Saturday, July 18, 2015

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 82

This week's photo comes from @InfinitelySY (from Twitter):

Thank you for your submission!

I feel like this is one of those photos where I don't need to say anything because it is that dumb. Also, because I am incredibly lazy and busy somehow at the exact same time.
So Taylor Swift rose to fame in 2004 (keeping her out of this flustercluck as she came way before), and One Direction's career started in July of 2010 (I Wikipedia'd all this shit. Don't think I personally knew any of this knowledge, okay). Technically, INFINITE debuted on June 9, 2010. This means that they came out before One Direction. So maybe those goddam Directioners should stop trying to steal INFINITEs international and world-renowned fame by copying their symbols. 

Why can't musical artists just make their own mathematical symbol and stop trying to copy INIFINITE's infinity symbol??? -.-' Clearly the only thing these abhorrent artists have in common with the lemniscate is that there is no limit to their shame.

I think something we can all agree upon is that dumb fangirls have stupidity.

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  1. Don't lie Shinbi. You didn't wiki all that shit. Just admit it, we won't judge you.


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