Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mathematical studies show that nobody cares about 4minute

Hyunah's Bubble Pop has 13.44 million views on Youtube.

Divided by the 62 Days it has been out that is about 0.21 million average daily viewing power.

4minute's Mirror Mirror has 3.78 million views.

Divided by the 143 Days it has been out that is about 0.02 million average daily viewing power.

So, Hyunah has roughly ten times the viewing power of the other 4minute members, and this is even being generous since Hyunah is featured in the Mirror Mirror MV.

Now, suppose we take this figure of viewing power and estimate Bubble Pop's future views to equal the number of days Mirror Mirror has been out. That's 81 days at 0.21 so you have an additional 17.01 million views for a total of 30.45 million views after 143 days.

Now, take Hyunah's total viewing power of 143 days divided by 5 (since she has to share screen time with the other members of the group) and you get 6.09 million views that Mirror Mirror should have. From this we can tell that not only was Hyunah responsible for every view that Mirror Mirror got, but there were 2.31 million times that Hyunah fans didn't even bother watching it because of the other girls getting in the way 4/5 of the time.

Of course, there are some further variables to be calculated which may alternatively explain the 2.31 million view gap, such as the effect of dropoff on the Mirror Mirror MV views from the moment the Bubble Pop teaser was released and onwards, but I don't have weekly tracking numbers to calculate that and I would be too lazy to do so anyway.

I don't think this would ever happen with B2ST, so I think this is enough evidence that Hyunah should go solo, especially since the other 4minute members get an even cut when Hyunah does solo work... They must really love her.


  1. Love that gif :D

    I used to care about Jiyoon a bit when 4minute just came out and I was still a kpop noob. Also joined the bandwagon "___ is so underrated. Why is it always Hyuna?". After Muzik, I started to realize beside HyunA, none of those girls can sell and they aren't even interesting to watch on stage. Now I ship HyunA and cant care less about the rest [but I always dislike 4minute in general anyway]

  2. To be fair, I personally think Sohyun is a pretty good performer. She could be in a different, more talented group.

  3. I think a logarithmic model would be more appropriate than a linear model for estimating views.
    That just makes the effect you observed even more significant though.

  4. Whoa dude... too many numbers for this Kpop fan's small brain... Can you give like a 1-2 sentence summary for the retards? lmao

  5. ^
    I think the picture summarizes it quite well.

  6. Only other things worthy to look at in 4minute are JiHyun's boobs.

    *sees label*
    High-five dude!

  7. too bad sohyun looks like a squirrel

  8. ^If she looks like a squirrel, then squirrels turn me on, that and all other forest creatures.

  9. views on a youtube video =/= successes
    so while this is cool, it's kind of irrelevant

  10. You can't act like popularity is not related to sales, which is clearly the indicator of success you are pointing to. Everybody knows that it will be 4minute stans who buy all their shit. That's how it is with music in Korea, the established fanbase supports it.

    However, popularity among the general public is what lands you endorsement deals to rake in way more cash than the music brings in and helps spread word of the group to expand their fanbase. Stuff like youtube videos are a good measure of who is looking on with interest. Even if it is mostly guys who don't want to buy 4minute things, girls will still know that guys think she is hot and be interested in Hyunah-like or Hyunah-endorsed things to appeal to guys.

    If all you're doing is looking at album sales you have a very small view of relevance. That said, you are still taking this article way too seriously. Generally, I like 4minute. They are in my top 10 girl groups. This article is to poke fun at the imbalance of popularity that everyone realizes.

  11. This would make a good chart shaped as Pacman.

  12. Which begs the question I keep asking myself; why do 4minute even exist? B2ST isn't helping them, they're overpowering them. Even butterface can do better than them. Hyunah would make the strip clubs proud.

  13. lol and Hyunah MV got more view than B2ST too.

  14. First, my brain hurts,the numbers and shit damn dude,I was never good at maths anyway.

    Im pretty sure if the other 4minute girls got songs like 'bubble pop' and shot the MV the same way,gyrating in booty shorts and showing their tatas,they to would be raking in YT views as well.

    In my opinion this chick isnt pretty or sexy more like a try-hard.Her sex appeal isnt natural,it looks forced.

    I think to really see if Hyuna is popular,Cube should release another MV for whatever other song Hyuna has, and we'll see if that MV does what this one did.
    Granted they change the concept and she is wearing actual clothes.

  15. liley, the problem is none of the other members of 4minute are as attractive as hyuna and none of them have as much sex appeal as hyuna. If you gave bubble pop to say jiyoon, it wouldn't get as much attention.

