Saturday, July 18, 2015

[MV Non Review] Infinite - Bad (360° ver.)

The following video is best viewed on a smartphone. Not sure what it does and doesn't work on, so just try different browsers and devices.

At first I wasn't really sure what a 360° version MV was supposed to be. Maybe there are multiple cameras surrounding the Infinite members allowing for a spinny camera pan a la The Boys, I thought. So I sat there on the toilet with my phone on my lap, which in hindsight wasn't the best way to watch this video.

camera pointing down at Infinite member's hands and tap - can't see much else

I thought it was weird that the most interesting thing in the video was the various angles that the tap would turn to for no apparent reason, especially considering Woollim's track record for impressive looking MVs.

It might sound stupid but as soon as I finished my shit and picked up my phone I literally cried out "what the fuck" from the shock of what I saw, nearly dropping my phone into the toilet while it was still unflushed. I really wasn't expecting the POV to shift along with the direction I pointed my phone.

It might seem gimmicky but there is quite a lot of potential for this in faptech. I for one can't say that Infinite's MV is good to fap to, but if it was, I could memorize the location of my bias at any given point and keep turning the angle to follow him. Amazing!

Further research revealed that this wasn't the first k-pop video to make use of this function. Yeah I am a bit behind on this one, but if you really feel the need to fap using such new-fangled technology, here is a Bambino video where you can focus on your favourite member.

Happy 360 fapping!


  1. ... should I bother watching the 360° version or..

  2. I hope this crap spreads like wildfire. I want a 360VR of an AoA concert. Or Apink, Tara, Kara, GG, Rainbow, Orange Caramel...omg, I'm so gonna peep Nana.
    The drawback is that this trick might render fapcams pointless.

    1. Oh, btw, it is now available on Mozilla and Chrome. I haven't checked with IE, but it should work there too.

  3. Spend a few dollars on a set of Google Cardboard man, much better for fapping to bambino. VR is the future of fapping.


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