Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SNSD brings about the fall of communism in North Korea.

According to recent reports, SNSD is becoming wildly popular in the secluded-as-fuck North Korea. Now, I know many of you are skeptical of such reports; it is N.K. after all. Fear not readers, for I have proof: There is an instructor (in N.K.) that teaches SNSD's choreography. Impressive, right? Granted, it's only one instructor and a couple students tops, but Kpop-logic states that a couple examples are more than enough to represent a whole country.

Anyways. Netizens have deduced (again, using our flawless Kpop-logic) that this "obsession" will soon lead to a culture clash, positive change, and a fall in the much hated communist rule. Although that may be a bit much to ask for, perhaps the girls will get a chance to perform in North Korea, and factor in as a (very, very, very) small factor in the eventual (hopefully) unification of North & South Korea. There was a time where the two were one, you know.

Shinhwa performing in N.K. (lol @ audience)


  1. Trust in the power of 9 to bring down communism bitches!!!!!
    The power of kpop or SNSD will unify the 2 countries who've been enemies since the 50s.Yes the Cain and Abel of Asia will reunite.awwwwwww

  2. Of course, first SNSD will pacify N.Korea and then the rest of the world. Thanks to SNSD the world will become a better world, a beautiful place full of love, peace, respect, mutual understanding, rainbows and unicorns. That's the infamous "power of the 9" their fans have been talking about for so long.

  3. @liley : lol, we think the same XD

  4. imagine, just imagine for a second that some day in the future the koreas will be united and we will remember how it was snsd that was the first building block, the first domino in a series of events that led to the unification.

  5. not just snsd, but specifically yoona, is what will lead to a unified korea.

  6. I'm LMAO at Sones's comments on the AllKPop article. They are so delusional they really believe this bullshit is true.

    "no matter where you are, no one can resist SNSD :D "

    "Who doesnt know and like SNSD?! That's the question. "

    "Who does not like snsd dance? Even ppl that live in north pole and south pole would like their dance once they see it. So north korea ppl liking their dance is very normal... i think north korea leaders would also like their dance. "

    "To have this kind of power is just purely awesome...
    congrats SNSD unnies, u've changed the way communists think ...
    ( no offense...) "

    "such a power of nine... "

    "Who wouldnt be addicted to snsd. Theyve cast a spell on the NK "

    "SNSD so impressive "

    "yesterday we learnt that SNSD were mentioned in japanese textbooks. Today we learn that north koreans are addicted to SNSD dances. Tomorrow I'd wonder what we will learn :D "

    "i guess SNSD can bring world peace between N AND S KOREA "

    "haha soon headliines will be,
    snsd reunites korea. "

    "SNSD is gonna be the one to stop this whole mess. "

    "SNSD Joining cultures since 2007 "

    "peace on Earth! weee~ SNSD jjang! but ofcourse, SONEs are the best! :))) "

    "Next Article: "Because of SNSD, North and South Korea are united again" "

    "I guess if they liked something from South Korea, it would be SNSD. "

    "Well DUH!!!! Who wouldn't fall in love with these BEAUTIFUL Angels! :) SNSD Fighting!!! "

    "this the power of girls generation " etc.

    And YES, they're serious. *Major facepalm =_=*

  7. If North and South Korea unified, we could have double the number of Kpop groups.

  8. ^OH GAWD the horror

  9. ^
    I dont know if id rejoice or be in agony.

  10. lol i love the shinhwa video, the women looked like they didnt give a shit, and the men were probably laughing at how unmanly they looked xD

  11. someone save those poor souls(sones, i mean)

  12. No. If there's any way to unite the 2 sides, KPOP should not be taken seriously into this. Look at the fans over in SK right now; I don't want a new batch of those air heads spreading anywhere else. Sones prove they won't ever lose the award for most delusional fans.

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  14. I'd be crapping my pants if I was Shinwa in the North. I'd be scared shitless that they would abduct me and imprison me for like because they didn't like my dance moves. Even seeing this makes me nervous. AHHHH!

    no not trolling, not joking, being serious. If snsd goes, they better bring the military too, cause it's on like Donkey Kong, bish!

  15. N.Korea can keep them, we don't want them !! Please Kim Jong-il, SNSD are all yours.

  16. Yes, please, PLEASEEEE keep them in NK! They wouldn´t really fit in NK with their plastic faces but they sure fit with their anorectic bodies.

  17. lol at dumb sones. so fucking delusional. sones (dumbass name) are the most stupid fans in kpop

  18. haha, the audience must be thinking
    "see, this is what happens to the men if we unite with s.korea they become girly dancers"

  19. God, at times like this I'm embarassed to be a Sone...not because a handful of people reportedly like them in NK, but because my fellow Sones bring delusional to another level. Yes, uniting N&SK would be awesome, but let's be honest: 9 early-twenties girls who dance and sing about genies and taxis aren't going to be the uniting factor.

  20. Can someone please tell me why shinhwa is even IN north korea doing a performance? Who's idea was that and why?!

  21. well honestly i always expected SNSD to take this route. i suspect within the next year SNSD will have united the world into 9 different territories (Hyoyeon gets france)
    has anyone else noticed when you turn 9 upside down it is a 6? 6 meaning the devil
    that's all i'm saying

  22. I think people can underestimate the influence of soft power. It's insidious.

    It's not like NK will suddenly overthrow its dictatorship and ask to become part of the Republic of Korea (although the NK soldiers must be hella deprived of both sex and fine ass women like SNSD), but an opening up of borders for cultural exchange is a very real possibilty, especially with Jong-il about to kick the can any year now.

    I mean it could be Soshi. Then Starcraft 2, K-dramas, the rest of the internet and all those little things that add up. If things go as planned in the capitalist, corporate consumerist mindset, you won't even need a reunification, NK will just become another marketplace buying up all the SK stuff. Instead of spending money on weaponry, they'll be spending on K-pop. At least that's the PLAN.

    Think about China. 60 years ago, the US and South Korea was at war with them. Nowadays, they're playing Starcraft, listening to SuJu, eating KFC and watching Hollywood movies. Are they still a horribly oppressive authoritarian government that executes thousands of its citizens everyday and prohibits any form of free thinking? Hell yes. But have they also fallen victim to US cultural imperialism? Oh yeah.

  23. @3:10 PM yet the world didn't end on 6/6/6

  24. ^ well thank goodness for that. only 6 years of Jesus could never be enough.

  25. Sones are making it sound like SNSD are nine witches or some shit.


  26. LMAO at the faces espcially the last girl at the end lol

  27. @anon 3:48 PM It just shows you know nothing about N.Korea. People there have better things to do than to listen to KPop and watch KDramas or playing video games, they are trying to survive. They don't even have enough money to feed themselves, and except for Pyongyang which is the capital and the richest city of N.Korea, most people don't even have electricity (and yet, even in Pyongyang the ones who have access to electricity are the privileged such as the rich families and the members of the government).

  28. @2:03 Anon. HAHA, the last part made me lol in a literal sense. " 9 early-twenties girls who dance and sing about genies and taxis aren't going to be the uniting factor." oh how sleep deprived I am

    I'm a SONE, and its a shame that SONES actually believe that SNSD will unite N and S. fail. just a massive amount of fail. the amount of stupidity in the kpop fandon never fail to surprise me.

  29. I'm a sone and I agree that SONE is a very silly name. Plus, the fans are so sensitive that little things said will get you banned from their site. I also think that its pathetic to think that snsd will unite both koreas.

  30. UNITE NK,AND SOUTH ?? I DON'T THINK SO.. EVEN SNSD IM SURE didn't think about unite etc...that thing is serious....


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