  16. LOL "gyrating" liley you sound older than me.

    Fact is, the other girls can't. They don't have what it takes, body, skill, or charisma.

  17. I could stare at those jigglies all day. And I'm not talking about her stuffed bra.

  18. ^100% agree with liley

  19. Body: Jihyun and Gayoon have big tits but the rest of them is very straight and not curvy. Jiyoon doesn't do tomboy because it's her personality. She is the Gil Ra Im to Hyunah's Yoon Seul. Sohyun isn't really shorter but comes off that way, a bit stocky.

    Skill: None come close to Hyunah. It's not a simple matter of shaking, but there is a way to move and pose right. The other girls have been trying for years and still don't know how to do it. Hyunah has a gift at being sexy and stands out when performing with the other girls as 4minute.

    Charisma: The charm, the facial expressions, the subtle little movements, the looks from the eyes, the small tones in the voice... only Sohyun can compete but still comes off more cutesy rather than cute-flirty and doesn't have it down like Hyunah.

    I think a lot of girls consider her a try-hard because if they did what she did, they would look ridiculous. But it's just like if a guy were to try and copy Mick Jagger. Making it work is a matter of performance skill and gift. Some people are rock stars, others aren't. If you don't have the charisma, the same things would be stupid coming from you.

    I would concede that compared to someone like Ciara she is greatly lacking, but on the male side analogy that would be like stepping up from Mick Jagger to Michael Jackson. You can't expect every performer to be at such an ace level in all aspects.

  20. ^^^ Why would they try to be like hyuna? she comes off as an ugly slutty whore.

  21. Hyunah could be better if only her face was Jihyuns. I'd have no problem jizzing on that.

  22. ^urgh... hyunah looks far better than jihyun face wise.

    also, gayoon (lol, i only just read "gay") is a superior singer compared to any of them; however, she has the same facial expression everytime she performs, it's as if she can't change her b*tchface ._.

    during debut days, jiyoon had the 'gangster' attitude that more or less stood out, but now her fail girl image just doesn't really do it. her singing is also a little inconsistent.

    sohyun just appeared plain useless to me, she wasn't attractive face-wise or body-wise, all she had was the little winks or w/e on stage. her presence in mirror mirror made me cringe. she still looks 14, although her actual age should be 16-17.

    hyunah has more stage presence than all the rest and stands out more than the others. it may be her dancing, but i'm fine with it, as long as she doesn't start singing (bubblepop *cringe* or rapping because honestly, she sux at it.

    and besides, cube ent. realised ages ago that hyunah had more popularity than any of the rest and more chances of succeeding because men find her especially hot anywho.

    lol, if anyone wanted talent, search somewhere outside of the k-pop category maybe?

  23. Talks about attention, if you realized she always be in the center since the days she was in Wonder Girls.If you watch Tell me mv before yoobin joined Wonder girls, Hyuna get the most spotlight.The dancing part that Sohee got actually belong to Hyuna and so does the Wonder Woman role in that mv.Not to talk about being the MC with Sohee and she got to performance her dancing on stage during award show.

  24. 4minute should just break up. Their songs are not that great (though I liked HUH only), their performances are pretty shit, none of the members are exceptionally talented (Gayoon is better than average, but that's about it), none of their faces stand out (especially not bare faced, god those images were fucked up), and they're just being embarassed by their junior label mates popularity.

    If they were gone, I'm pretty sure kpop would still move along fine without a hint of regret.

    And who the fuck thinks Hyunah is beautiful.... whatever they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I could be drunk and still see how hideous this chipmunk looks in pounds of makeup and padded bra. I would not complain to plastic surgery for her certainly.

  25. Didn't Rebecca Black's Friday made like 8 billion views? Just sayin

  26. she is a fucking whore that's why

  27. ^Anon 8:14AM

    LMAO!!! So Hyuna is like Korea's Rebecca Black???

  28. Yeah, true. Hyuna holds that group together. Jiyoon had something back in their old Muzik days but she now just has a voice like she smokes too much and always has expressions like a constipated llama.

    Sohyun is boring, Gayoon sounds so nasally her voice is annoying and the pretty one is just pretty... kinda looks like a swan. Not in a nice way, just... does.

    Never got into 4minute anyway. Only Hyuna's solos because she has some amazing charisma and definitely puts pizazz into her dancing. Even if her expressions that are apparently, "sexy" just look blank.

  29. maybe it has a lot of views because girls want to see Lee Joon :D



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