Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Ultimate Kpop Music Awards Show 2015 [PART 2 - NOMINEES]

It's finally time for the second part of UKMAS 2015! I'd first like to thank all the unfortunate souls that participated in the survey. Since a lot of you complained about it being too long and boring, if it makes you feel any better, it took me hours upon hours upon hours (upon hours, yup, that long) to read through all your answers and type them in. Many a times I wondered why I was doing this. What's in it for me, anyway? Oh well, good news is the torture and mind rape is all over now. It's all warm, fuzzy polls from here on out.

Without further adieu, let us get on with the nominees list. Please note that no personal judgement was involved in this what-so-ever. These results are based purely on your votes. The five songs with the largest amount of votes were chosen to be nominees. 

Catchiest Song

1. 4MINUTE - "Crazy"

2. EXID - "Ah Yeah"

3. Red Velvet - "Ice Cream Cake"

4. AOA - "Heart Attack"

5. 9MUSES - "Hurt Locker"

Honorable Mentions: 
Here are some of the songs that got a reasonable amount of votes.

"Call Me Baby" - EXO
"View" - SHINee
"Love Me Right" - EXO
"Excuse Me" - BESTie
"FM" - Crayon Pop
"Pepe" - CLC

Best Female Act



3. AOA

4. EXID 

5. Red Velvet

Honorable Mentions:
Girls' Generation
Lim Kim
Girls' Day
Ga In

Best Male Act

1. BTS


3. SHINee

4. EXO

5. Infinite

Honorable Mentions:
Zion T
Teen Top

Sexiest Music Video

1. AOA - "Heart Attack"

2. Paradise Lost - "Ga In"

3. Hello Venus - "Wiggle Wiggle"

4. Girls' Day - "Ring My Bell"

5. FIESTAR - "You're Pitiful"

Honorable Mentions: 
SISTAR - "Shake It"
EXID - "Ah Yeah"
9MUSES - "Hurt Locker"
Dal Shabet - "Joker"
Rainbow - "Black Swan"

Best Dance (Female)

1. 4MINUTE - "Crazy"

2. 9MUSES - "Hurt Locker"

3. Girls' Generation - "Catch Me If You Can"

4. Red Velvet - "Ice Cream Cake"

5. BESTie - "Excuse Me"

Honorable Mentions:
EXID - "Ah Yeah"
AOA - "Heart Attack"
Ga In - "Paradise Lost"
FIESTAR - "You're Pitiful"
Hello Venus - "Wiggle Wiggle"

Best Dance (Male)

1. BTS - "Dope"

2. EXO - "Call Me Baby"

3. BTS - "I Need U"

4. SHINee - "View"

5.  Teen Top - "Ah Ah"

Honorable Mentions: 
EXO - "Love Me Right"


Infinite - "Bad"
Jang Hyunseung - "Ma First"

Best Plot-Based Music Video

1. BTS - "I Need U"

2. The Ark - "The Light"

3. AOA - "Heart Attack"

4. Mamamoo - "Um Oh Ah Yeh"

5. Crayon Pop - "FM"

Honorable Mentions:
SHINee - "View"
BESTie - "Excuse Me"
Lizzy - "Not an Easy Girl"
Big Bang - "Loser"
2PM - "My House"

Best Dance Track

1. 4MINUTE - "Crazy"

 2. 9MUSES - "Hurt Locker"

3. AOA - "Heart Attack"

4. EXID - "Ah Yeah"

5. BTS - "Dope"

Honorable Mentions:
SHINee - "View"
BESTie - "Excuse Me"
EXO - "Love Me Right"
Girls' Generation - "Catch Me If You Can"

Best Ballad/R&B Track

Now this category proved just as boring as the music. Going through these answers was such a yawn, since I didn't even know most of the songs you guys stated. Why I even included this, I'll never know. Anyway, here are your nominees. If you don't give two fucks about R&B as much as I don't, I suggest you just skip to the next category. (Note: There might be some non-feature tracks for this one.)

