Sunday, July 26, 2015

Review: Beast "YeY"

Could there be a better visual metaphor for Beast's latest song, "YeY," than Hyunseung wallowing in a pile of garbage?


Beast released "Gotta Go to Work" last week ahead of their eighth mini album, "Ordinary." I hadn't heard much about the group's comeback, and I was delightfully surprised with their pre-release track. "Gotta Go to Work" isn't strong enough to lead an album, but it's chill and pleasant to listen to and comes with an amusing MV.

So I got a little excited for their official comeback song, despite apprehension about its name, "YeY." As a kpop fan, I'm used to good songs with terrible names, like "Sexy Love," "Bing Bing," "HuH," etc.

Turns out, I should have taken that name as a sign of the garbage within. The song is an instantly forgettable, generic club non-jam. It feels like it's trying to recreate the energetic atmosphere of "Beautiful Night" but fails miserably.

Even the music video can't salvage "YeY." In fact, it only adds more reasons to stay far away from it. The camera switches shots so frequently it makes T-ara's "Sugar Free" look relaxing. I began to get a headache trying to mentally process the club scene. No joke.

The woman in the white shirt is literally me: unimpressed with this shit.

Yeah, watching Beast get wasted at a club would be pretty enjoyable — if I had more than a quarter of a second to take everything in.

Kikwang pours one out for this scene.

Worst of all, Hyunseung has transmitted the bad-hair disease to others. Usually, just Hyunseung looks like an escaped mental patient in Beast's videos. Now, even formally hottest member Junhyung is afflicted.

Thank goodness for Doojoon, who's easily the hottest member in the video, snaggletooth and all.

Well, what would you know? It's literally me again.

BOTTOM LINE: "YeY" is terrible, and almost everyone in it looks terrible. Watch "Gotta Go to Work" instead.


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  2. Why anyone would follow a boy band for any other reason other than fap purposes is beyond me

    1. Yeah.
      Doojoon in that pic looks like a poor woman's Shin Sung Rok.
      Agreed with Fany that JunHyung was by far the hottest till I found out about him dating GooHara back then.
      Cue the water bottle throwing.

  3. Junhyung going for the Jay Park cosplay.

    1. Jay did indeed look similarly soakin wet in a June ep of Running Man.
      Have never understood his relevance if any.
      Not hot, not handsome, not the manliest-looking either.

      He might have "rejected" Jimin by mentioning that he likes Choa and Seolhyun recently (instead of her), but frankly I don't think he will ever stand a chance with either 2 but then again, this article ain't about him, luckily.

    2. Jay Park dresses well but he is too scrawny for me. At AOMG, Loco, Gray, and Simon D are far more attractive.

      As for Beast, give me Doojoon before anyone else.

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  5. Doojoon saved Gotta Go To Work. Wonder what that song is about, though???

  6. Someone needs to change their hairstylist. ASAP.


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