Friday, July 24, 2015

Review: Primary "Don't Be Shy," featuring Choa and IRON

Is Primary's new song the sleeper hit of this summer?

Ajusshi introduced me to Primary's newest release, "Don't Be Shy," on Twitter yesterday, and I have been hooked on it since.

The song pairs reggae beats with vocals from AOA's Choa, a combination I previously didn't realize I needed. The song also features IRON, who you might recognize from "Show Me the Money 3" or the pussy-popping anthem of female empowerment that was "Puss."

Listening to "Don't Be Shy" immediately reminded me of Manu Chao, whose "Me Gustas Tu" has been in my head all week because of some nugu group who won't be named. "Don't Be Shy" is the perfect song to chill out to with friends and alcohol. (Or, depending on your preferences, just friends. Or, depending on your situation, just alcohol. Whatevs, I'm not judging. You just do you, baby.)

Most importantly, "Don't Be Shy" proves that Choa can carry a song. It's particularly evident here in which Choa sings all but 25 seconds. And who knew IRON fit so well with reggae? Can we please get a Choa/IRON reggae project group?

No? No takers? You know what, fuck you all. ChoIRON is a match made in Heaven.

The music video elevates the whole experience. It actually creeps me out, too. Sure, Ladies' Code already nailed the creepy, dismembered doll concept in "Hate You," and 2ne1's "It Hurts" gave me skeleton-themed nightmares for weeks because of model Lee Soo Hyuk. But "Don't Be Shy" takes spooky to another level with its "séance sleepover" concept. The video is shot perfectly for this, alternating between sharp, modern production shots and scenes that look like they came from a found-footage VHS tape, circa 1997.

How about a kpop remake of "The Craft" starring AOA?
Surely, there's gotta be some takers for that.

Is this the future of kpop? I hope so.

BOTTOM LINE: Choa and a winning MV concept elevate Primary's "Don't Be Shy" above most of this summer's offerings.



    Same. It's been stuck in my head because Choa's vocals are so hauntingly good.

  2. I just noticed that a k-pop reggae song finally got the production right.

  3. Indeed really good, mixes unusual things together in a very good way.

    It also explains why kpop idols are broke. They are playing with pokemon cards. They are so expensive in the black market the video budget didn't have enough for the rest and had to film on tape (with a borrowed camera).

  4. Iron's voice is built for reggae but I am still scarred by the shit reggae song he did in SMTM3

  5. It kind of irked me that "don't be shy" didn't rhyme with "dagawa" and Iron seemed to be chanelling Nicki Minaj by the end of his verse but otherwise this is pretty solid

    1. why in the world would you want them to rhyme though?

    2. @clarafag, I guess it's kinda like an assonance.
      Imagine if the lyrics went: Don't be shy...tell me why.
      That would suck.

      I actually am gonna be bold and say I didn't appreciate the song as Choa, lovely as she is, well, her voice kept reminding me of Hyuna throughout.
      And the song kept bringing to mind the reggae version of 2NE1's I Don't Care.

      Finally when it was time to rap, I burst out into unexplained laughter.
      The only thing that can console me is if they had gotten SEE AL instead of Choa, I'd be going WA HA HA instead of hahaha-ing.

  6. I approve of everything from the song to the VHS filter.

  7. I think the last time I saw The Craft was 8 years ago.
    That movie reminds me of The Lost boys


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