Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fans and Autotune

I have noticed a lot of fans of K-pop complain about auto-tune. Honestly, if you don't like auto-tune then don't listen to mainstream K-Pop or any pop for that matter. Auto-tune is part of the current trend of pop, just like how at one point in Rock everyone and their mothers added some sort of tapping solo.

I understand auto-tune is overused a lot, but I mean at this point why do people still complain? It's like complaining about hook songs in K-pop (but that's a subject for another time).

It's completely understandable if lets say a new group, who just debuted with a song injected with as much auto-tune as Bom injects botox, gets a lot of shit for an auto-tune song. With that you can't really tell if they can sing or not. I get that, but what's the point of complaining about groups who you already know can sing when they release songs with auto-tune. They are just trying to stick with the trend of pop.

If you really don't want to listen to auto-tuned songs then listen to ballads or some shit, but I mean don't go complaining about every song being auto-tuned when you are listening to pop. There are other genres out there.

Also I think it's funny when people complain about songs being fully auto-tuned when only the chorus or certain parts are auto-tuned...but that's just me.

Anyways, if you haven't gotten used to auto-tune by now then just stop listening to pop and wait till they replace voices with animal sounds.

P.S. I have never complained about auto-tune in a song (that I remember of) unless it has to do with how improperly it was used or if a new group did it.

Don't forget I am not the only author on this blog. Some people tend to forget that.


  1. Auto tune is good when use sparingly.
    I hate songs that focuses the main point on the autotune.

    Theres good songs with autotune and bad ones with it. Id say the majority of autotune songs are bad, but thats just me :P

    I just hate synthesized shit, probably why I hate the shit out of trance.

  2. I find that most kpop fans don't even know what is autotune and what it not. There are a wide range of vocal effects that are used in pop music but they all they branded autotune by undiscerning sods.

  3. I don't like when autotune is used too much, such as in the To Anyone album.

    However I don't see why people complain about it in even the smallest amounts.

    Not to mention literally every pop song released in the past 10 years has had some form of autotune.

  4. "who just debuted with a song injected with as much auto-tune as Bom injects botox" trolol

  5. Maybe im in the minority but I actually think if used right it can make a song better especially if someone's a shit singer because at least with autotune you can't hear them go offkey because it sounds so robotic anyways.

  6. lol To Anyone is a prime example of people falsely labeling stuff autotune.

  7. "debuted with a song injected with as much auto-tune as Bom injects botox"

    I loled.

    There are so many people that say "omg so much autotune!!!" when there isn't any in a song. Lots of people don't even know what autotune is, it's sad.

    I don't care about autotune and I will never understand why it's such a bad thing unless it's used to a point where a song sounds absolutely horrible. I'm a sucker for catchy songs, I do not care if there is autotune in it. It doesn't decrease the quality of the song for me.

    Sometimes people that sing really well use autotune, it's not just something that people use to make themselves sound good. It's a stylistic thing these days.

  8. ^
    There are too many vocal effects in To Anyone period, but there is also a lot of noticeable autotune. lol

  9. lol autotune everywhere :))

    in 2008 this band is the king of autotune
    and the scene kids totally mad about it . everyone bash at them

  10. Lol. I really lol'ed.
    I know you're not the only one in this blog but, there are so much that criticised that I can't say who didn't.
    I'm talking about 2ne1, or 2autotune1 as someone called them. I think to anyone is perfect example on how good autotune can sound if well used. And after all, that was a dance/electronic album, so autotune was kind of logical (And did you notice that the only songs autotuned are songs partially produced by gd (Teddy don't overuse it).
    But it may not match your tastes, and then, it's not 2ne1 you don't like, it's autotune.
    My point is useless if you're not part of this but in case of, that's kind of hypocrite to write an article like that.

