Monday, July 20, 2015

Is JYP an AKF Reader?

Again, JYP had to be a dick and release a song during the height of tax season, so I completely missed it and am writing about it in July.

I feel like JYP wrote this song after reading a bunch of articles on AKF. If you haven't noticed lately, the biggest complaint from fangirls is that K-pop has become too sexualized in the past few years, but we know that's a fucking lie because K-pop was even more sexualized before the Hallyu Wave. Look at that "slut" Ha Ji Won back in 2003.

JYp wrote and composed this song to troll with the slut shamers by making a song exclusively about ass, and featuring a really hot dancer (one of the really hot ones from DBSK's Spellbound) shaking her ass. JYP simply just shows that he's the coolest CEO in K-pop.

Next, JYP should make a song about tits and feature Clara just to troll K-pop that much more. It doesn't hurt that "Who's Your Mama?" is a great song in its own right. JYP, we need a "Who's Your Mama 2".


  1. Even I as a non-male admit that Clara is really hot.
    And matter how many times Jessi is being shoved into the limelight, it is very unlikely that I'll ever be her fan.

    1. Who-s Jessi? That annoying girl who got the rapping part in the video?

  2. holy shit, never seen a Ha Ji Won dance video before

    mind blown

  3. The song not only has a cool beat to it, but the lyrics make me chuckle and smile, because they are so blatantly stupid.
    I really like this song and JYP's ugly face in the MV.


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