Monday, July 13, 2015

[MV Review] Kara - Cupid

Kara came back in May with "Cupid," their first Korean track since "Mamma Mia" last year. With a sound that deviates from the typical Kara sound, how does it hold up?

This is one of those songs that are good, but that's it: just good. It's not great in that it makes you want to repeat the song ad nauseam, but it's not so bad that it makes you want to mutilate yourself.

The biggest problem the song has is that instrumental is very bare during the verses, with the vocals carrying everything. Things do not get much better during the chorus, but it makes the song more listenable. However, the chorus doesn't even come close to saving the song, so that's what makes the song disappointing. However, the biggest disappointment is not utilizing that funky beat during the "C-U-P-I-D" part. That's my favorite part of the song because of the instrumental, and we hear it for about a total of 15 seconds throughout the song. I think a song based on that instrumental would have been much stronger than what Kara gave us.

"Cupid" mainly is a disappointment because Kara had a five-year run of great title tracks from "Wanna" all the way to "Mamma Mia." When you have an impressive catalogue like Kara, and only comeback once a year in Korea, getting an average song like "Cupid" feels like being spit in the face. Granted, I wouldn't mind if any of these girls would spit in my face, but I would rather have another great song along the lines of "Lupin" than something like Cupid.


  1. Awful. And the fact that they'll never work with sweetune again just makes the cut deeper. Hopefully the'll have better luck with "Alohara" but I doubt it. "Hara Goo" sounds like an alright song though, at least from the teaser

  2. I was expecting a lot more from the teaser, but they all look flawless so it kinda makes up for the lackluster song. My favorite parts are Gyuri at 1:23 and Seungyeon at 3:15, which along with "C-U-P-I-D" carry basically everything.

  3. I don't foresee Kara ever being relevant. Never had, never did.


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