    I know. Some will say i'm butthurt. I'm not. If I were, i'll throw a tantrum and insult everyone I can.
    And bom has a weird face, but I grew used of it and now I think she's cute ~~

  11. Hahaha. And about autotune I totally agree. It's okay for a group that proved that they can sing not for rookies.
    But sometimes there are so much that you can't even recognise the voices. And that, I don't like.

    *I hate when Top is autotuned. I wanna hear his voice!*

  12. Gundam Wing? You could have picked a good Gundam, such as X, Victory, or Zeta lol.

  13. I love dance/electronica music like DaftPunk, justice and Capsule so i dont really give a fuck if it is auto tuned or not. If it aids to the song being a better dance song then awesome. Like 2NE1, they try to be Electronica and kinda club dance but i didn't really like anything from to anyone, besides the classic IDC or lonely.

    But the way some people throw around the word auto tune as if it some kind of witchcraft and where back in salem, frustrates me. And i dont call it autotune when it is made to make someone sound better, i like to say "digital enhancing" sounds fancier.
    ( GOOD EXAMPLE OF "AUTO-TUNE"- B.E.G abracadabra, won best electronic dance song with it, also, they showed they have talent with stuff like come close or even how come)
    Then again, i do have a B.E.G bias.
    The story of how JAE went out to find people for the group, found miryo who was already famous of being a good rapper. Then found narsha from who she remembered to be a talented singer, then they ga-in got found in a toilet crying after losing competition, auditioned and got in. How can you not already love them?

  14. @J.K Doogarn: Daft Punk exclusively use vocoder and talkbox. Not auto-tune... Just saying.

  15. I blame fucking Cher for letting the world know about autotune.

    Autotune back then was for smoothing out voices and making it sound natural, now, people use it to sound different and mechanical.

    I am a purity listener, which is why I rather listen to rock then mainstream pop.

  16. forgot to also mention that EVERYBODY uses some kind of synthesizer now a days for making an album. To make it sound perfect, you WILL have to use some.

  17. @AKF

    Because Gundam Wing looks like an idol group

  18. I am new to this blog. I don't know you but I may be in love with you. As soon as I read "Super Junior Dances In A Box, Again" right after discovering you through your pro SunnyHill post, I knew I had found the one. Marry me.

  19. And by the one, I naturally mean the ONES, because I am aware there is more than one contributor here. ;)

  20. There are some songs where excessive autotune actually sounds cool (it's not kpop, but Suzuki Ami's Free Free is a good example).

    I think people forget that autotune is also what they use to make people sound good on cds. It's not just used to make voices sound more robotic.

  21. i agree with this article, the worst is when people complain about autotune when it's not really there
    anything that's slightly processed people yell AUTOTUNE
    come on, give the artist a little credit. it's not THAT hard to sound good in a recording studio, especially when it's an obviously easy song to sing

  22. @Taylor That's because Nakata is a genius.

  23. @Bou Lmao, I see it. 5 pretty boys but they suck compared to real pilots.

  24. @Linzerdinzer
    Hey, are you the one who used to do those cool reviews of kpop videos on Youtube?

  25. @5:37
    Hey bro, i dont know what they use, all i know is that i like it ;)

  26. Hahahah I remember how much I was laughing when SMe used autotune.
    Sm Stanners was bashing YG so much for using autotune but then their precious SNSD, Super Junior and even the Grace used autotune LOl - The irony.

  27. I like autotune as a layer in a song like Taeyang in BB's Tonight, but I can't stand it used when the singer isn't even singing a melody. Rapping is okay, but the whisper track effect in Mr. Simple and pretty much Dara all the time when she over articulates just kills me.

  28. if korea has specific music scene like japan's j-electro/j-tek, maybe ppl would stfu about how /bad/ autotune is. look at Nakata-is-my-god's bitches Perfume who sang everything in robotic vocal effects and made millions.

  29. Lol, you totally just reprimanded who complains about autotune out the wazoo. I love it.

  30. just reprimanded another author here who*


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