1. Red Velvet - "Automatic"

2.  Big Bang - "If You"

3. BtoB - "It's Okay"

4. Crush - "Oasis"

5. Park Jimin - "Hopeless Love"

Honorable Mentions:
Baek A Yeon (Feat. Young K) - "Shouldn't Have..."
The Ark - "The Light"
Zion T - "Eat"
Elsie - "I'm Good"
Big Bang - "Loser"

Best Visuals (Female) (Music Video)

1. AOA - "Heart Attack"

2. Girls' Generation - "Party"

3. 9MUSES - "Hurt Locker"

4. 4MINUTE - "Crazy"

5. Red Velvet - "Ice Cream Cake"

Honorable Mentions:
EXID - "Ah Yeah"
KARA - "Cupid"
Miss A - "Only You"
Mamamoo - "Um Oh Ah Yeh"
Girls' Day - "Ring My Bell"

Best Visuals (Female) (Individual)

Now this wasn't the original plan at all. The "Visuals" category was supposed to be on the basis of music videos, not individual Kpop idols. But since a lot of you didn't get that, almost half the answers were Kpop idols, and I felt a little bad about just ignoring them. So being the saint I am, I thought, what the hell? Let's just add a new category. Now that we got that all cleared up, here are the nominees. 

1. Red Velvet - Irene

2. EXID - Hani

3. Miss A - Suzy the Fat Whore

4. 9MUSES - Hyuna

5. 9MUSES - Kyungri

6. Girls' Generation - Yoona (On that note, I don't get what the fuck people find attractive in this bitch.)

Best Visuals (Male) (Music Video)

1. SHINee - "View"

2. BTS - "Dope"

3. Infinite - "Bad"

4. EXO - "Love Me Right"

5. EXO - "Call Me Baby"

Honorable Mentions:
2PM - "My House"
Big Bang - "Bae Bae"
Teen Top - "Ah Ah"

Best Visuals (Male) (Individual)

1. Big Bang - T.O.P

2. BTS - Jungkook

3. SEVENTEEN - Vernon

4. SHINee - Minho

5. EXO - Kai

Best Nugu Release

1. Oh My Girl! - "Cupid"

2. Playback - "Playback"

3. CLC - "Pepe"

4. The Ark - "The Light"

5. SEVENTEEN - "Adore U"

Honorable Mentions:
Monsta X - "Trespass "
G-friend - "Glass Bead"
Pocket Girls - "Bbang Bbang"
Mamamoo - "Um Oh Ah Yeh"
Poten - "Go Easy"


So there ya go. We're halfway through UKMAS mid-2015. Don't feel too down if your biases didn't make the nominees list. There's (hopefully) gonna be another one by the end of this year so all the new releases that didn't make this one (like GOT7's "Just Right" or A-Pink's "Remember") will have another chance! 



  1. No wonder people don't comment here with all this fapping material. It seems I finished first..

  2. *sees none of the AOA members are in the top female visuals category*
    *closes tab*

    1. I choose to believe that, had it been an actual category and not the by-product of people misunderstanding the question, we would have had better choices.

      Hani and the Nine Muses members are the only three that belong in there.

    2. I'm glad that the AKF team has seemingly taken on my request to bring back the surveys...BUT!
      I actually meant the mini poll thing.
      TL;DR surveys are not so cool.

      And SNSD Seohyun, IU too, heck, even Apink Bomi, AOA Seolhyun should have been included instead of Yoona.

      I am not a Hani fan - I think she looks like Jiyeon gone wrong.
      But then again, maybe I am the only one.

  3. I'm kind of shocked seeing Jungkook here seeing how young he is. Not that I mind, I was born the same month and year as him so *shrug*

    1. TBH I only find TOP to be hot in the list.
      I am really tired of ppl going Minho is the handsomest in male kpop groups etc.
      It's gone on for far too long and he actually resembles my former classmate.
      Good-looking, but far from being the best-looking.


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