Friday, August 12, 2011

Boys, pucker up for the girls you'll never get to kiss

Apparently many of you readers (the perverted boys) want more hot girl photos. So being the classy girl I am, I chose a few choice ones for you guys to look at.

Whenever I look at this selca, I think, "At what point were these girls thinking: 'Hey! You know what'd be a good idea? For us to smear white vanilla ice cream on our luscious pink lips while having our talented mouths hovering over the creamy mess. And then take a picture and post it online! kekeke~' ?"

Young ladies, you are both under-aged. I am as disappointed in your indecent exposure as I was with Jiyeon and HyunA. Maybe when you girls are older, you both can also take off your shirts like Rain does in his promotions. But then be banned for it due to double standards.

But seriously, I am sure boys with tumblrs are all over this picture.

If you girls wanted to make "cute" pucker faces, maybe you guys could take a lesson from Suzy:
"Hmm... this picture would be a lot better with kitty ears" as I'm sure davidfresh would say.

Or maybe even one of the seven ladies from Nine Muses:
I'm just joking. This picture was banned even before it was supposed to be officially released. Good try though, Star Empire Entertainment. You were on the right track of doing what every other entertainment company does to their girls who aren't succeeding well in the music industry. Sexy-fying and whoring out your ladies. It helps that all seven are models, too.

But girls, if you want to take a good selca, do not take a lesson from SISTAR.

"Please please pleaaaaaseeee listen to our music"

Girls, if at any point you have to BEG people to listen to your music, that is never a good sign. Maybe you should try improving your music and talents instead of looking desperate and trying to get pity fans like Hyogre does in Europe.


  1. Did you really have to include a picture of Boner-Kill-Suzy? Seriously, ick.

  2. Suzy was the best part of this article.

  3. Did you really have to include a picture for boner-inducing Suzy? Seriously.

  4. Suzy's cute...but that is not a flattering picture of her. Was she trying to be a pucker fish or was she trying to be funny.

    Sister has a couple of good vocals and great bodies and butt faces.

  5. ewww.
    LMAO at Krystal's derpy serious face. Suzy's pucker lips does not attract me.

  6. They are begging us to fap. Ice cream is a clever innuendo for man seed.

    I will start with Suzy first, she is asking for it.

  7. Hey guys....


    That is all.

  8. "Young ladies, you are both under-aged"

    Reading that quote turned me on more while I was fapping to SULLI!

    Suzy is delicious, y'all. Suzy with kitty ears is even better. :) Fap fap fap

  9. damn suzy is ready.
    Cat ears dammit!!!!

  10. LOL at the Hyogre jokes XD

  11. the sun is out, suzy has nice shoulders, and krystal with ice cream on her lips is always good to see

  12. Suzy is adorable!

  13. always loling at comments about Suzy

  14. Suzy eating ice cream FTW!

  15. no ass no tits wtf is his



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