Monday, August 15, 2011

New "Female Punk Rock Trio"

Super8Bit, a new female punk rock trio, will be debuting with an EP on August 16.

Apparently they have toured Japan already (under a different name of Shorty Cat) and won some awards already such as "Best Rookie of the Month" and even performed at the 2011 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival.

I was excited to hear this as I can appreciate punk rock. But then I was disappointed when I saw this:

This is one of the rare times where I wish the teaser was wrong. So very wrong.

Silly girls. I get that you are trying to be "edgy" and "cool", but that is not how you put on make-up. You can maybe look like that the next morning, but you do not start the night by looking like that. Also, you in the middle with the bubble gum all over your face? That is gross. And upon first glance, it definitely did not look like that was gum plastered all over your face. You will now have to smear peanut butter all over to get that off (or risk ripping out your eyelashes).

I also do not mean to judge their looks from a measly 44 second teaser, and maybe it is just the badly applied make-up, but their eyes kind of scare me. They look like they are high on drugs with those dark raccoon bags and baggy eyelids, looking straight into your soul. Hungry for something...

Also, I realize that the man drumming in the back is not part of the group, but when I look at him, for some reason I think of poor Janghyun in Sunny Hill. He has such a beautiful voice, but is shafted by all the women as he "does not fit the song". BS. I bet he composed the songs moreso than the others, so he can probably "fit" it damn well if he wanted. Damn women, always putting themselves first. How selfish. They should consider themselves lucky that all 4 of them are not making him sandwiches everyday as they promote. They should be happy he did not make their comeback, "Midnight Kitchen Snack"!

But I digress.

Finally, on an interview, they were asked about their band's name. The girls revealed, "When time goes by, everything changes, but we didn’t want to be something that changed. In order to retain the memories of our youth, we were reminded of the older 8-bit games and thus named ourselves ‘Super 8 Bit’".

OH you girls. You are so silly thinking you have an actual say in what you do from your entrainment company. Enjoy what little control you have over your music now. Soon you will be selling out your punk rock image and electric guitars for higher heels and shorter skirts. No one can stay punk rock forever, right Avril Lavigne?


  1. lol, chillax. It was Janghyun's own decision because he WANTED the girls to shine. And yes, he produced their songs and wrote them.

  2. No comments about the song?
    As I said in akp,
    It's not because you have a trashy style that you're punk/rock.

  3. ummmm, ok. Just sounds like typical Japanese girl band punk rock. Nothing special. I'll check out the vid. Probably won't like it though. Seems more like bubble gum punk rock to me.

  4. The way they were saying 'Boy & Girl' sounded like they were saying 'Boingggggggg' in slowmo.

  5. I actually loled at midnight kitchen snack.

  6. Avril's punk rock image WAS the sell out. the stuff she's doing now is her ~real personality~

    anyway, it's just a bit of makeup lol obviously they know it's not how it's supposed to be put on.....

  7. "MIIIIIDNIGHT KIIIITCHEN~ Please feed me, omo" @___@

  8. kind of liking one of the girls....the one with the bubble gum face...nom.

  9. POP AND GUM YES ANON 1:21 HAHAHAHAH.I dont mind the song.It sounds a lot better the the 'rock' or band inspired music you hear from the likes of CNblue or the other ones.

    and i say props for the cum shot,that lil children will be able to see without censure hahahahaha.

  10. The music sounds like typical J-pop. And what's with the girls' faces? They look so stoned...

  11. @liley

    Think you misspelled GUM.

    You mean Gum shot, right? Right?!

  12. avril was never punk, she was pop the first day she started.

    As for this trio, I shall see if they are good when I get a chance to listen to their album. Teaser as always is such a tease.


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