Tuesday, August 2, 2011

After School (pre-pubescent) Boys

After School Boys have recently released a few pictures of their current line-up for their inevitable debut in a few months. Note that I said current line-up as they have assured "fans" that more will be added soon. That's right, PLEDIS is also Morning Musume-ing (or I suppose Morning Musuko-ing) this group too.

Now I know most of us have seen what they look like and what their dancing skills entail during After School Blue's performances/MV. But this is what they look like in photographs:

Yeah... Did you guys hear that? That's the sound of disappointment settling in.

But I'm not one to judge immediately. Let's see how these boys do when they get their chance. Hopefully they will be better and will offer more than what we have seen from them so far.

"Yay my face will be on the interwebs now! I'll get all the bitches and hoes! H-h-hey wait... where are you taking me, manager?!"
I have to say, this is my favourite photo of them thus far. I smell a pedophile lawsuit from this one.

On a lighter note, legendary boy band, Shinwha, are making a comeback this coming March 2012. Representatives have announced a new album, concerts, and promotional activities on broadcasts are to begin then once all the boys have been discharged from their mandatory military drafting. Current boy bands, take note. These boys (err... men) know how it is done. Being that they have been the longest standing K-pop idol group (lasting 13 years), I think they would be a good mentor to look up to.

Aaaaand just to make things that much sweeter today, here's UEE in a police car:
That's right, boys. Take her away. Please.


  1. One of them is cute.

    Seeing what seems to be a lot of pedo-bait is kind of pushing me away, though.

  2. I wish Asia would lay the bowl cut to rest the way the rest of the world has.

  3. UEE is so gorgeous in the polcie car.

  4. "stop, don't touch me there. that is my no-no square !" LOL rape song

  5. I hoped for AS Boys to be as sexy and cool as AS in their early days .. Guess that won't happen O_O

  6. The one on the far right in the group photo is cute, but the rest are below average.
    AS has so man "Unique" looking girls, these guys look very asian, with the bowl cuts and all.

  7. i though i wouldnt see that haircut in kpop after taemin started to dye his hair

  8. Daaaaang Shinhwa is coming back?! Hmm... that should be interesting. Am looking forward to it!

  9. Instead of "After School Boys" perhaps they should name themselves "Pre-School Boys". It's more befitting.

  10. Pre-school boys yes hahahaha.That manager is creepy looking.He looks like a pedo.

  11. "That's right, boys. Take her away. Please."

    I couldn't stop laughing.



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