Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dal Shabet's Bling Bling MV

Don't worry E-Tribe antis. I'm on your side.

Okay, the new rule I started after T-ara's Yayaya is that whenever I listen to an E-Tribe song, I pretend I don't know Korean. It's actually a bit taxing trying to block out all of the Korean lyrics. Why do I do this? E Tribe's songs have the worst lyrics in Kpop...and we know that most idol songs are lyrical masterpieces. E-Tribe just sucks so much dick when it comes to writing half decent lyrics for an idol song. Seriously, it can't be that hard.

As for the song itself, it's just E-Tribe trying to be retro like everyone else. So they say "disco" in this song but I don't get a disco vibe from this song at all. It's another electronic song.

Jessica looks cute (I didn't bother looking up their names) but the rest of the girls are like the looters in London and my boner is like the stores and shops in London. The other girls made me flaccid.

The rap is fucking terrible. Not Hwayoung terrible, but terrible enough that I want to skip over it every time I hear it.

I don't have much to say about the dance. You can't really say they copied T-ara since T-ara took their dance moves from retro songs. But using the same moves as another song that's being currently being promoted is pretty sad.

Oh, our old man Ahjussi alerted me about SNSD's Be Happy. I had erased that song from my memory (for good reasons, the Oh album blows) and the songs do seem a bit similar. Did E-Tribe also compose this piece of shit? Anyway, Bling Bling is the listenable version to that piece of shit Be Happy by SNSD.

As usual with E-Tribe: listen to the instrumental and pretend that the song with lyrics doesn't exist, because it a category 5 hurricane.


  1. i dont like Jessica(post-Gee), but this doppelganger of hers light up my fire. Btw, her name's Serri.

  2. I'm asking because I'm really curious, but which part is supposed to look like T-ara's choreography? I can't spot it as easily as Suju's.

    But I do spot the Mr. Taxi hand movements there near the chorus.

  3. Everything about this video is unflattering: the make-up, the dance, the clothes (would someone please burn those heart-pattern pants), even the set.

    What is this crap?!

  4. Couldn't even get through it. Honestly thinking my love for most kpop is dying. All these loose women do is Aegyo poses, camera is bright, edits fast, rap about 1:45 in, then done.

    Same crap over and over again. Wow! Think my love for it is almost over and done with.

  5. I can't take this song seriously when they insist on pronouncing bling bling as buh-ling-uh buh-ling-uh.

  6. i kind of like Dal Shabet, but it seriously depressed me that's there's not even one hot girl in the group.
    Serri's (Jessica) face is messed up. Jiyul (the cute one) has a pretty face and a nice body (even though she lost a lot of weight for this song) but she's too cute to be hot.
    and Viki (the rapper) has potential but they gave her a shiteous hair cut and she looks to tall.

    Korea is the Land of Plastic but they seriously couldn't find one good looking girl?

  7. i like supadupadiva

  8. the song seems so bland to me.
    I loved Pink Rocket, WTF, bring that sound back, I want to hear some bubbles dammit.

  9. @Anon 7:40
    It's spelt buh-ling buh-ling in Korean. Not to mention all of the English words have been "KOREAN-ised" so their pronunciation might be different.

    R.I.P FISH :(.

  10. Hwayoungs not that bad... She was good in Ma Boo...

    She's no Eunjung though, but who is? :)

    The song is your standard issue kpop crap... What's new? I wish kpop would tone it down a little... This flashy bright happy thing is driving me nut...

  11. what a shitty song and an even shittier mv. the song is catchy and repetitive, just what korea loves so they will eat it up for now and later on the song will flop.



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