? Would someone please do a proper review so I can talk about how hot they are? Soyeon = DAT ASS!


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